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Sunday, April 27, 2014

RemiTrade - review

When I am writing this RemiTrade is listed on InstantScamAlert already 151 days and generated 44% pure profit. This is the reason why I do review for this project even it is listed just on Premium listing.

They are experts in investments and currencies trading - as they claim, but it is not important, because we are talking about h.y.i.p.
As you can read the brief description on my monitor, I though that admin can be the same who ran EurexTrades in the past. It had the same concept and similar script. This is why I invested and trusted them. Of course I can't be sure, it is just speculation.

The design is not so attractive, but temperate with signs of business class. The script is "unique" or by another words, it is not a product of basic script sellers, but I can tell that there aren't impressive features, just a basic script, nothing more, nothing less.
The domain is valid until 2023 - what is a really nice thing, but it means nothing. Also 151 days is not a guarantee for further profits. Mainly because the investment plan is 240 business days long and your principal will available to withdraw on expiry. So no cycle is done even RemiTrade pays like clockwork.
You can earn there min. 50% of company's profit. It is valid for $10-500 deposit range. I can tell you that it is something around 1% daily - sometimes less, sometimes more. You can check their current and past trading results there. Also check this table of exact profit sharing:

Account Balance, USD Investor's Share of Daily profit

Please do not invest there more than $5.000, it is more than risky mainly because it is just a hyip. $100 is absolutley enough to invest.
You can choose PerfectMoney or Bitcoin (Coinbase) to invest. Releasing withdrawals are instant (or take no more than 24h to release - FAQ). You can also deposit from your bank account, but there are too high limits, so don't use it!
There is a 5% one level referral commission system, but you can apply for a representative and earn 30% of your referrals' deposits. It can be attractive for promoters, but it is too high outflow what is a dangerous game!

You can find a video in FAQ section which is a nice extra feature, but these times it isn't an expensive thing to have a faq video, but in all case it is a positive point, because the admin spent more time and money to build better project in compare with competitors.

Is it still safe to invest? - you may ask. No, nothing is safe, but I hope the admin is professional and will pay more cycles, just like EurexTrades did. By the way I contacted him and offered an upgrade to the best listing and guess what he answered? Nothing. I dislike if I don't get an answer from "support" even it is negative.

In the end I can say that RemiTrade is better project than other competitors even it has some bugs, but my overall impression is good. Have a luck with RemiTrade, fingers crossed!


  1. RemiTrade was upgraded to Reserved 5-star listing due to long and great past performance.

  2. Remitrade is a Scam. I have invested but cant find the Site.

  3. I don't like sites that are created to exploit and steal money from people like remitrade. currently the sight is not available

  4. Does anyone have an Idea of how i can find them?


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