Listing guide

(1) Check your program with eyes of investors, not as admin! 

  • Is it attractive enough? (healthy %, principal back?, unique script, rarely used wallets - except PayPal, healthy referral commission levels, unique design, certificates e.g. CompaniesHouse, extended SSL, active social channels, hyip monitors, bloggers, promoters and different markets!)
  • Do you follow the actual trend? Or are you strong enough to create a new one?
  • Do you offer something extra for investors?
Do the test: Would you like to invest in your own program as an investor? Do not forget, investors are looking for promising hyips. So?
If not, investors will probably also dislike it. Probably it won't be popular even on MMGP where we can read most of real opinions, so your expenses will turn to totally wasted time and money. You can buy as expensive listing as you can, it won't help you. Better to stop entering the market.

Another way is starting with basic GC template as a "sleeper" to reach longer lifetime and then wake it up with good design  and investment plans.

You can get as high inflow as good your program is, but you must be a good manager! Nobody is responsible for fail or success, just you.


Your program will probably get inflow at similar rate like your starting budget. So do not wonder if you invested just few hundred dollars into development.
You can save much if you have a programmer in your team or even multiply your earning possibility. 
Prepare reserve funds to survive the downfall after initial deposit wave. Then your inflow will grow again, but slowly. At this stage you will be able to attract bigger players who are searching for something stable, if you can survive this slow period. This is what the industry needs - good hyip managers.
Remember, money attracts money


Here we have the best, blog based English monitors:

+ the best until 2013
- extreme listing fee (1800+600$ Sticky)
- just the lowest min limit is reinvested, so your total expense exceeds 2400$
- almost nobody online - Paul was forced to disable the chat's counter to hide the fact when DN started to be popular
- Paul usually talks about himself, investors slowly left him
- zero benefits for investors, but you can vote sometimes when he is interested to see your opinion about past things 

+ finalist in 2014, it was new wind in the industry
- listing fee (400+400$ Golden)
- value of reinvestment decreases in each cycle
- investors switched from MNO to DN due to Paul's fatal behavior
- fake chat counter the visitor counter has been disabled when the counter was fixed by the developer and ISA's become higher.
- no real benefits for investors

+ after mno and dn, isa reached the same popularity, or sometimes better thanks to lot of benefits for investors and fairness
+ low listing fee (50+250$ (+$2k insurance refunded after 20 days/ Reserved 5*)
+ full price reinvestments
+ benefits for investors: real 100% RCB + insurance in first 20 days and +60% from our reserve
+ talkative members while other chat box are almost empty
+ opening threads for listed projects on ISAF forum (except incubator)
+ free banner for one week - if there are available spaces till the industry is down

These monitors had almost similar power thanks to public chatrooms and smart investors. Of course each of them have resident members, but 70% of all players are educated enough to surf these monitors daily, including some allmonitors sites. So purchasing the most expensive listing is absolutely worthless.

Investors love high RCB! They will search for rcb monitors even they are big fans of mentioned monitors. But the opposite is also valid: buying just RCB monitors won't bring the same result, because popular blog based monitors have positive affect on investing habits. So I recommend RCB monitors as a must have secondary step.

Do not forget to impress Russian players on The Russian market is bigger than the English. The German, Japan and Chinese markets are sometimes also productive, mainly if a big project appears. So you have to talk with promoters as well. Some of them have many followers and others do good job in popular chatrooms.

FAIL! Extreme numbers of online members in chatrooms revealed!
Now it is just history, but still interesting fact  ;)

Popular blog based monitors can have low results as well, it depends which type of monitors was hired firstly. The following picture shows clearly that investors are educated enough to search:

Yes, it's just a typical A1D program (old example), where big monitors were hired just later. I can ensure you that the program gets the same volume of investors if you choose blog based monitors firstly. The question is, which type of monitors deserves priority. RCB monitors or blogs? Chosen monitors are able to grow, so it's not the same. And RCB monitors don't really push the industry ahead.

This example shows that RCB monitors can be overtaken without problems - it is enough to introduce great project - but as I said before, rcb monitors must be hired as secondary source for sure.

Or just an example how powerful can be 1 day on ISA, while other monitors are hired firstly, including MNO. Many members from our community join the project in first wave => with first monitors (logical). By the way I can show several such screenshots, but I guess it is not needed. One thing is clear. Investors become more and more intelligent to choose those monitors which can give them more benefits.
Inflow example from 2015's best project: Carbon7. It brought stability after the worst months ever in 2015. Click to enlarge.
Rival project - took advantage of Carbon7 and was able to grow rapidly, since the investing atmosphere was again positive thanks to Carbon7. Investors were searching for outstanding program, Honorr was here in the right time.

You might ask how it is possible to get 4k in commissions... Well there are always some new and blind investors who think that hyips do legal business and no risk is there. So these guys first invest, then they are surprised. So, admin's step after huge deposit is always expectable - closure.

Amazing5 was also legendary project, you can see my results in some of projects below:


Now you have enough knowledge to decide what to do. Show your best, the industry needs professionals!

Or just one more comparison: hired all famous monitors on 11th day. You can see the result what were able to deliver these monitors during the first day. Then, you can compare the results on day 2.

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