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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The never seen story ends

The story has ended on 12/March/2014


Please skip to last comment, this story is outdated.
Leancy (reviewed here) has stopped paying on 4/March, but after switching to a new hosting provider (Blockdos) the payments are processed again instantly and the daily returns are normalized like before; bravo!
I am sure the admin had enough money to run away, but he made a really outstanding decision and voted to continue. I am also sure that he knows that a big withdrawal-outflow wave will come until the investors won't calm down. But after this point he will touch the sky. If a man with $4 mill. won't run away, you can expect at least one more cycle because he needs more money. It is not bad, we like this game and in the meantime we can earn - right now.

While others are cashing out, clever people just invest :) It is possible only in case of strong program and Leancy definitely is a strong one. I just invested $1000 even I am a conservative guy, but I am always open for good opportunities. I do this game several years and I think this is the most fruitful step at the moment.

Of course I can make mistakes as well, but I am really optimistic now. It is not my recommendation to invest, just my tactic to gain my inflow from hyips. After one month you can tell me that it was a good decision or wasn't. You will see also that following me worth or not.

What exactly happened?
Leancy's story as an example from you:

" — At March 5 (4 or 6) I put $1000000 to withdraw. They were gone. Give me back me my payment!
— My accruals was $1000000 for the three days and now I have only $100! Where’s the money?
Site was captured on March 4 16:07 UTC from us. We’ve restored last site backup created before these events (at 16.01). Naturally, all the actions performed on the captured website is not preserved, so these payments do not and new registrations. But there is some good news: your deposits are returned to the same state as before the Incident. So money will acquired again in normal mode with daytime percent. Simple explanation: you moved back in time for three days.
— Counter does not tick (not ticked)!
Daily rate for 4, 5 and 6 March exhibited 0.01%. Counter ticked just very slowly. Now all as normal again.
— March 5 (4 or 6) I made a deposit with amount of $1000000! It’s disappeared!
Most likely that you have transferred money to KODDOS scammers which replaced all payment wallets during Incident time. As you know from the previous post we did everything possible to suspend the scammers version of site but were severely limited in scope. Wait for announcement of the refund program to victims of fraud. We will announce it here in the blog. Prepare to provide strong evidences of transactions.
— My payment status is Completed but I did not get it!
No, you’re got it. All payments have a unique identification number in the payment processor (it is listed in withdrawal information). Look carefully for received transactions at your wallets.
— I can not sing into the dashboard!
You just never sign out and forgotten password. Restore it here.
— My neighbour can’t access the site!
A neighbour should wait while DNS of his internet provider will be updated. Site is not going anywhere.
— I don’t receive emails with password / other else emails!
Check SPAM folder. Email is probably there. After that please add us to contacts at your email client to receive our other email normally.

By the way my monitor is also hosted on Koddos and I am also not satisfied with them. There are many things which don't work so in the end of 2014 I will switch to another hosting provider.  You can suggest some providers if you have a good experience.


  1. Zsolt, I would say that you are true gambler with your investment, but maybe you are right, because they are the best and "relatively safest" option right now out there. Ok, but anyway I was quite a surprised that Leancy came back, but somehow I'm not that optimistic about it as you are. I know that many people will just withdraw and leave.

    Actually admin with this program has made something what works nice, but kicks him out of game and he can't really scam in "traditional way". I do not think that there is even 10th part of money inside what we can see in statistics, because program did surprisingly well (bad for admin, good for us) and had really nice exponential growth what basically mean that admin is all the time without money, because he is forced to pay out A LOT and every day. I think that admin have just made big favor to all the HYIP investors and he is just forced to stay longer because there will not be a single moment when there will be big amount of investments and he will be able to leave.

  2. That's right David, but it is valid mainly for programs which use basic scripts with $500 total expenses. I don't say that Leancy is a very expensive project, but at this level more factors are coming to calculate. The average profit which is enough for others isn't enough for the admin of Leancy. He needs money for next project with all expenses, money for existence while the new project is developing and money for his family maybe including a car ;) This level is not comparable with projects like Twelverized - just an example.
    But our views are just speculations, nobody can know the truth just the admin myself.
    I invested a bit higher amount than usual, because the admin decided to continue even he is sure that a negative outflow is coming. But the inflow-meter was growing fast before that accident so he must be also sure that after a short downfall the most expanding growth will come. This is the reason why I invested now.
    Of course Leancy as an exception like Cryptory because we can't make these programs unstable with 1-2 thousands Dollars in compare with other cheap h.y.i. games.
    This is just my opinion and not my recommendation to invest.

  3. Now I am shocked of admin's unprofessionalism. It means he didn't calculate with high outflow and after few days he definitely stopped paying. It means less money for him - is he an amateur, was this his first project? - and more money for you, because you got extra few days to withdraw.
    My tip wasn't right, because the admin is hardly ever computable, but it is game what I tell all times. I hope there will be more projects like Leancy, because it was a really good project for most of us.

    1. Zsolt, I wrote previously that people will see this project different then before, it was clear because this is how people think. Previous two programs of him were fast scams and he thought that "Sky is the limit" for this one, because investments were huge this time. I'm not sure if there will be some other program for this admin, because of some things what you can find in the internet, but I hope that other admins saw success of Leancy and will try to make something unique as well. I'm sorry for you loss over there, it was even faster then I expected after server migration.


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