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Thursday, December 25, 2014

HashCoin - review

HashCoin has stopped paying on 10/April. Sad to see that admin of HC was just another liar who talked about real business. HC didn't get new inflow to process first expired investments. The admin also stopped responding, probably HC was his first project - hope the last one. We need professionals.

The review is OUTDATED: 

I was really impressed when I saw HasCoin first time, the design is made by professionals and we can see lot of extra stuff on the main page what is typical just for high class projects. This was more than enough to take a closer look on HasCoin.

We can earn here up to 1.5% daily for 120 calendar days (0.8% in average). Your principal will be returned on expiry. Min. deposit: 25$, min withdrawal: 1$ (what was lowered from 2$ - when I contacted the admin). The withdrawals are processed within 24h, but usually in 4 hours. 
Just one negative thing, you can buy only a share for 25$, so you can't invest 30-40$, just multiples of 25. Of course it is not a big problem, just uncomfortable.
Alright, back to investment. If we calculate with 0.8% (check the result section), you will be able to get 96% back of your original investment during 120 days. It is too low for somebody, but your released principal will increase it to 196% which is much better result. Of course it requires good management so the key is the admin (nothing new under the sun). I personally like that HashCoin started in December so further growth is assured.

The whole site is ran by Shadows script which got new internal buttons for main functions. This is hardly editable script so I am not surprised that the backoffice looks like unmodified. I would prefer unique script for HashCoin to reach the highest industry class, but these presets are also perfect.

Hashcoin generates income from mining and trading with mined coins. They also shared a video and pictures about btc farm in China. I told to admin that a logo can be really nice in that hall, he said the will come with even better idea, so I am waiting, hope he will impress us.
You can also watch their introduction video which misfits with hired actor. This kind of reading is absurd if I'd like to introduce a high class investment opportunity. But I appreciate their efforts which means extra expense, it is always welcomed thing at investors :)

I personally like HashCoin even it came in the darkest season when investors are mostly away, but I think that it will ensure further growth, mainly because it is visible on industry leader monitors. Of course we can see small amount of active investors on its main page (while other projects show all registrants to impress us). But if the admin will able to manage this project well, the time will bring serious investors, so I am not worried. Of course nothing is guaranteed, invest only what you can afford to lose! I hope the new year will bring positive updates, so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy & Profitable, risk free Happy New Year to all visitors & members of ISA!

Thank you to joining my monitor and for being part of this clever hyip community where we are talking about lot of valuable things over basic hyips.

Now it's time to spread holidays at your family, bring joy with sweets, films, xmas songs (or good investments here at ISA ;)

I hope we will see many promising programs even in the beginning of next year. I will also lists my own picks to bring more colour into our portfolio.

I wish you one more time a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year, a really profitable new year!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Btperfex - review

BTperfex was nicely redesigned on 6/Feb (template + backoffice). But the admin also introduced high ROI investment plans by this event (3-6% daily forever, principal back at 10% fee) with higher referral commissions (even higher for representatives). This point equals to RESTART. Please make your own conclusion.

So the original review is partly OUTDATED:

This is a really long term program, the investment plan runs for 180 calendar days and you can earn min. 1.25% daily - valid for 50-2.500$, what is quite wide range. Of course you can earn even more, up to 2% daily if you deposit more, what I don't recommend. I think you know that we can extend its lifetime only with solid, but constant inflow. Hope that I don't have to explain it better. Your investment ends at 125% total ROI, break even point can be reached on 80th day. The principal won't be returned on expiry.

You can invest just via PM or BTC, what is less than usual, but I ask - who is using EgoPay? Me not. Of course Payeer is widely used, mainly at Russian speaking investors, so it can mean a big cut for initial inflow. Also, 50$ min. deposit limit is high enough to keep away 10$-players. BTperfex's offer comes with manual payments, which are usually processed within few hours - max 24h - what was added into FAQ lately.

Something about the design. Probably you like the template, it looks quite dynamic and fresh, even the grey text of header on light blue background is not the best choice. Also good to see statistics table and linked social buttons. You may also like the backoffice, looks nice and brought new wind after thousands of GC and H-scripts. Just the footer is disastrous: not removed branding (how much does it cost? 50$?), and several not linked social buttons give bad impression. Seems it was shallow work mainly if the admin wanted to impress us with business site feeling. But the other stuff looks good. 

The script is really unusual, Surfcriptpro. Mainly the most important functions need to be explained:

Depositing: you have to top up your user Wallet first and only then you are able to invest
Withdrawing:  your profit goes to Earning balance so you have to Transfer it to Wallet balance, then you are able to withdraw, which is absolutely unnecessary step (addressed for script provider).

Btperfex claims that it is an e-currency exchange service provider and as an extra feature we can see online exchange calculator on their main page, with flat 10% fee. Just wondering why is it for... We can't buy or sell e-currencies here, also the fee is not fixed, but in all cases lower in real condition so I can't see any real function of this calculator. 

