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Welcome in HYIP industry!

(high yield investment programs)

You just found this lucrative area and you want to invest there some money - mainly because it is much better offer than your bank's... But do you know where are you going to put your money? If not, these lines are for you:

You just see high percentages, instant payments, happy people who just withdrew some funds from a shiny investment program? Please slow down! New investors always lose their initial capital so I suggest to use "virtual money" first. Of course you can register, chose an investment plan, but do not invest! Write down your decision and follow the project via my monitor and 3 popular forums. You will see that you made some profit or lost your deposit...

Did you lose your bet?

What kind of programs do we need?

Best programs are unique, based on expensive, modified custom made scripts (the engine of the program which handles all your steps). These programs usually are too expensive to scam us during the first cycle. So investing in the beginning can be really fruitful.

Now you know where to invest. And how much money do I need to start? - you can ask.
$10~20 is enough, but the truth is that you can't do magic with 10-20 dollars.
Probably you need fast cash so you are looking for high ROI (return on investment) programs - I name them A1D "after one day" to get the profit and principal on the next day. It is the most riskiest step how to lose all your money after few tries.
There are also low ROI - long term programs where you can make 1-2% daily for 100 or more days, so after 3-5 months from $10 you could reach $20-30. (calculate with withdrawal fees...)

Which scenario is the best?

Non of them. It is extremely dangerous if you put your money into one single program.

The solution how don't lose all your money
on the very first day

I am sorry, but you need to have higher initial capital which allows you to invest into more promising programs simultaneously. This tactic helps to avoid losing all your money - in the worst scenario. If you selected really outstanding programs, probably you will increase your capital with great profit.
All other tactics are wrong ways to make money in this industry.
Of course there are many rules to know, please check them also: Top secret rules

Personally I do not recommend to invest in hyips, it is just for gamblers who have enough money to lose! These pyramid games based on Ponzi's scheme are not for all! Mainly because you will risk money which is better to spend for your family.

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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