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Monday, May 5, 2014

Self-referring! Is it risky?

Recently I got some emails from investors that their account in x (any) "1-day hyip" were flagged/deleted/frozen. They were angry and surprised. So it's time to share my opinion regarding this.

Double your account and get your own RCB!

These issues are typical for 1-day hyips where hit&runners open more accounts and refer themselves for getting few more dollars. Self-referring in 99% is prohibited in hyips. If the admin finds it (easy function in all classic scripts), he will probably freeze your account. What now?

The best way is start to communicate with admin instead shouting SCAM on forums and public channels. If you shouted, be sure that your account remains frozen. If you preferred communication and told admin that you are a "new guy", you are sorry and will pay back the commission - I think the situation can be solved. Of course if the program still pays...

You can also contact your primary upline to help you, which is probably an rcb monitor. I can tell the truth, they will hardly ever help you. So why to use them? You can claim rcb from trusted monitors and you will get 100% rcb in general. It is much better than self-referring, it is a green way how to receive 3-5% on your deposits, mainly because you can save your principal, what is the most important thing!

So what is the problem there?

The main problem is, that there are not only small cheaters who need only few more bucks from self-referring... There are real scammers who easily photoshop a "screenshot" and a confirmation email. They shout on forums and ask admin to credit fictive amount in their user accounts. It is hard to fight with them so for admin the easiest way is to create one more account with the same username and freeze both accounts because of self-referring rules.

It is hard to decide who tells the truth. These guys can create real panic on forums if the admin don't publish some information via public channels. This is the hyip industry - full of scammers who need your - our money with zero work!

I recommend to withdraw your funds if you are able in this situation. Less is always more than nothing. Next programs are coming so do not be afraid to leave this one!


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  1. Well said, the scammers are every ever in the HYIP industry. So, the investor should invest in the secure plans and in the trustworthy HYIP company. Thanks for creating the awareness about the scammer mate.
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