Maybe I am too critical, but I see the same as other investors. The statistics also says that investors currently like other type of offers, the number of my active referrals also confirms it, even BTperfex was listed with Insurance on ISA. Nothing to do, this is the current trend... I personally like long term investments and I am sure that BTprefex will survive this season, because the admin needs to have greater results so for such class projects the game should be started in next year with waking up industry. Hope the admin will manage it well, the time will show it! Invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Raisean - review

I think you know that I am a little bit late with this review, but you agree that we are sick and tired from fast scams. Probably the story of Raisean may be different, and can be a good example for other admins how to manage a hyip.

No, it wasn't different. The negative campaign of Paul and MMGP were stronger than admin's plan. Only those members were able to reach BEP who invested in the beginning. I am sorry about that, but as you can see, we really can't predict lifetime of hyips even they look professionally...


Raisean has been online from October/2014 so the management looks good. You can earn here from 1% up to 7% on business days and 1%-2% on weekends until you reach 150% on your investment. Your principal won't be returned in the end of investment period, it is included in daily payments. But if you read the Terms of service, you can also find this:

This info is not visible on main page nor FAQ, but you can take advantage of returning principal anytime if you haven't reached the break event point, and without fees. I also understand that admin didn't place it on main pages because many investors could abuse this feature, but I like that he allowed it. One of my chatfriend talked about this feature, so I am happy that here we have really smart and clever investors  at InstantScamAlert, thank you guys!

You can find all important information in TOS, maybe it is better than FAQ so please read it. Of course some interesting stuff aren't listed here, e.g. Extended deposits - which is an extra feature (I like extras, because they require more initial expenses so we can invest at lower risk).

So what does Extended deposit mean? You can earn 5-20% more on your investment if you fulfill the requirements what is absolutely not easy. You need to have high deposit and many active investors so this feature is just for hard promoters, nothing for regular players. Of course I like it as extras. 

You can be partner of Raisean with extra benefits, like increased referral commissions:  7-3-1% instead of basic 5-2-1%. Of course Raisean approved quite enough number of representatives already, but you can also try if you are good promoter.

You can find also step by step instructions for newbies on Beginner's guide page, what I also like even the script has nice userfriendly interface. I dislike just one thing: you are logged in for your next visits and there is just a scrolling menu from the header so you don't access directly your backoffice when you are going to place a new withdrawal request. But other links get you inside. 

The Community section is also quite unique and allows you to place your comments via Facebook VK or Twitter.

And what about Accruals?

This is the most important part of the game. I think that you also noticed that we can earn mainly 1% from 12/Nov/2014. Seems like the admin is smart and he is trying to survive these months when investors' mood is quite low because of "black december". But I think October and November were blacker ;) By other words low interest signalizes low inflow. 

I hope the admin will impress us soon and we will see greater interest in January and February. I hope you agree that many programs have unique script, but the key is the management. Even some cheap programs are managed well, but in case of Raisean both features are working so this is why I like it. But keep in mind our golden rule, invest only what you can afford to lose!

Sorry that I haven't talked about min. deposits, e-wallets, etc, but I it is a smart audience which can see these basic information on my monitor, here we need extended info so you are welcome to share your opinion or experience :)

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Saturday, November 29, 2014

You must avoid this!

Recently I saw few outstanding but suspicious projects and burned my fingers just like many investors, because our strategy is totally wrong! We have to change it asap! But what I am talking about?

We are hungry for new and promising programs, right? We search for them on Allmonitors all days long and if we find something, will talking about it in popular chats, of course with referral links. That is so bad! Admins know that you are searching for them! There are more and more programmers in the game who are able to make a shiny project almost with zero expense (excluding hosting).

What they do?

They are waiting for you! They create absolutely unique and promising program. Then got visible on allmonitors with ready topic on forums. They are greedy to hire hyip monitors, because they created their own project in bedroom at nights while their wife slept. Zero expense. But they know that they are professionals and it's enough to wait. In worst case they hire one monitor to speed it up.

What we do?

- Hi guys, just found: what do you think?
- Looks good! Will try, fingers crossed!
And the admin? Just smile.

Who is wrong?

Unfortunately we - investors. If we won't change our bad habits, will join more and more fast scams.
Admins have to find us and not we them! It has been changed since allmonitors works. Hungry investors can't stop searching... 

* * * * * 
Advice: don't invest in not monitored programs even they look promising. If the admin hasn't got budget to start the game properly on hyip monitors, don't give him your money! You will lose again! Stop with these bad habits and invest in programs where all factors show OK

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

MS Investment - review

MS Investment is an old-school project paying since "2007" as, but their new 5 character domain was registered just in October of 2012. This is why you can see extreme paying lifetime on some monitors. It was redesigned few months ago so we can tell that the main date is valid from May 2014. Okay that was about history.

