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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mutual Wealth - its lifetime is numbered

Update: 6/March/2014: SEC will close it, read it there.

Is Mutual Wealth a scam or is it a real deal? Good question because it is an outstanding project which pays nearly one year instantly and unstoppable (just one monitor shows 3 years). Thanks to low ROI, MutualWealth was able to survive all negative seasons, like long holidays or collapse of LibertyReserve with half year of dead season. Now, after black December of 2013 I decided to publish a review to bring you another good choice to invest.

The company

MutualWeatlh is a trading company which was founded in 2009 (interesting is that their domain is valid from 2008...), registered in Cyprus with office in Hong Kong and New York. They have 40 employees, $80 million under active management and a growing client base. Their team looks like transparent, you can check the highest seats on this page. Of course, there aren't photos, but this kind of introduction is also a clever ground for branch building.

The investment portfolio:

Easy Saver: 2-5% weekly for 30 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 25%
Active Trader: 2.5-6% weekly for 90 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 40%
Growth And Income: 3-8% weekly for 180 calendar days, principal back, early withdrawal fee: 60%

So, there you can earn weekly and not daily, do not forget about that. The minimal deposit for all plans starts as high as $100. It is quite high limit in compare with another hyips, so this program must be good if the admin's claims are high.
If you are ready to invest, you have to fund your account balance first and than you are able to choose from the portfolio. If you have any issue with your deposit, let them know, you will be answered shortly (contact page - if it is too demanding to find). I used their support for crediting my unsuccessful transaction and the admin, Jane Petrovic was quick and helpful as usual.

Great security - in order to log into your account, you will be asked to enter your subscriber ID, your date of birth and three random digits from your passcode. I recommend to save your welcome email, where you can find all details you need.
All transactions made via classic payment processors are settled within 15 minutes during normal business days. Due to security screening, some transactions may take longer, but never over 12 hours. - FAQ. (I was paid instantly always.)

Withdrawing - if you want to withdraw your principal, you have to wait 14 days to get it available in your account balance, where you can withdraw "instantly" from (amounts higher than $100 aren't processed instantly). Also you can cancel your investment during the investment period, but you have to calculate with fees (and of course you will need to wait 14 days also to get it available in your account balance)
Progress - in the beginning MutualWealth was listed on few good monitors only excluding MNO so there was a place to grow continuously. Now it is listed on almost all better monitors. Also, in the beginning only LibertyReserve and BankWire were accepted, but later, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and STP were also added, this step allowed MutualWealth to grow continuously.
There were also some management fees, but from April of 2013 those were deleted what was a positive step for us.

Support - there is online chat option on About us page, but it isn't on the index page what is a negative point. Their telephone number isn't visible there also, you can find it in the knowledgebase section. I don't understand why it is not placed on the main page and why are you forced to find it on subpages... If you prefer emails, you can send them an email with your question or issue, you will be supported fast and helpfully. Also they are active on Facebook and Twitter so you can be in touch via different platforms.

Conclusion - MutualWealth looks like a real deal, it is made by professionals. This kind of projects wee need in hyip industry. Yeah, they offer low ROI investment plans, what is not too popular between average investors, but if you know the rules where to invest, you will love it. Of course we can't predict its lifetime, but I hope there are more cycles remaining.



  1. It is sad to see that a successful project will be closed by US government - by SEC. You can read their first steps of investigation there:

    In these days it is still paying, but it will be closed if the court will make a decision. All we know what it means - freezing all their account including their website. This happened with ProfitableSunrise as well in 2013...

    I don't know that it was an action of competitors or just an admin's fail, but it will be painful for all of us, because we can't withdraw our fixed money...

    As I published a story few days ago, no program lasts for ever and the end unfortunately is not predictable...

  2. On 8 of March 2014 MutualWealth has stopped paying, please stop invest there!

  3. Mutual Wealth stopped paying because SEC froze their account. Thank you SEC, my dreams has just gone out the window.

  4. I hope you didn't lose too much money...


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