Friday, June 17, 2016

Xabo - scammed already

Total lifetime: 267 days
Monitored: 253 days
Cycles: so many cycles
Satisfaction: thumbs up, great project, but the admin disappointed me/everybody with the story how to scam us. It was good just for him to keep deposits rolling and earned + $20-30k, since the blind sheep still invests even after more days of moving Xabo to Scam section...

Xabo has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Xabo claims that their income comes from selling cargo spaces on ships of all major companies in the UK and some other countries. The template matches with the story, even the "launch picture" in the news section nicely reflects/underlines the story of Xabo, so thumbs up the staff.

Xabo offers 150% return on investment max. within 50 days or just 30 days in case of higher amounts, where the "booster" takes effect. The minimal investment limit is as low as 10$. The booster becomes active at investments higher or equal to 1,000$. The lowest booster is x1.05 and grows up to x0.50 depending on invested amount. So we - basic investors enjoy the default daily earnings, which is absolutely not bad - around 3% daily.

You can have extra income by referring new investors as well. Xabo has 3 default levels: first 7%, second 3%, third 1%. Representatives can earn 10% from the first level, which is quite attractive income, but it isn't everything. I've never seen such feature... We can buy/unlock even the forth level just for 20 bucks. Is it worth? If you have so many referrals, then the answer is, yes.

+ unique script, nice backoffice
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site (Russian and Chinese at the moment)
+ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, UK telephone number

- long pages, which contain lot of empty spaces
- limited personalization of user panels
- just the basic e-wallet trio is available
* no dislike at all since these are not strong arguments

The administrator of Xabo talked about several things which will be developed, integrated into webpage, so I am sure, investors will starting to love Xabo. Early investors will be more than satisfied and if they will show profit proofs, it should generate higher interest from investors even through social channels.

If you like Xabo, you can join the ship here:


  1. The new landing page looks good as well:
    The bonus counter is also nice feature, just limit is a little bit high. You should deposit 1000$ to get 10$ bonus. Of course it is understandable that the admin can't offer 10$ for those who play with 10$. But thumbs up for development!

  2. Thanks for your Xabo review. We have made one for this release at Evo Essay. Please check it out if you have the time.

    1. Hello Mark, I cant find it. Please give the link to read your Essay. Thx in advance.

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  4. hi. i from Turkey. normaly i don't believe this things. but i want to experience. i start to xabo at 26.11.2016 with 10 dolar(0.013587 BTC) . every day i take 0.001678 BTC after 3 days. and i blieve site why i dont know. i deposit money now i deposit over 1000 dolar. every day i am taking money. one time they did not give money. i saw it is pending i send mail. after 1 day they send me mail and sent money to my blockchain account.from 26.11.2016 to this night they sent money. For this reason i like this site. But i dont know what happen to tomorrow. İf you want to enter this site you must know the risk. i will give my referans if you want to enter i can earn also thans.

  5. Xabo , it's where the world goes.
    Take action and earn money :

  6. I have been doing network work for years, although I can say that I have not seen such a professional site and system even though it is new. The company is doing well and there is no problem with payments Thanks Xabo ....
    Register member win together:

    Become a member:

  7. What's happening after u recive 150%? They stop playing you? Your investment become 0?

    1. Why they should pay more if the investment plan generates 150%?

  8. This is my link , if any one want to sign up

  9. I joined this company since 4 months, I never find any defect to pay out instantly, now my running deposit $1500,Im really fully satisfied,if anybody interested to earn passive income, can use my link,

  10. I joined this company since 4 months, I never find any defect to pay out instantly, now my running deposit $1500,Im really fully satisfied,if anybody interested to earn passive income, can use my link,


  12. withdraw still pending since one week. Scam?

    1. I am sure that your statement is not true, but Xabo has stopped paying today...

  13. My withdrawel still pending. No response from Support and telephone engaged.
    1st time I am not paid.

  14. xabo is really scamm. do not invest !


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