Lets talk about investment plans:

Plan Name Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Daily Profit Period
Bronze Package $10 $199 1.00% Unlimited
Silver Package $200 $999 1.25% Unlimited
Gold Package $1,000 $4,999 1.50% Unlimited
Platinum Package $5,000 $9,999 1.75% Unlimited
Diamond Package $10,000 No Limit 2.00% Unlimited

I marked the first 3 plans green to demonstrate which plans and limits are safe here. Do not play this game with extreme amounts; I always recommend to spend relatively low amounts to extend the project's lifetime, this is what we need! Accruals are made only on business days so 128 days are needed to reach the BEP - if we are talking about the lowest investment range.
The most important thing is that MSinv pays instantly and you can get back your principal anytime, but at 10% fee! Sure, it is quite unpleasant feature for regular players, but it helps to control hit&runners so the project can work quite safely.
Referral commissions (mainly 5%) are generated from deposits, so the principal withdrawing fee feature is the best tool how to run successfully any normal ROI project in long run. (nice lesson for another admins even we hate fees)


Template and script

No doubt that MSinv uses really nice business template. I think it is a must have for any "company" which promises profit (dear animal and cartoon admins, you read it right). I also like the animated header with indicators, nice job.
MSinv uses a licensed GoldCoders script, what is a quite cheap solution, but it is nicely modified - take a look on deposit page:

You can type an amount and the red point will show you the exact interest. You can also see which e-wallets are accepted. If we are talking about e-wallets, this is a good example how to handle bitcoin payments >>

As you can see there is no problem how much do you need to send - another lesson for admins who like the cheap way.

You can see also many extra links in the footer and guess what, each of them works ;)

The visibility on monitors is not the best, but MSinv has purchased the best listing on ISA so now the trust score is higher than before. You can also see one monitor with "stay away" status, but it isn't worth a single word mainly if they still works with AlertPay and without any traffic.
The domain is valid until 2016 and SSL from GlobalSign is valid till 2017. I can't say too many things regarding MSinv even it is Numero Uno at me; the best example how looks like a professional business website. No money pictures, no smiling "business men", so this is why I highly like MSinv and will cross fingers.
Last but not least, no MNO, no Dr.Lieven and no group feature so the steady growth is still ensured without extreme inflow waves.

Of course nothing lasts for ever, so invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Poker automatics - The king of hyips is dead!

Poker Automatics has scammed on 20/Feb/2016
Total lifetime: 556 days
Monitored: 532 days
Cycles: 18+
Satisfaction: absolutely satisfied & surprised because PA has stopped paying on the TOP

Poker Automatics was added to Normal listing on 9th September and after few days, on 19th September it was upgraded to Reserved 5-star. It is a purchased listing, I just approved the admin's request mainly because it is not a typical hyip!

Sure, you can say that it is just a hyip and you are right even they claim passive income from online poker. But after first visit of PokerAm's website you can say that the admin invested more money than it is typical at programs using licensed script.
There are many features what can you find on the home page, like: introduction video, gift section, statistics, calculator, news, feedbacks, footer with lot of extra links. As a result PokerAm meets the highest level in the industry even there are missing some things, but lets talk about investment plans first. 

Investment plans

The best tool to see how much can you earn is their live Calculator on the main page or check the following table:

Level 1:  $30 ~ 299 Your income is 40% of the company's revenue. Duration: 30 days. 
Level 2: $300 ~ 999 Your income is 50% of the company's revenue. Duration: 45 days. 
Level 3: $1000 ~ 2,999 Your income is 60% of the company's revenue. Duration: 60 days. 

Level 4: $3000 ~ $ 9999 Your income is 65% of the company's revenue. Duration: 90 days. 
Level 5: $10,000 ~ 29,999 Your income is 70% of the company's revenue. Duration: 120 days. 
Level 6: $30,000 ~ 49,999 Your income is 75% of the company's revenue. Duration: 150 days. 
Level 7: $50,000 and above: your income is 80% of the company's revenue. Duration: 180 days.

I marked the first three plans as green because the other plans are too risky due to high deposit limits.
Investment example:
If you deposit $300, you would have $365 on 45th day - on expiry. Profit share = 50% (so 1% result gives you $1.5 profit at 50% sharing).
Profit sharing is well known from RemiTrade or from first giant EurexTrades. This type of hyip is quite successful so we can't expect early collapse of PokerAm.


Free $1000 virtual money - you can invest this amount from your virtual balance to see the daily results. It helps imagine how much would you make with $1000. Of course you can't withdraw this amount, but I think it is an investor friendly tool.
Win VIP status - you can participate in this game once per week (social share) and you can win higher referral commission level. The basic 3-level system pays 5-2-1% from your referrals' earnings; with VIP status you can earn 10-3-2% so double.
Free gifts - referral commissions and other bonuses which where a bit unclear for me. The admin's explanation: "it's different bonuses and passwords to free private poker tournaments for all of our members and visitors who want not only to gain risk-free passive income from Poker Automatics, but also to try their hand at poker."

I think the introduction video is a nice extra, good to see that it's a professional one. Also, all social buttons are active! (lesson for another admins)

I never seen as much voluminous FAQ pages like here. You can find more than enough information about PA, pokerbots, etc...

The visibility is also good, PokerAm has purchased several listings on monitors, continuously: check it on allhyipmon

Just few important but basic details:

  • yes, on expiry you will get back your principal
  • there are manual payments (1-5 business days!, but usually within few hours excluding weekends)
  • no transaction fees, no withdrawal limit
  • fast support!
  • money back guarantee within 5 days if PA decides to stop working with you/us (interesting)
  • approved STP merchant account since 26/Feb/2015

There are more valuable features, but as you can see PokerAm is absolutely not a cheap project with basic H-script ($100). Many of you think it's not really attractive and looking for another programs, but you don't get the main point. Is it worth to invest here? Will PA pay more than one cycle? My answer: Sure! Of course keep investing just healthy amounts. Also great info is that PA bought Reserved 5-star with insurance (even this feature is in early stage on ISA) so it is good mark at all.

