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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Leancy - review

Leancy was upgraded to Reserved 5-star listing few days ago so this is the time to write a detailed review. As you know, it is not a new project, it is listed for more than 2 months on InstantScamAlert. I am happy that many of my referrals are already in profit and the newbies are earning also fast.
Their business

"Our company specializes in IT industry investment management, including investing in startups as well as crowdfunding and fundraising projects."
There is not too much text, but it is original, nicely written what is more than enough for a decent hyip.

Simple but dynamic investment plan

You can earn every second up to 5% daily until you reach 150%. Days and nights, weekdays and weekends or holidays - no restrictions.
There is one more factor how to earn more. It depends on the amount invested in Leancy. From $10 to $1000, there is a 1.00 multiplier - so nothing. From $1001 to $5000 there is a 1.05 multiplier which ends at 1.50 for deposits exceeding $50.001.

You can see in your back-office the graph of daily official percentage; and of course your actual balance - how it is growing in front of you eyes. This is the best eye-catching feature for all of us, which becomes trend now, low class programs are also trying to use this feature to be successful like Leancy.

Of course instant payments do this feature more creamy, you can invest and withdraw via PerfectMoney, EgoPay, Payeer, OkPay and BitCoin. That's right, STP is missing there because of their strict rules, but I think who see the win-win opportunity in Leancy, he/she will use exchangers to join this train. The minimal investment is just $10 what is also an investor friendly limit.

Leancy is visible on few paid monitors only, but it is extremely popular between investors. Leancy is a live example for other admins how to build a great project where both sides are happy, where all of us can make money, not just the owner. And Leancy does it without expensive money eater monitors, so our money stays circling in the system what is important for the health of program.

Something extra

You can see at first sight that Leancy is much better in compare with other programs. It has business looking template, live money counter, blog - where you are able to submit your comment, nicely animated banners, referral section with extra functions, great FAQ page, etc. The staff - or admin invested more money to get this project alive what is clear for all of us. This is the reason why we are investing more money there in compare with GoldCoders based cheaper projects.
Leancy is available in 9 languages what is an outstanding feature which does this project more user friendly. The communication is fast with the support, you can reach them on skype, facebook, google plus and via contact form there.

Referral program

There is a 3-level referral program. If you invite your friend, you can earn on his deposit 5%. You can also earn if he invites another investors to Leancy, the second level pays 2% and the third: 1%.
If you are a good promoter, apply for a representative status, in this case you can earn a bit better: 7% - 3% - 1%


Leancy is not a new program, if you were smart, now you are already in profit, but I think it is not the end of the story. On forums you can see that Leancy is still a very popular project, ranking on Alexa is also nice.

Of course, past and current performance do not guarantee further progress, profit. After two months of Leancy's big success I can say that it is managed well, what is the most important thing in this business. As always, I recommend to invest "small" amounts only what you can afford to lose. As you know small amounts can extend the lifetime of any program.

Thanks for reading, have a luck!


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