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Friday, January 17, 2014

Explore fake votes

I'd like to share my experience how to explore fake votes. If you know that a program is supported by fake voters, you will be able to avoid losses because usually those programs are less popular and probably low quality or have too high ROI plans, etc. - by other words something is wrong there.

I will show you 2 pictures, one from a popular forum and the second one - from a popular monitor. You will see the exact signs of fake votes:

Votes on a popular forum:

You can see that fake voters use fast created profiles to place few votes. After that the administration of forums usually ban these fake profiles so you can be sure that votes placed by them are fake ones.
You can also see (if the fake profile is not banned yet) that they don't use signatures because it takes too much time to create signatures in all profiles. They do votes for many admins, so they don't have time to do excellent job, what is better for us, we can easily recognize real and fake votes.
If the program is supported with fake votes, it means that there are less investors, no reinvestments, less actions. Investing in these projects is more than risky.

Votes on a popular monitor:

The admin wants to create a feeling on some popular monitors that there are so many investors. The clearest sign of fake votes is that there are many and crazy votes in one day, but on other days you can't find even a single vote. Check my short comments on these snapshots.

I am sure that you want to avoid losses and you want make money so it's very important to recognize fake votes and do not invest. I hope that this article was useful for many new investors. 


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