Of course I am not a shaman and can't predict how long will PokerAm last, but I think it has good potential to give you small but stable daily earnings. Invest only what you can afford to lose! 

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CEX - review

I waited few weeks to publish this review even CEX is running for more then one year. It is still in "beta" stage so it is not the final product. 

CEX is a revolutionary platform for real-time cryptocurrency trading and instant Bitcoin mining. There you have more opportunity to earn: 

1) mining - simple investment
2) trading - buy and sell GHs (giga hash/second) or vouchers
3) redeem hardware  

1) Mining
It is the simplest and comfortable way how to earn few coins. It is an automated process, but first you have to top up your balance and then buy GHs. If you decide to stop, you can sell your GHs and withdraw your money any time. You can earn approx. 0.3% daily, but it is not a fixed rate, just an average.

2) Trading
Thanks to dynamic price you can trade and earn on it. You can also take advantage by selling/buying cex vouchers on ebay at different prices and get "arbitrage" earnings. Please be careful to fraudulent sellers, used vouchers are not accepted by cex so you can easily lose your money (paypal payments can be refunded).

3) Redeem hardware
I never chose it, but in this case no maintenance fees are applied in compare with basic mining. If you have any experience, let us know :)

Basic mining is close to hyip investments, but you have to calculate with maintenance fees (=hosting + electricity + repair works), at this moment it is $0.18/GHs/month, but it is deducted continuously after each reward. Check the current rate here.

This is a picture how it looks inside, see the pop up boxes of rewards on the right:

You can say that there are high fees. You are right, fees are eating almost 50% of your income, but I think you are smart enough to see that it worth to invest or not. Btw, do you know RemiTrade? It is a an old hyip and also paying 50% to its members, but 70% of you invested here. Why? Was 50% quite enough?

You can set up auto-threshold to run the withdrawing process automatically; also you can enter more bitcoin addresses with different % where to send your money. Other coins, like Ltc, Nmc, Ixc are mined automatically if you bought GHs, only one different thing is there, fees are deducted from Bitcoins rewards.

Of course mining here is not an endless opportunity, it ends at 21 mill. Bitcoins, but trading will remain as an income option. But it is too early to talk about it, there can be 2 more years until that.

CEX is an outstanding platform at the first glance, no other mining site reaches this level even they have lower prices. Many of mining sites can be ran by scammers.
I am sure that investing here is a good choice now, but it is up to you that you need a stable and slow  background project like CEX.

You can also invest in Dollars from July, but in this case you have to verify your identity!

There is one more indicator how CEX is popular, its chat are using thousands of members. You can chat with them or also you can submit your question to staff. Your question will be answered in quite short time-frame.

It has referral system as well, you can get 3% of referred users' GHs balance to your bonus GHs account. So nothing withdrawable, but your mining power is higher by 3% while your referral is mining.

I am happy that I found this project, even we can't become the next millionaire here :)

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

STP - key to earn?

Do you like high percentages, do you like numbers, do you like earning?
If yes, continue reading because it is just for you.

Many of us don't use STP because of high fees and rare presence between hyips in recent times, but I'd like to show you my statistics.

Many people aren't aware that presence of STP brings more safety. I show you this on last 7 closed programs which accepted STP:

                      on ISA       from start
Finmutual:     138%             592%
Rockwell:      275%             285%
GramStock:  264%             320%
DSF:               85%               200%
BitCoFin:       159%             159%
RoyalUnion:  122%             122%
Eazzy:            145%             145%
Sum:             169%             260%

I joined DSF too late, this is my fault :) But as you see IF you followed me and invested with me in these programs (for better imagination I will use numbers) a total of $1000 ... you would have made $1690. Is it a good deal?

My investments counted $1200 in these programs, so my clear profit is $923. It is nothing for somebody, but may be big sum for many of us, mainly who are losing. I am writing this because all we want to earn and I am searching for safe techniques and this definitely is.

Of course late joining is more riskier than on the first days... also we are different, you may like another programs... as a result you will earn more or less than me. But if you need solid income, just follow my STP programs.

So what do you think, is it a good way? Let me know if you have better technique.

*Don't you know STP?
If you are a newbie, this is for you. STP requires real documents from admins to verify their identity. In some cases they ask for more documents while the hyip is running, for example tax relating documents. In this case isn't enough if the admin buys an identity, because he has to provide more details with the same name, and at this point many of them fail. This is why STP programs are more trust-able than others, even many of us don't care of it.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Protect your money

Protection is the best prevention. All we know that hyip administrator can be also harmful and will scam mainly the last investors, but do not allow for third party scammers affect your account and money in the meantime.

