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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zarmina - the next SCAM?

Updated 5 days later: Zarmina paid just 6 days so no one was able to reach any profit there. This project was a self-made game from Mr. Zarmina.

It is possible, but Zarmina is not visible on monitors at this moment (except 2) so there is a chance to earn "safely" while it is not too popular.

Zarmina is a pure hyip game where you can earn quite fast.
Official introduction: "The game takes place in the present, on the planet Gliese 581 (Zarmina). Legend of the game is fiction author and is based on real events."

Investment plans:

12% daily for 10 calendar days (120%). Classified buildings:

Ice Cream Ξ500 GoldZ (the main currency of Zamira) = $5
Pizza Ξ1000 = $10
Mc Donalds Ξ200 = $20
Lunapark Ξ3000 = $30
DisneyLand Ξ5000 = $50
Restaurant Ξ10,000 = $100
Bellagio Ξ20,000 = $200
Hilton Ξ50,000 = $500
Ceasars Ξ100,000 = $1000 (extra 2% profit)

Hourly plan for 240 hours, funds available on expiry only - 124% (5 days and few hours):

Casino Ξ10,000 = $100
Palazzo Ξ90,000 = $900

You can complete/build your city using buildings above. There are 7 places available where you can build. So you can have 7 investments at the same time, the buildings will disappear on expiry and you can buy another ones.
There is another currency: Buildcoin what you earn if you buy a building and can be used "on the subsequent acquisition of tenders." (FAQ). But I didn't see any option to use it...

3-level referral system: 5%-1%-1%
PerfectMoney and Payeer are supported. Minimal withdrawal: Ξ20 = $0.2
The domain is valid just for 1 year so it is clear that this project with presented high daily returns won't have long lifetime.

My opinion:

50% : 50%

positives: expensive project (if it isn't made by admin), nice graphics and details, instant payments, early investments will be profitable because Zarmina is not visible on money eater hyip monitors

negatives: high daily returns, zero support!!! (de ja vu "The Klides")

If you like this game, I don't recommend to invest high amounts on the same day. Rather invest small amounts continuously during the week to avoid high inflow for admin what can mean early scamming.

Join there:


  1. Hahah I started to laugh about your comment " support!!! (de ja vu "The Klides")", true story. Anyway I think that only unique ideas like this can really change industry, although I do not think that they will add any monitor in near future, because it seems like they want to pretend that they are online game not a HYIP.

  2. I like if a hyip says "we aren't hyip", but why they are visible on hyip monitors? ;)
    That's right, this kind of quality we need.

  3. Zarmina has stopped paying definitely. It was an extremely short scam, but how it is possible? Zarmina looks well and there are many details on all it's pages. It can cost at least $3000 if the admin ordered this project from third party developers. But there is no IF...
    It is clear for me that the admin is a php and java guru so he built this project at home on his PC with zero expenses. This kind of admin is very dangerous for us because he is waiting for first inflow wave and stops paying. All deposits mean clear profit for him. At this point he won't wait longer and no deals are needed for him with other online cheaters...
    It is sad to see that admin of Zarmina is a selfmade code-guru who can't play ‘normally’.
    I am sure that any investor there can manage better this project than Mr. Zarmina...

  4. List4hyip still shows Paying status for Zarmina even I contacted them and even with 0% payout! Of course I didn't get reply from them, what a "trusted" monitor! Don't use it!

  5. The concept of this program was interesting and I almost invested. Glad I visited your blog before doing so.

  6. It was a promising project, sad to see that admin can't play the game, however there was a chance for a huge success...

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