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Sunday, April 6, 2014

ApexBinary - past review

ApexBinary scammed us on 7 May when the admin introduced a 25% deposit bonus. 

Lifetime: 157 days
On instantscamalert: 45 days, bought listing

ApexBinary is listed second week on Reserved 5-star listing and paying instantly, so finally I decided to publish a review.

ApexBinary isn't new program, it is visible 126 days on many monitors when I am writing this. They offer a bit longer investment plan so principals are handled still by them. Take a closer look on their offer:
As you can see, all plans are set for 180 business days. On expiry they will return your principal, or you can request it back anytime at 30% fee.
If you choose the first plan (1.2% daily, deposit $10-500), you can reach 216% from daily payments + your principal back, so 316% total ROI. It is more than enough return, but ApexBinary pays on business days only, what is clever choice to pay us longer.
If you deposit only low amount, it is always better to give you back on expiry than high amounts. But I am sure that you know it.

What will be happen after first cycle?

Do you worry about your principal? Of course. ApexBinary wasn't looked so attractive in the past, so I think there wasn't big investor wave and ApexBinary grown slowly. It means that first principals can be paid back. Of course all controls are handled by admin, I can just speculate what could be happen. Of course no investment project lasts forever, so calculate with risks!

The main advantage for us is - and now I don't mean company's certificate, ssl greenbar, presentation video, services of Comodo or Black lotus - that ApexBinary pays instantly, and after more than 4 months it seems unstoppable. Of course past performance doesn't guarantee further progress, but the first investors are getting into green zone, what is a rare situation in this industry in recent months. It seems the admin is professional.

The second advantage is that ApexBinary accepts payments trough SolidTrustPay, what is also a good sign because of strict terms of STP.
Of course, you can deposit with PerfectMoney, EgoPay or even with PexPay.

Of course there are more likeable things - what I mentioned above, plus it is also nice that their domain is valid until 2023. Do not forget that it doesn't mean any guarantee, but just a little sign of admin's intention.

ApexBinary is visible on all better monitors on top listings, so monitors can eat their money (ours) but in case of smooth growing and good management it can be "ok". 

Short history:

Start - 2/Dec/2013
Enabled early withdrawal 2/Jan/2014
Integrated STP 3/Jan/2014
Update of Referral program (representatives) 9/Jan/2014
New design 17/Mar/2014


  1. It seems like a temporary problem: Right click to open in new window
    I tried 2 times to withdraw today and I was paid instantly even the success page is not loading. I hope it will be fixed soon.

  2. 25% deposit bonus!

    "Dear Investors
    We are glad to inform you that today we are lunching a pure bonus of 25% on any deposit you make!"

    What do you think about this?


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