Read this new page on my blog:

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ApexBinary - SCAM

ApexBinary scammed us on 7 May when the admin introduced a 25% deposit bonus. 
Lifetime: 157 days
On instantscamalert: 45 days, bought listing
I was shocked, when the admin sent a short newsletter that today is a 25% bonus for all new deposits...
The story how it started
There was a statistic line in the header - on the main page and I saw only 1-2 members and 2-3 visitors during cashing-outs and I always wondered what's wrong there, because it was a sign of unpopularity. Then something happened with the site or servers, because the header looked unfixed and after few days somebody reported that he couldn't log in. The site was slow enough and day after that I emailed the admin and asked what happened with his site. Then he sent a newsletter in the meantime where he prompted members to deposit because of fantastic bonus which is valid for one day only. Of course he failed to answer me so the situation was clear what is happening.
Few hours later I was contacted by another member who said me that his STP withdrawal went pending so he cancelled it and decided to withdraw his principal at 30% fee. Of course it went to pending again and the admin answered him: "you have to pay $50 to reset account withdrawal feature"

At this moment I moved ApexBinary from problem to scam status and published it in some sources while other monitors cheered Paying for ApexBinary.

Why now?

There can be just two reasons:
There weren't enough deposits to cover all expenses or maybe a high deposit from a newbie investor which was enough for our admin to unplug his money-hoover.

If I am right, there were only few promoters who reached the green zone so I am sorry for your losses. This position was a purchased one on my monitor, I don't like to join late ships from money even I excepted longer lifetime for ApexBinary, mainly because it was nicely redesigned.

That's all for AB, stay away from this site.
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Monday, May 5, 2014

Self-referring! Is it risky?

Recently I got some emails from investors that their account in x (any) "1-day hyip" were flagged/deleted/frozen. They were angry and surprised. So it's time to share my opinion regarding this.

Double your account and get your own RCB!

These issues are typical for 1-day hyips where hit&runners open more accounts and refer themselves for getting few more dollars. Self-referring in 99% is prohibited in hyips. If the admin finds it (easy function in all classic scripts), he will probably freeze your account. What now?

The best way is start to communicate with admin instead shouting SCAM on forums and public channels. If you shouted, be sure that your account remains frozen. If you preferred communication and told admin that you are a "new guy", you are sorry and will pay back the commission - I think the situation can be solved. Of course if the program still pays...

You can also contact your primary upline to help you, which is probably an rcb monitor. I can tell the truth, they will hardly ever help you. So why to use them? You can claim rcb from trusted monitors and you will get 100% rcb in general. It is much better than self-referring, it is a green way how to receive 3-5% on your deposits, mainly because you can save your principal, what is the most important thing!

So what is the problem there?

The main problem is, that there are not only small cheaters who need only few more bucks from self-referring... There are real scammers who easily photoshop a "screenshot" and a confirmation email. They shout on forums and ask admin to credit fictive amount in their user accounts. It is hard to fight with them so for admin the easiest way is to create one more account with the same username and freeze both accounts because of self-referring rules.

It is hard to decide who tells the truth. These guys can create real panic on forums if the admin don't publish some information via public channels. This is the hyip industry - full of scammers who need your - our money with zero work!

I recommend to withdraw your funds if you are able in this situation. Less is always more than nothing. Next programs are coming so do not be afraid to leave this one!


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Sunday, April 27, 2014

RemiTrade - review

When I am writing this RemiTrade is listed on InstantScamAlert already 151 days and generated 44% pure profit. This is the reason why I do review for this project even it is listed just on Premium listing.

They are experts in investments and currencies trading - as they claim, but it is not important, because we are talking about h.y.i.p.
As you can read the brief description on my monitor, I though that admin can be the same who ran EurexTrades in the past. It had the same concept and similar script. This is why I invested and trusted them. Of course I can't be sure, it is just speculation.

The design is not so attractive, but temperate with signs of business class. The script is "unique" or by another words, it is not a product of basic script sellers, but I can tell that there aren't impressive features, just a basic script, nothing more, nothing less.
The domain is valid until 2023 - what is a really nice thing, but it means nothing. Also 151 days is not a guarantee for further profits. Mainly because the investment plan is 240 business days long and your principal will available to withdraw on expiry. So no cycle is done even RemiTrade pays like clockwork.
You can earn there min. 50% of company's profit. It is valid for $10-500 deposit range. I can tell you that it is something around 1% daily - sometimes less, sometimes more. You can check their current and past trading results there. Also check this table of exact profit sharing:

Account Balance, USD Investor's Share of Daily profit

Please do not invest there more than $5.000, it is more than risky mainly because it is just a hyip. $100 is absolutley enough to invest.
You can choose PerfectMoney or Bitcoin (Coinbase) to invest. Releasing withdrawals are instant (or take no more than 24h to release - FAQ). You can also deposit from your bank account, but there are too high limits, so don't use it!
There is a 5% one level referral commission system, but you can apply for a representative and earn 30% of your referrals' deposits. It can be attractive for promoters, but it is too high outflow what is a dangerous game!

You can find a video in FAQ section which is a nice extra feature, but these times it isn't an expensive thing to have a faq video, but in all case it is a positive point, because the admin spent more time and money to build better project in compare with competitors.

