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Friday, January 17, 2014

Explore fake votes

I'd like to share my experience how to explore fake votes. If you know that a program is supported by fake voters, you will be able to avoid losses because usually those programs are less popular and probably low quality or have too high ROI plans, etc. - by other words something is wrong there.

I will show you 2 pictures, one from a popular forum and the second one - from a popular monitor. You will see the exact signs of fake votes:

Votes on a popular forum:

You can see that fake voters use fast created profiles to place few votes. After that the administration of forums usually ban these fake profiles so you can be sure that votes placed by them are fake ones.
You can also see (if the fake profile is not banned yet) that they don't use signatures because it takes too much time to create signatures in all profiles. They do votes for many admins, so they don't have time to do excellent job, what is better for us, we can easily recognize real and fake votes.
If the program is supported with fake votes, it means that there are less investors, no reinvestments, less actions. Investing in these projects is more than risky.

Votes on a popular monitor:

The admin wants to create a feeling on some popular monitors that there are so many investors. The clearest sign of fake votes is that there are many and crazy votes in one day, but on other days you can't find even a single vote. Check my short comments on these snapshots.

I am sure that you want to avoid losses and you want make money so it's very important to recognize fake votes and do not invest. I hope that this article was useful for many new investors. 

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mutual Wealth - its lifetime is numbered

Update: 6/March/2014: SEC will close it, read it there.

Is Mutual Wealth a scam or is it a real deal? Good question because it is an outstanding project which pays nearly one year instantly and unstoppable (just one monitor shows 3 years). Thanks to low ROI, MutualWealth was able to survive all negative seasons, like long holidays or collapse of LibertyReserve with half year of dead season. Now, after black December of 2013 I decided to publish a review to bring you another good choice to invest.

The company

MutualWeatlh is a trading company which was founded in 2009 (interesting is that their domain is valid from 2008...), registered in Cyprus with office in Hong Kong and New York. They have 40 employees, $80 million under active management and a growing client base. Their team looks like transparent, you can check the highest seats on this page. Of course, there aren't photos, but this kind of introduction is also a clever ground for branch building.

The investment portfolio:

Easy Saver: 2-5% weekly for 30 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 25%
Active Trader: 2.5-6% weekly for 90 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 40%
Growth And Income: 3-8% weekly for 180 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 60%

So, there you can earn weekly and not daily, do not forget about that. The minimal deposit for all plans starts as high as $100. It is quite high limit in compare with another hyips, so this program must be good if the admin's claims are high.
If you are ready to invest, you have to fund your account balance first and than you are able to choose from the portfolio. If you have any issue with your deposit, let them know, you will be answered shortly (contact page - if it is too demanding to find). I used their support for crediting my unsuccessful transaction and the admin, Jane Petrovic was quick and helpful as usual.

Great security - in order to log into your account, you will be asked to enter your subscriber ID, your date of birth and three random digits from your passcode. I recommend to save your welcome email, where you can find all details you need.
All transactions made via classic payment processors are settled within 15 minutes during normal business days. Due to security screening, some transactions may take longer, but never over 12 hours. - FAQ. (I was paid instantly always.)

Withdrawing - if you want to withdraw your principal, you have to wait 14 days to get it available in your account balance, where you can withdraw "instantly" from (amounts higher than $100 aren't processed instantly). Also you can cancel your investment during the investment period, but you have to calculate with fees (and of course you will need to wait 14 days also to get it available in your account balance)
Progress - in the beginning MutualWealth was listed on few good monitors only excluding MNO so there was a place to grow continuously. Now it is listed on almost all better monitors. Also, in the beginning only LibertyReserve and BankWire were accepted, but later, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and STP were also added, this step allowed MutualWealth to grow continuously.
There were also some management fees, but from April of 2013 those were deleted what was a positive step for us.

Support - there is online chat option on About us page, but it isn't on the index page what is a negative point. Their telephone number isn't visible there also, you can find it in the knowledgebase section. I don't understand why it is not placed on the main page and why are you forced to find it on subpages... If you prefer emails, you can send them an email with your question or issue, you will be supported fast and helpfully. Also they are active on Facebook and Twitter so you can be in touch via different platforms.

Conclusion - MutualWealth looks like a real deal, it is made by professionals. This kind of projects wee need in hyip industry. Yeah, they offer low ROI investment plans, what is not too popular between average investors, but if you know the rules where to invest, you will love it. Of course we can't predict its lifetime, but I hope there are more cycles remaining.

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cryptory - is it scam or a real deal? Scam!

I moved Cryptory to Problem status on 13/July/2014 because no BitCoint withdrawals were processed long time, but all other payments are processed instantly. On 16/July/2014 it was MOVED TO SCAM SECTION even all other monitors showed Paying for this collapsing SCAM - including giants like MNO and DavidNews...

Big projects born rarely but contentiously and Cryptory is definitely one of them. You can see at first sight that it is a business class project. It is not based on Goldcoders' or any familiar script. It is a custom made project from the ground and it is an existing example that money attracts money.
We can name all of it's advantages, like great video presentation, supported payment processors, live graphs, powerful user interface, live chat, calculators, many pages, many details - by other words invested money.

