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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ApexBinary - SCAM

ApexBinary scammed us on 7 May when the admin introduced a 25% deposit bonus. 
Lifetime: 157 days
On instantscamalert: 45 days, bought listing
I was shocked, when the admin sent a short newsletter that today is a 25% bonus for all new deposits...
The story how it started
There was a statistic line in the header - on the main page and I saw only 1-2 members and 2-3 visitors during cashing-outs and I always wondered what's wrong there, because it was a sign of unpopularity. Then something happened with the site or servers, because the header looked unfixed and after few days somebody reported that he couldn't log in. The site was slow enough and day after that I emailed the admin and asked what happened with his site. Then he sent a newsletter in the meantime where he prompted members to deposit because of fantastic bonus which is valid for one day only. Of course he failed to answer me so the situation was clear what is happening.
Few hours later I was contacted by another member who said me that his STP withdrawal went pending so he cancelled it and decided to withdraw his principal at 30% fee. Of course it went to pending again and the admin answered him: "you have to pay $50 to reset account withdrawal feature"

At this moment I moved ApexBinary from problem to scam status and published it in some sources while other monitors cheered Paying for ApexBinary.

Why now?

There can be just two reasons:
There weren't enough deposits to cover all expenses or maybe a high deposit from a newbie investor which was enough for our admin to unplug his money-hoover.

If I am right, there were only few promoters who reached the green zone so I am sorry for your losses. This position was a purchased one on my monitor, I don't like to join late ships from money even I excepted longer lifetime for ApexBinary, mainly because it was nicely redesigned.

That's all for AB, stay away from this site.

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  1. Feedburner delivered this article to our email subscribers with 22 h delay, sorry about that.
    Some members were paid who used STP payments and some small withdrawals were also processed, but that's all, ApexBinary has stopped paying.


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