Is it still safe to invest? - you may ask. No, nothing is safe, but I hope the admin is professional and will pay more cycles, just like EurexTrades did. By the way I contacted him and offered an upgrade to the best listing and guess what he answered? Nothing. I dislike if I don't get an answer from "support" even it is negative.

In the end I can say that RemiTrade is better project than other competitors even it has some bugs, but my overall impression is good. Have a luck with RemiTrade, fingers crossed!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

ApexBinary - past review

ApexBinary scammed us on 7 May when the admin introduced a 25% deposit bonus. 

Lifetime: 157 days
On instantscamalert: 45 days, bought listing

ApexBinary is listed second week on Reserved 5-star listing and paying instantly, so finally I decided to publish a review.

ApexBinary isn't new program, it is visible 126 days on many monitors when I am writing this. They offer a bit longer investment plan so principals are handled still by them. Take a closer look on their offer:
As you can see, all plans are set for 180 business days. On expiry they will return your principal, or you can request it back anytime at 30% fee.
If you choose the first plan (1.2% daily, deposit $10-500), you can reach 216% from daily payments + your principal back, so 316% total ROI. It is more than enough return, but ApexBinary pays on business days only, what is clever choice to pay us longer.
If you deposit only low amount, it is always better to give you back on expiry than high amounts. But I am sure that you know it.

What will be happen after first cycle?

Do you worry about your principal? Of course. ApexBinary wasn't looked so attractive in the past, so I think there wasn't big investor wave and ApexBinary grown slowly. It means that first principals can be paid back. Of course all controls are handled by admin, I can just speculate what could be happen. Of course no investment project lasts forever, so calculate with risks!

The main advantage for us is - and now I don't mean company's certificate, ssl greenbar, presentation video, services of Comodo or Black lotus - that ApexBinary pays instantly, and after more than 4 months it seems unstoppable. Of course past performance doesn't guarantee further progress, but the first investors are getting into green zone, what is a rare situation in this industry in recent months. It seems the admin is professional.

The second advantage is that ApexBinary accepts payments trough SolidTrustPay, what is also a good sign because of strict terms of STP.
Of course, you can deposit with PerfectMoney, EgoPay or even with PexPay.

Of course there are more likeable things - what I mentioned above, plus it is also nice that their domain is valid until 2023. Do not forget that it doesn't mean any guarantee, but just a little sign of admin's intention.

ApexBinary is visible on all better monitors on top listings, so monitors can eat their money (ours) but in case of smooth growing and good management it can be "ok". 

Short history:

Start - 2/Dec/2013
Enabled early withdrawal 2/Jan/2014
Integrated STP 3/Jan/2014
Update of Referral program (representatives) 9/Jan/2014
New design 17/Mar/2014

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zarmina - the next SCAM?

Updated 5 days later: Zarmina paid just 6 days so no one was able to reach any profit there. This project was a self-made game from Mr. Zarmina.

It is possible, but Zarmina is not visible on monitors at this moment (except 2) so there is a chance to earn "safely" while it is not too popular.

Zarmina is a pure hyip game where you can earn quite fast.
Official introduction: "The game takes place in the present, on the planet Gliese 581 (Zarmina). Legend of the game is fiction author and is based on real events."

Investment plans:

12% daily for 10 calendar days (120%). Classified buildings:

Ice Cream Ξ500 GoldZ (the main currency of Zamira) = $5
Pizza Ξ1000 = $10
Mc Donalds Ξ200 = $20
Lunapark Ξ3000 = $30
DisneyLand Ξ5000 = $50
Restaurant Ξ10,000 = $100
Bellagio Ξ20,000 = $200
Hilton Ξ50,000 = $500
Ceasars Ξ100,000 = $1000 (extra 2% profit)

Hourly plan for 240 hours, funds available on expiry only - 124% (5 days and few hours):

Casino Ξ10,000 = $100
Palazzo Ξ90,000 = $900

You can complete/build your city using buildings above. There are 7 places available where you can build. So you can have 7 investments at the same time, the buildings will disappear on expiry and you can buy another ones.
There is another currency: Buildcoin what you earn if you buy a building and can be used "on the subsequent acquisition of tenders." (FAQ). But I didn't see any option to use it...

3-level referral system: 5%-1%-1%
PerfectMoney and Payeer are supported. Minimal withdrawal: Ξ20 = $0.2
The domain is valid just for 1 year so it is clear that this project with presented high daily returns won't have long lifetime.

My opinion:

50% : 50%

positives: expensive project (if it isn't made by admin), nice graphics and details, instant payments, early investments will be profitable because Zarmina is not visible on money eater hyip monitors

negatives: high daily returns, zero support!!! (de ja vu "The Klides")

If you like this game, I don't recommend to invest high amounts on the same day. Rather invest small amounts continuously during the week to avoid high inflow for admin what can mean early scamming.

Join there:

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Results of polls 2014 (1/4)

Popularity of payment processors in first quarter of 2014 based on poll which was enabled for first three months of the year.

