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Monday, January 6, 2014

Cryptory - is it scam or a real deal? Scam!

I moved Cryptory to Problem status on 13/July/2014 because no BitCoint withdrawals were processed long time, but all other payments are processed instantly. On 16/July/2014 it was MOVED TO SCAM SECTION even all other monitors showed Paying for this collapsing SCAM - including giants like MNO and DavidNews...

Big projects born rarely but contentiously and Cryptory is definitely one of them. You can see at first sight that it is a business class project. It is not based on Goldcoders' or any familiar script. It is a custom made project from the ground and it is an existing example that money attracts money.
We can name all of it's advantages, like great video presentation, supported payment processors, live graphs, powerful user interface, live chat, calculators, many pages, many details - by other words invested money.

Of course where is money there we can earn as well. You can see live your money growing in your back-office. It is a really powerful tool, investors love this and the second thing: there are instant withdrawals, do you love them? Yes, I do :) The third thing - you can withdraw your principal any time. Maybe the deposit limit is a little bit higher in compare with other projects and starts from $50 to make your account active.
There aren't investment plans, you can just earn. At this time you can earn $1 with $100 within 3 days, it doesn't matter that now is weekend or holiday. Is it too low? It is a deal from firm which looks like real.


Cryptory mines Bitcoins. "Bitcoins are units of electronic currency. They are similar to gold, in that they can be mined, valued and exchanged for other currencies. However, the only tool needed for Bitcoin mining is the power of a computer. The rate of Bitcoin mining is measured in MHash/s (millions hashes per second). It is not possible to mine Bitcoins on a standard PC, as the process requires specially optimized computing solutions." 
Of course you can mine on your computer, but it requires more time...

"Cryptory has installed high-performance servers that run on the specially developed ASIC-chip. These servers are optimized for Bitcoin mining and work on a common system of calculation. As more people reserve computing resources provided by the Cryptory system, the funds raised will go towards the purchase of new equipment. As such, the more people that buy into the system, the faster the company’s infrastructure will develop. To start earning, you can reserve a certain amount of computational resources provided by our system. All you need to do is create an account and deposit an initial account balance. The rate of mining will depend on the size of your account balance and the time it is left to accrue."

The philosophy is brilliant. There is only just one question. Why are they in hyip industry? They paid too much money for fees and listings which won't be given back. Of course monitors do their job and bring to the system new investors, but the concept is clear, it's a game. But this time it is a high-end game. Investors who joined them 2 months ago, have earned great profit already.

Referral system

It was made smartly to avoid hit & runners. You can earn only 20% from your referrals profit what are usually few cents only a day. Of course, there is a chance to get an additional cash prize at the end of each month, you need to refer most of new investors to reach the first place and win $110. Of course it is mainly for monitors, but there are few smart guys who can do the same.


I joined them with $300 and I made only $55 within 2 months, but I am happy that it was a safe investment. I was sure that Cryptory will survive the black December just because it is not a cheap and short term project which can be affected by holidays. It is an exception where you can invest more money. Of course it is not my recommendation to do it. I think Cryptory will stay here for the next few months so it is still a good choice to invest.


  1. Now I am in with $600 in total.

  2. After few days of maintenance Cryptory is back. I logged in and saw that the "hash" is extremely high - it was 20 times bigger than normally so I withdrew all my available money.

    Instant payment:
    The amount of 380 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U5499214->U2625028. Memo: API Payment. Invoice 224368, .. Date: 05:48 20.03.14. Batch: 51924068.

    Now I won't reinvest, I reached 158% profit there, it is enough for me.

  3. Yes, Cryptory is still paying instantly, but the hash is still high, approx. 5 times higher like in the beginning was.

  4. Closing at 167%, nice profit, hope you withdrew your principal when I warned you.


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