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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I'd like to show you on the graph why and mainly when can admins scam us. This example shows only deposits and withdrawals, however there are more influencing factors (read here).
I think you know that the best inflow comes on the very first days (if the project is visible on better monitors). After these days the admin is thinking about:
  • continue - if he didn't receive enough money or if his project is more expensive
  • scam - if he received enough money (cheap script with high % plans)

(click to enlarge)

The 2nd stress comes accidentally if something happens:
  • huge and long ddos attack
  • problem with script or hosting provider
  • frozen e-currency account
After stabilization the number of new deposits is getting low so the admin is thinking again about "scam or continue" which is the same situation.

The 3rd situation is predictable, it always comes by time:
  • expiration of investment plan with principal back option
  • too many investments expire at the same time
  • too many money-eater monitors and low new deposits
So the inflow is the main factor for admin to continue or stop paying. Many admins - mainly new guys don't understand that after first stress situation the positive inflow comes only later but it will be higher than the first. In this case we lose and he earn less money. It is the most unpleasant thing which can happen.

I hope that this graph and explanation was helpful to understand why we are scammed too fast - or some times later.

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