The order based on your votes:
  1. PerfectMoney - 49%
  2. SolidTrustPay - 27%
  3. Payeer - 17%
  4. EgoPay
  5. BitCoin
  6. OkPay
  7. Qiwi, WebMoney -no votes
SolidTrustPay is still the on the second place at you, even the number of programs which work with STP is dramatically decreased due to strict rules of STP. But there is another player from Russia - Payeer which is growing unstoppable because of wide variety of top up/withdraw options. Of course, the numero one is and will remain PerfectMoney.

The second poll: Are you in overall profit?

 The results:

  1. Yes: 33%
  2. NO: 66%
I agree with you. I think there are more losers than winners. Please note, it is a game with money where a small group of winners earns from deposits of new investors who become losers.

The polls are again active for next quarter. I will enable one more temporary poll:
As you noticed, I alert you if a new program appears on my monitor, but I'd like to ask you: Would you like to receive alerts if there is a problem with listed programs?
I'd like to ask you to mark or move alert(at) to your whitelist to avoid get my alerts to your spam folder, thank you.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'd like to show you on the graph why and mainly when can admins scam us. This example shows only deposits and withdrawals, however there are more influencing factors (read here).
I think you know that the best inflow comes on the very first days (if the project is visible on better monitors). After these days the admin is thinking about:
  • continue - if he didn't receive enough money or if his project is more expensive
  • scam - if he received enough money (cheap script with high % plans)

(click to enlarge)

The 2nd stress comes accidentally if something happens:
  • huge and long ddos attack
  • problem with script or hosting provider
  • frozen e-currency account
After stabilization the number of new deposits is getting low so the admin is thinking again about "scam or continue" which is the same situation.

The 3rd situation is predictable, it always comes by time:
  • expiration of investment plan with principal back option
  • too many investments expire at the same time
  • too many money-eater monitors and low new deposits
So the inflow is the main factor for admin to continue or stop paying. Many admins - mainly new guys don't understand that after first stress situation the positive inflow comes only later but it will be higher than the first. In this case we lose and he earn less money. It is the most unpleasant thing which can happen.

I hope that this graph and explanation was helpful to understand why we are scammed too fast - or some times later.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The never seen story ends

The story has ended on 12/March/2014


Please skip to last comment, this story is outdated.
Leancy (reviewed here) has stopped paying on 4/March, but after switching to a new hosting provider (Blockdos) the payments are processed again instantly and the daily returns are normalized like before; bravo!
I am sure the admin had enough money to run away, but he made a really outstanding decision and voted to continue. I am also sure that he knows that a big withdrawal-outflow wave will come until the investors won't calm down. But after this point he will touch the sky. If a man with $4 mill. won't run away, you can expect at least one more cycle because he needs more money. It is not bad, we like this game and in the meantime we can earn - right now.

While others are cashing out, clever people just invest :) It is possible only in case of strong program and Leancy definitely is a strong one. I just invested $1000 even I am a conservative guy, but I am always open for good opportunities. I do this game several years and I think this is the most fruitful step at the moment.

Of course I can make mistakes as well, but I am really optimistic now. It is not my recommendation to invest, just my tactic to gain my inflow from hyips. After one month you can tell me that it was a good decision or wasn't. You will see also that following me worth or not.

What exactly happened?
Leancy's story as an example from you:

" — At March 5 (4 or 6) I put $1000000 to withdraw. They were gone. Give me back me my payment!
— My accruals was $1000000 for the three days and now I have only $100! Where’s the money?
Site was captured on March 4 16:07 UTC from us. We’ve restored last site backup created before these events (at 16.01). Naturally, all the actions performed on the captured website is not preserved, so these payments do not and new registrations. But there is some good news: your deposits are returned to the same state as before the Incident. So money will acquired again in normal mode with daytime percent. Simple explanation: you moved back in time for three days.
— Counter does not tick (not ticked)!
Daily rate for 4, 5 and 6 March exhibited 0.01%. Counter ticked just very slowly. Now all as normal again.
— March 5 (4 or 6) I made a deposit with amount of $1000000! It’s disappeared!
Most likely that you have transferred money to KODDOS scammers which replaced all payment wallets during Incident time. As you know from the previous post we did everything possible to suspend the scammers version of site but were severely limited in scope. Wait for announcement of the refund program to victims of fraud. We will announce it here in the blog. Prepare to provide strong evidences of transactions.
— My payment status is Completed but I did not get it!
No, you’re got it. All payments have a unique identification number in the payment processor (it is listed in withdrawal information). Look carefully for received transactions at your wallets.
— I can not sing into the dashboard!
You just never sign out and forgotten password. Restore it here.
— My neighbour can’t access the site!
A neighbour should wait while DNS of his internet provider will be updated. Site is not going anywhere.
— I don’t receive emails with password / other else emails!
Check SPAM folder. Email is probably there. After that please add us to contacts at your email client to receive our other email normally.

By the way my monitor is also hosted on Koddos and I am also not satisfied with them. There are many things which don't work so in the end of 2014 I will switch to another hosting provider.  You can suggest some providers if you have a good experience.