Of course where is money there we can earn as well. You can see live your money growing in your back-office. It is a really powerful tool, investors love this and the second thing: there are instant withdrawals, do you love them? Yes, I do :) The third thing - you can withdraw your principal any time. Maybe the deposit limit is a little bit higher in compare with other projects and starts from $50 to make your account active.
There aren't investment plans, you can just earn. At this time you can earn $1 with $100 within 3 days, it doesn't matter that now is weekend or holiday. Is it too low? It is a deal from firm which looks like real.


Cryptory mines Bitcoins. "Bitcoins are units of electronic currency. They are similar to gold, in that they can be mined, valued and exchanged for other currencies. However, the only tool needed for Bitcoin mining is the power of a computer. The rate of Bitcoin mining is measured in MHash/s (millions hashes per second). It is not possible to mine Bitcoins on a standard PC, as the process requires specially optimized computing solutions." 
Of course you can mine on your computer, but it requires more time...

"Cryptory has installed high-performance servers that run on the specially developed ASIC-chip. These servers are optimized for Bitcoin mining and work on a common system of calculation. As more people reserve computing resources provided by the Cryptory system, the funds raised will go towards the purchase of new equipment. As such, the more people that buy into the system, the faster the company’s infrastructure will develop. To start earning, you can reserve a certain amount of computational resources provided by our system. All you need to do is create an account and deposit an initial account balance. The rate of mining will depend on the size of your account balance and the time it is left to accrue."

The philosophy is brilliant. There is only just one question. Why are they in hyip industry? They paid too much money for fees and listings which won't be given back. Of course monitors do their job and bring to the system new investors, but the concept is clear, it's a game. But this time it is a high-end game. Investors who joined them 2 months ago, have earned great profit already.

Referral system

It was made smartly to avoid hit & runners. You can earn only 20% from your referrals profit what are usually few cents only a day. Of course, there is a chance to get an additional cash prize at the end of each month, you need to refer most of new investors to reach the first place and win $110. Of course it is mainly for monitors, but there are few smart guys who can do the same.


I joined them with $300 and I made only $55 within 2 months, but I am happy that it was a safe investment. I was sure that Cryptory will survive the black December just because it is not a cheap and short term project which can be affected by holidays. It is an exception where you can invest more money. Of course it is not my recommendation to do it. I think Cryptory will stay here for the next few months so it is still a good choice to invest.

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

What's wrong with SolidTrustPay?

In the recent times less and less programs are able to add STP as a verified payment processor. STP changed their rules for hyip sites and even big and strong projects can't deal with STP.

The STP's standpoint:

"There are many programs making false claims, breaking promises and disappearing with investments.
STP has strict guide-lines for how programs can operate if they wish to use our services. This is implemented for your protection and greatly reduces incidents of fraud for our members.

SolidTrust Pay does not give Payment Buttons to programs making over-the-top promises about investment returns.
Ever encounter a program making astonishing claims on investment returns? Do the rewards sounds too good to be true? Most of the time they are. A promise of “1000% in 30 days” should be a red flag that a program might be making false claims. In fact, it’s highly improbable that a HYIP program would be able to generate that level of interest at all.
Always consider the online trends when investing in programs. Investing your money doesn’t have to be risky, as long as you do your homework and know where your money is going.
Does the program have a SolidTrust Pay Payment Button?
If a program’s website does not carry the SolidTrust Pay Payment Button, they do not have our stamp of approval. This button indicates whether they have met the criteria to run a business through our company and have been checked over by our staff. It is important to note that seeing a SolidTrust Pay logo on a program’s website does not guarantee that the company has been granted the privileges to use STPay as their processor.
Asking a SolidTrust Pay member for a manual fund transfer is against our Terms of Service and can indicate that the merchant does not have our approval to use our services."


All right, the information above comes from STP's blog, where you can't comment, but here you can - on InstantScamAlert's blog.

What do you thing, was STP created for this shady industry like LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney? Yes, it was. Thanks for hyips they were able to grow and this is still a goldmine for many payment processors. But what does STP do? They break the game so they will lose from popularity, STP HYIP investors will exchange their funds to join the biggest programs where STP is not more supported.

What do you thing, is this a business decision from STP? Have they woke up now? They just discovered that HYIPs are so risky, it is funny... So what's wrong with STP? If they have a clever management, they should hire more staff to handle these "problems" because the HYIP industry is their best income source. They won't do that.

So what is behind the scene? I am sure they want to clear their name and hands from shady transactions. Do you have another idea? Let me know it.

Chart of payment processors - the situation in the beginning of 2014

1) PerfectMoney deserved the first place, they are accepted at all hyip programs and they do not make barriers for admins nor investors.

2) SolidTrustPay - the falling star, will appear on the last place soon. Throne follower needed!

3) EgoPay - they can rank higher from the neutral zone, we will see...

4) the shared seat - payeer, qiwi, hd-money, bitcoin, okpay, etc.
Maybe Payeer? It is more and more popular just because they have so many top-up options and in Russia it is a top choice between hyips.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day,

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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