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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zarmina - the next SCAM?

Updated 5 days later: Zarmina paid just 6 days so no one was able to reach any profit there. This project was a self-made game from Mr. Zarmina.

It is possible, but Zarmina is not visible on monitors at this moment (except 2) so there is a chance to earn "safely" while it is not too popular.

Zarmina is a pure hyip game where you can earn quite fast.
Official introduction: "The game takes place in the present, on the planet Gliese 581 (Zarmina). Legend of the game is fiction author and is based on real events."

Investment plans:

12% daily for 10 calendar days (120%). Classified buildings:

Ice Cream Ξ500 GoldZ (the main currency of Zamira) = $5
Pizza Ξ1000 = $10
Mc Donalds Ξ200 = $20
Lunapark Ξ3000 = $30
DisneyLand Ξ5000 = $50
Restaurant Ξ10,000 = $100
Bellagio Ξ20,000 = $200
Hilton Ξ50,000 = $500
Ceasars Ξ100,000 = $1000 (extra 2% profit)

Hourly plan for 240 hours, funds available on expiry only - 124% (5 days and few hours):

Casino Ξ10,000 = $100
Palazzo Ξ90,000 = $900

You can complete/build your city using buildings above. There are 7 places available where you can build. So you can have 7 investments at the same time, the buildings will disappear on expiry and you can buy another ones.
There is another currency: Buildcoin what you earn if you buy a building and can be used "on the subsequent acquisition of tenders." (FAQ). But I didn't see any option to use it...

3-level referral system: 5%-1%-1%
PerfectMoney and Payeer are supported. Minimal withdrawal: Ξ20 = $0.2
The domain is valid just for 1 year so it is clear that this project with presented high daily returns won't have long lifetime.

My opinion:

50% : 50%

positives: expensive project (if it isn't made by admin), nice graphics and details, instant payments, early investments will be profitable because Zarmina is not visible on money eater hyip monitors

negatives: high daily returns, zero support!!! (de ja vu "The Klides")

If you like this game, I don't recommend to invest high amounts on the same day. Rather invest small amounts continuously during the week to avoid high inflow for admin what can mean early scamming.

Join there:

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Results of polls 2014 (1/4)

Popularity of payment processors in first quarter of 2014 based on poll which was enabled for first three months of the year.

The order based on your votes:
  1. PerfectMoney - 49%
  2. SolidTrustPay - 27%
  3. Payeer - 17%
  4. EgoPay
  5. BitCoin
  6. OkPay
  7. Qiwi, WebMoney -no votes
SolidTrustPay is still the on the second place at you, even the number of programs which work with STP is dramatically decreased due to strict rules of STP. But there is another player from Russia - Payeer which is growing unstoppable because of wide variety of top up/withdraw options. Of course, the numero one is and will remain PerfectMoney.

The second poll: Are you in overall profit?

 The results:

  1. Yes: 33%
  2. NO: 66%
I agree with you. I think there are more losers than winners. Please note, it is a game with money where a small group of winners earns from deposits of new investors who become losers.

The polls are again active for next quarter. I will enable one more temporary poll:
As you noticed, I alert you if a new program appears on my monitor, but I'd like to ask you: Would you like to receive alerts if there is a problem with listed programs?
I'd like to ask you to mark or move alert(at) to your whitelist to avoid get my alerts to your spam folder, thank you.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'd like to show you on the graph why and mainly when can admins scam us. This example shows only deposits and withdrawals, however there are more influencing factors (read here).
I think you know that the best inflow comes on the very first days (if the project is visible on better monitors). After these days the admin is thinking about:
  • continue - if he didn't receive enough money or if his project is more expensive
  • scam - if he received enough money (cheap script with high % plans)

(click to enlarge)

The 2nd stress comes accidentally if something happens:
  • huge and long ddos attack
  • problem with script or hosting provider
  • frozen e-currency account
After stabilization the number of new deposits is getting low so the admin is thinking again about "scam or continue" which is the same situation.

The 3rd situation is predictable, it always comes by time:
  • expiration of investment plan with principal back option
  • too many investments expire at the same time
  • too many money-eater monitors and low new deposits
So the inflow is the main factor for admin to continue or stop paying. Many admins - mainly new guys don't understand that after first stress situation the positive inflow comes only later but it will be higher than the first. In this case we lose and he earn less money. It is the most unpleasant thing which can happen.

I hope that this graph and explanation was helpful to understand why we are scammed too fast - or some times later.
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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The never seen story ends

The story has ended on 12/March/2014


Please skip to last comment, this story is outdated.
Leancy (reviewed here) has stopped paying on 4/March, but after switching to a new hosting provider (Blockdos) the payments are processed again instantly and the daily returns are normalized like before; bravo!
I am sure the admin had enough money to run away, but he made a really outstanding decision and voted to continue. I am also sure that he knows that a big withdrawal-outflow wave will come until the investors won't calm down. But after this point he will touch the sky. If a man with $4 mill. won't run away, you can expect at least one more cycle because he needs more money. It is not bad, we like this game and in the meantime we can earn - right now.

While others are cashing out, clever people just invest :) It is possible only in case of strong program and Leancy definitely is a strong one. I just invested $1000 even I am a conservative guy, but I am always open for good opportunities. I do this game several years and I think this is the most fruitful step at the moment.

Of course I can make mistakes as well, but I am really optimistic now. It is not my recommendation to invest, just my tactic to gain my inflow from hyips. After one month you can tell me that it was a good decision or wasn't. You will see also that following me worth or not.

What exactly happened?
Leancy's story as an example from you:

" — At March 5 (4 or 6) I put $1000000 to withdraw. They were gone. Give me back me my payment!
— My accruals was $1000000 for the three days and now I have only $100! Where’s the money?
Site was captured on March 4 16:07 UTC from us. We’ve restored last site backup created before these events (at 16.01). Naturally, all the actions performed on the captured website is not preserved, so these payments do not and new registrations. But there is some good news: your deposits are returned to the same state as before the Incident. So money will acquired again in normal mode with daytime percent. Simple explanation: you moved back in time for three days.
— Counter does not tick (not ticked)!
Daily rate for 4, 5 and 6 March exhibited 0.01%. Counter ticked just very slowly. Now all as normal again.
— March 5 (4 or 6) I made a deposit with amount of $1000000! It’s disappeared!
Most likely that you have transferred money to KODDOS scammers which replaced all payment wallets during Incident time. As you know from the previous post we did everything possible to suspend the scammers version of site but were severely limited in scope. Wait for announcement of the refund program to victims of fraud. We will announce it here in the blog. Prepare to provide strong evidences of transactions.
— My payment status is Completed but I did not get it!
No, you’re got it. All payments have a unique identification number in the payment processor (it is listed in withdrawal information). Look carefully for received transactions at your wallets.
— I can not sing into the dashboard!
You just never sign out and forgotten password. Restore it here.
— My neighbour can’t access the site!
A neighbour should wait while DNS of his internet provider will be updated. Site is not going anywhere.
— I don’t receive emails with password / other else emails!
Check SPAM folder. Email is probably there. After that please add us to contacts at your email client to receive our other email normally.

By the way my monitor is also hosted on Koddos and I am also not satisfied with them. There are many things which don't work so in the end of 2014 I will switch to another hosting provider.  You can suggest some providers if you have a good experience.

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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