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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enough is enough

There were some closures recently, I mean Alt-energy, FX9, BetsPlus or CosmoBank... Were they somehow connected? I think no, it was just a bad timing. Mainly because they aren't real investment programs but just games where an administrator stands behind the scene who is hardly ever computable. But one thing is the same - these programs used cheap scripts what becomes more and more dangerous in 2014. The expectation from investors side is higher and who works with script which costs only $100 - how we can think that he makes us financially independent? It is just a joke, so be smart and search for unique programs (just for example programs on Reserved 5-star)

All right, the second thing. I get several emails a day mainly because I am subscribed at many hyip sources. I never commented them, I don't care who and how is doing the business, but what is enough that is enough. Newsletters from MNO are getting crazy. Paul positions himself as a "God" (I am sorry), however his words aren't true long time ago. Sentences like "MNO was the first monitor which moved "X" to Problem status" are nothing more than a simply positioning for deaf and blind lambs who follow him and eat his words.

I think that I don't have to introduce myself, I am sure you have noticed some of my warnings (last time for RemiTrade - the admin just slept 3 days, thanks goodness this was the only fail!). And there are coming more smart guys at potentiometers on the stage of monitors who make good job for few bucks in compare with MNO which deforms this industry because of incredible listing fees - over a !thousand! if I am right. Many admins pay him but what do you thing, where does this money come from? You are right, it is your money! Will you be happy if you get back at least once $1000? Of course yes, but Paul can say Thanks guys, I am fine with your money on my holiday. Many good programs fail because they join MNO, but...

What is happening? Thanks to new winds, the market is slowly but changes. Few guys make really good job behind the monitors, I am sure many admin noticed it. The numbers will increase by time and many of them will choose the smarter part instead of extremely fees which cut the lifetime of programs and of course mainly your profitability. One of those guys is David from davidnews who tries many possibilities how to get bigger slice of the market (some of  them are really good) so the monitors are getting formed to 3 parts:

1. good and smart with real statuses with investor care
2. rcb monitors - hand in hand with admins, outdated statuses, no support at all
3. just one monitor MNO - extreme money eater, even the statuses are up to date

The first group was hardly ever viable in this shady industry, but the times are changing and "we" are demanding and getting more and more slices of the pie and slowly but surely change and set new industry standards. Many of you won't stay there longer, but the next generations will be more luckier with our support.

Just one picture in the end of this story - about BetsPlus

Our lovely trusted source, I hope it doesn't require any comment, have a nice day.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leancy - review

Leancy was upgraded to Reserved 5-star listing few days ago so this is the time to write a detailed review. As you know, it is not a new project, it is listed for more than 2 months on InstantScamAlert. I am happy that many of my referrals are already in profit and the newbies are earning also fast.
Their business

"Our company specializes in IT industry investment management, including investing in startups as well as crowdfunding and fundraising projects."
There is not too much text, but it is original, nicely written what is more than enough for a decent hyip.

Simple but dynamic investment plan

You can earn every second up to 5% daily until you reach 150%. Days and nights, weekdays and weekends or holidays - no restrictions.
There is one more factor how to earn more. It depends on the amount invested in Leancy. From $10 to $1000, there is a 1.00 multiplier - so nothing. From $1001 to $5000 there is a 1.05 multiplier which ends at 1.50 for deposits exceeding $50.001.

You can see in your back-office the graph of daily official percentage; and of course your actual balance - how it is growing in front of you eyes. This is the best eye-catching feature for all of us, which becomes trend now, low class programs are also trying to use this feature to be successful like Leancy.

Of course instant payments do this feature more creamy, you can invest and withdraw via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, OkPay and BitCoin. That's right, STP is missing there because of their strict rules, but I think who see the win-win opportunity in Leancy, he/she will use exchangers to join this train. The minimal investment is just $10 what is also an investor friendly limit.

Leancy is visible on few paid monitors only, but it is extremely popular between investors. Leancy is a live example for other admins how to build a great project where both sides are happy, where all of us can make money, not just the owner. And Leancy does it without expensive money eater monitors, so our money stays circling in the system what is important for the health of program.

Something extra

You can see at first sight that Leancy is much better in compare with other programs. It has business looking template, live money counter, blog - where you are able to submit your comment, nicely animated banners, referral section with extra functions, great FAQ page, etc. The staff - or admin invested more money to get this project alive what is clear for all of us. This is the reason why we are investing more money there in compare with GoldCoders based cheaper projects.
Leancy is available in 9 languages what is an outstanding feature which does this project more user friendly. The communication is fast with the support, you can reach them on skype, facebook, google plus and via contact form there.

Referral program

There is a 3-level referral program. If you invite your friend, you can earn on his deposit 5%. You can also earn if he invites another investors to Leancy, the second level pays 2% and the third: 1%.
If you are a good promoter, apply for a representative status, in this case you can earn a bit better: 7% - 3% - 1%


Leancy is not a new program, if you were smart, now you are already in profit, but I think it is not the end of the story. On forums you can see that Leancy is still a very popular project, ranking on Alexa is also nice.

