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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enough is enough

There were some closures recently, I mean Alt-energy, FX9, BetsPlus or CosmoBank... Were they somehow connected? I think no, it was just a bad timing. Mainly because they aren't real investment programs but just games where an administrator stands behind the scene who is hardly ever computable. But one thing is the same - these programs used cheap scripts what becomes more and more dangerous in 2014. The expectation from investors side is higher and who works with script which costs only $100 - how we can think that he makes us financially independent? It is just a joke, so be smart and search for unique programs (just for example programs on Reserved 5-star)

All right, the second thing. I get several emails a day mainly because I am subscribed at many hyip sources. I never commented them, I don't care who and how is doing the business, but what is enough that is enough. Newsletters from MNO are getting crazy. Paul positions himself as a "God" (I am sorry), however his words aren't true long time ago. Sentences like "MNO was the first monitor which moved "X" to Problem status" are nothing more than a simply positioning for deaf and blind lambs who follow him and eat his words.

I think that I don't have to introduce myself, I am sure you have noticed some of my warnings (last time for RemiTrade - the admin just slept 3 days, thanks goodness this was the only fail!). And there are coming more smart guys at potentiometers on the stage of monitors who make good job for few bucks in compare with MNO which deforms this industry because of incredible listing fees - over a !thousand! if I am right. Many admins pay him but what do you thing, where does this money come from? You are right, it is your money! Will you be happy if you get back at least once $1000? Of course yes, but Paul can say Thanks guys, I am fine with your money on my holiday. Many good programs fail because they join MNO, but...

What is happening? Thanks to new winds, the market is slowly but changes. Few guys make really good job behind the monitors, I am sure many admin noticed it. The numbers will increase by time and many of them will choose the smarter part instead of extremely fees which cut the lifetime of programs and of course mainly your profitability. One of those guys is David from davidnews who tries many possibilities how to get bigger slice of the market (some of  them are really good) so the monitors are getting formed to 3 parts:

1. good and smart with real statuses with investor care
2. rcb monitors - hand in hand with admins, outdated statuses, no support at all
3. just one monitor MNO - extreme money eater, even the statuses are up to date

The first group was hardly ever viable in this shady industry, but the times are changing and "we" are demanding and getting more and more slices of the pie and slowly but surely change and set new industry standards. Many of you won't stay there longer, but the next generations will be more luckier with our support.

Just one picture in the end of this story - about BetsPlus

Our lovely trusted source, I hope it doesn't require any comment, have a nice day.


  1. Thank you for mentioning me, I'm trying but not all the things work out well, but only thought mistakes it is possible to make something better for everyone.

    Right now there is a trend that more and more admins try to make programs that are good by themselves and they completely ignore all the HYIP monitors. Today in HYIP game there is not that much money as it used to be, also admins understand that buying 100 monitors is worthless, Leancy example right now. They have just few monitors and I think they are doing just fine that way.

    For admins buying MNO is saying something like - guys come and join my program I have money to pay you, because I can afford MNO. One thing what he does well - changes statuses, but that is prety everything about him. One comment from article from 2010 is still valid :) Of course there should be also lot of followers for him, so this might be a reason why many admins still add him. My experience - I can say that two times I placed 628x60 banner in monitoring page for for a week, at first time I got exactly 54 visits from that banner in a week, so maybe there is something what we do not know. I did not checked statistics second time, but I do not think that I got lot more then that. Ok, that is just my speculation.

  2. Right, but Leancy is a "new industry standard", not like other Goldcoders based copies where admins need to be visible on all monitors to get any inflow.
    That comment is still valid, it is so funny because it came from the past. I didn't check back that there can be more negative opinions for MNO :)
    One thing is clear, we have to do our job better and bring more value for our followers.


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