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enough is enough

There were some closures recently, I mean Alt-energy, FX9, BetsPlus or CosmoBank... Were they somehow connected? I think no, it was just a bad timing. Mainly because they aren't real investment programs but just games where an administrator stands behind the scene who is hardly ever computable. But one thing is the same - these programs used cheap scripts what becomes more and more dangerous in 2014. The expectation from investors side is higher and who works with script which costs only $100 - how we can think that he makes us financially independent? It is just a joke, so be smart and search for unique programs (just for example programs on Reserved 5-star)

All right, the second thing. I get several emails a day mainly because I am subscribed at many hyip sources. I never commented them, I don't care who and how is doing the business, but what is enough that is enough. Newsletters from MNO are getting crazy. Paul positions himself as a "God" (I am sorry), however his words aren't true long time ago. Sentences like "MNO was the first monitor which moved "X" to Problem status" are nothing more than a simply positioning for deaf and blind lambs who follow him and eat his words.

I think that I don't have to introduce myself, I am sure you have noticed some of my warnings (last time for RemiTrade - the admin just slept 3 days, thanks goodness this was the only fail!). And there are coming more smart guys at potentiometers on the stage of monitors who make good job for few bucks in compare with MNO which deforms this industry because of incredible listing fees - over a !thousand! if I am right. Many admins pay him but what do you thing, where does this money come from? You are right, it is your money! Will you be happy if you get back at least once $1000? Of course yes, but Paul can say Thanks guys, I am fine with your money on my holiday. Many good programs fail because they join MNO, but...

What is happening? Thanks to new winds, the market is slowly but changes. Few guys make really good job behind the monitors, I am sure many admin noticed it. The numbers will increase by time and many of them will choose the smarter part instead of extremely fees which cut the lifetime of programs and of course mainly your profitability. One of those guys is David from davidnews who tries many possibilities how to get bigger slice of the market (some of  them are really good) so the monitors are getting formed to 3 parts:

1. good and smart with real statuses with investor care
2. rcb monitors - hand in hand with admins, outdated statuses, no support at all
3. just one monitor MNO - extreme money eater, even the statuses are up to date

The first group was hardly ever viable in this shady industry, but the times are changing and "we" are demanding and getting more and more slices of the pie and slowly but surely change and set new industry standards. Many of you won't stay there longer, but the next generations will be more luckier with our support.

Just one picture in the end of this story - about BetsPlus

Our lovely trusted source, I hope it doesn't require any comment, have a nice day.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leancy - review

Leancy was upgraded to Reserved 5-star listing few days ago so this is the time to write a detailed review. As you know, it is not a new project, it is listed for more than 2 months on InstantScamAlert. I am happy that many of my referrals are already in profit and the newbies are earning also fast.
Their business

"Our company specializes in IT industry investment management, including investing in startups as well as crowdfunding and fundraising projects."
There is not too much text, but it is original, nicely written what is more than enough for a decent hyip.

Simple but dynamic investment plan

You can earn every second up to 5% daily until you reach 150%. Days and nights, weekdays and weekends or holidays - no restrictions.
There is one more factor how to earn more. It depends on the amount invested in Leancy. From $10 to $1000, there is a 1.00 multiplier - so nothing. From $1001 to $5000 there is a 1.05 multiplier which ends at 1.50 for deposits exceeding $50.001.

You can see in your back-office the graph of daily official percentage; and of course your actual balance - how it is growing in front of you eyes. This is the best eye-catching feature for all of us, which becomes trend now, low class programs are also trying to use this feature to be successful like Leancy.

Of course instant payments do this feature more creamy, you can invest and withdraw via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, OkPay and BitCoin. That's right, STP is missing there because of their strict rules, but I think who see the win-win opportunity in Leancy, he/she will use exchangers to join this train. The minimal investment is just $10 what is also an investor friendly limit.

Leancy is visible on few paid monitors only, but it is extremely popular between investors. Leancy is a live example for other admins how to build a great project where both sides are happy, where all of us can make money, not just the owner. And Leancy does it without expensive money eater monitors, so our money stays circling in the system what is important for the health of program.

Something extra

You can see at first sight that Leancy is much better in compare with other programs. It has business looking template, live money counter, blog - where you are able to submit your comment, nicely animated banners, referral section with extra functions, great FAQ page, etc. The staff - or admin invested more money to get this project alive what is clear for all of us. This is the reason why we are investing more money there in compare with GoldCoders based cheaper projects.
Leancy is available in 9 languages what is an outstanding feature which does this project more user friendly. The communication is fast with the support, you can reach them on skype, facebook, google plus and via contact form there.

Referral program

There is a 3-level referral program. If you invite your friend, you can earn on his deposit 5%. You can also earn if he invites another investors to Leancy, the second level pays 2% and the third: 1%.
If you are a good promoter, apply for a representative status, in this case you can earn a bit better: 7% - 3% - 1%


Leancy is not a new program, if you were smart, now you are already in profit, but I think it is not the end of the story. On forums you can see that Leancy is still a very popular project, ranking on Alexa is also nice.

Of course, past and current performance do not guarantee further progress, profit. After two months of Leancy's big success I can say that it is managed well, what is the most important thing in this business. As always, I recommend to invest "small" amounts only what you can afford to lose. As you know small amounts can extend the lifetime of any program.

Thanks for reading, have a luck!

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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