Of course, past and current performance do not guarantee further progress, profit. After two months of Leancy's big success I can say that it is managed well, what is the most important thing in this business. As always, I recommend to invest "small" amounts only what you can afford to lose. As you know small amounts can extend the lifetime of any program.

Thanks for reading, have a luck!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

5gulden - scammed already

5gulden generated 90% loss on GPB/USD trades on 24/Jun/2016 when GBP went down (UK leaves EU). It was probably planned way of scam, since 3TG (broker of 5Gulden) had low drawdown limit, so it is clear the they scammed us hardly just within few hours through high volume of negative trades.
5Gulden wasn't popular between hyip players, but active investors joined with higher amounts. I am sorry for them, but I also thought that 5gulden/3tg are serious firms, but it seems everything was planned since the beginning... Lesson learned, nothing last forever and people are and will be greedy. Nobody wants to make money for others, but just for himself. We live in so greedy world.. Guys, never invest more than you afford to lose.

You can see shiny and incredible percentages all around the hyip industry, but what is wrong there? Just a huge risk of loosing your principal because we can't predict how long will the program pay. So what is the most valuable thing in the world?


Not referral bonuses, not a shine of "130% after one day" projects, not copy&paste text from hyip-maker-factories, but the information - how long will it last. We can become millionaires if we get the right information, which is hardly possible in this industry.  

I try to deliver great programs and if you see, programs added directly by me are more profitable in compare to paid positions. This is the reason why you fail if you follow other popular hyip sources - all programs are paid positions. Monitor-blogs are the same, the admin writes reviews if he gets paid, so in case of paid listing. But not on

Of course there are also paid positions on my monitor, but you can easily recognize it if you see the image of green PAID image in program descriptions (mouseover: purchased listing).

5gulden is not a paid position, it shows my own decision so I can talk about them freely. When I am writing this, 5gulden has been listed 243 days already here. I am really happy that I found this unique opportunity in compare to fast hyi games. Of course nothing lasts for ever, but I think 5gulden will pay us longer than any hyip before.

What is 5gulden about?

It's an advanced partner program directly linked with one of the world’s most advanced automated Forex trading system, - with 3tg since 2011. 5gulden uses a managed account in 3tg where the results are delivered each business day by email with real details what you can check back in other sources.

5guldens' 3+1 qualities:

Security - your money is handled at 3tg's account in New Zealand (Sparkasse Malta, WestPac)
Liquidity - you can withdraw all your money whenever
Transparency - global access, see all the details of transactions ("apps downloadable" - for mobiles, but I didn't see any options to download)
Capital protection - they work with smallest possible risk and guarantee 50% of your principal

Real firm, real people

You can check their profiles on - removed since the project was completely redesigned.
Outdated: There you can see who is the SEO - Peter Rode, and the network manager - Gergely Szilagyi.
The firm is registered in Belize - see the footer. Why Belize? Maybe for easy law regulation, probably.

Performance of 2013

If you invested in January, there was a 48.70% net profit on your principal during the last year. I made 17% during half year, but I need to tell that there was a negative month, August or September(?), so I have a feel, that there is a real trading behind the scenes. 
48% net profit = 4% profit each month in average. Or by another words with $2000 you made $960 net profit.

This was just the main product, but there is one more income source - their partner program. The money for deep bonuses comes from performance fee (50%) which is deducted automatically from your monthly income. So your net income is 50% of delivered results. There is also a $10 fixed administration fee - which probably goes to staff.

Partner program

Click on Career Program link on (outdated, I will rewrite this section soon)

You can earn 10% from your first level referrals' earnings (not 10% of deposit!)
5% from your second level.
There is a 6-level referral program, you can earn different amounts depending which pool are you in.
If your referral invests, you are entitled to get guldens - points which can be exchanged for valuable presents each month. I will update it soon, because no more details we can find on their website.

There are more bonuses, but the main thing is, that it comes from performance fee, so the system works.


In compare with hyi games 5gulden is a stable and professional project. Of course there you can make less profit, but think twice - how many times did you lose your money in hyips? I think earning less, but safely is better than win in two hyips and lose everything in third. Isn't it?
No PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay or EgoPay - what is used at hyips, but Skrill (MoneyBookers) and bank transfers. So just real options.
Of course it is also a high risk area - Forex exchange, what you can read in the Disclaimer.

I will post more updates there, because it is a big project in compare with a copy-paste hyip game.

5gulden shows good progress, in the end of 2013 they ordered a new website design and just broadening offices in China. So they are expanding, I think it is still a safe place to invest. Just one negative thing is there, high investment limit - $2000. But it is a real firm, so they don't work with ridiculous amounts like $10.

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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