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Sunday, June 22, 2014

STP - key to earn?

Do you like high percentages, do you like numbers, do you like earning?
If yes, continue reading because it is just for you.

Many of us don't use STP because of high fees and rare presence between hyips in recent times, but I'd like to show you my statistics.

Many people aren't aware that presence of STP brings more safety. I show you this on last 7 closed programs which accepted STP:

                      on ISA       from start
Finmutual:     138%             592%
Rockwell:      275%             285%
GramStock:  264%             320%
DSF:               85%               200%
BitCoFin:       159%             159%
RoyalUnion:  122%             122%
Eazzy:            145%             145%
Sum:             169%             260%

I joined DSF too late, this is my fault :) But as you see IF you followed me and invested with me in these programs (for better imagination I will use numbers) a total of $1000 ... you would have made $1690. Is it a good deal?

My investments counted $1200 in these programs, so my clear profit is $923. It is nothing for somebody, but may be big sum for many of us, mainly who are losing. I am writing this because all we want to earn and I am searching for safe techniques and this definitely is.

Of course late joining is more riskier than on the first days... also we are different, you may like another programs... as a result you will earn more or less than me. But if you need solid income, just follow my STP programs.

So what do you think, is it a good way? Let me know if you have better technique.

*Don't you know STP?
If you are a newbie, this is for you. STP requires real documents from admins to verify their identity. In some cases they ask for more documents while the hyip is running, for example tax relating documents. In this case isn't enough if the admin buys an identity, because he has to provide more details with the same name, and at this point many of them fail. This is why STP programs are more trust-able than others, even many of us don't care of it.


  1. I would not agree with this because Solid Trust Pay is not the "key", if you wold invest with any other payment processor (except EGO Pay) your numbers would been even better. Yes, one thing is clear for admins it is more difficult to open project with STP, although I think it is just problem of today and admins will adopt to current situation and will know how to "trick" STP and nothing will change, so I do not see this like something very important.

  2. You don't understand the point. I don't say to invest by STP, I am saying about investing in programs where is allowed investing by STP, so they are approved merchants. Every hyip is using EgoPay so it doesn't worth to watch statistics by EP. Numbers above confirm my statistics, if you have any better, share with us.

  3. So Zsolt did Rockwell and Fin mutual pay to its STP investors after the program was shut down like Bitcofin and Eazzy?

  4. So Zsolt, did RockWell and FinMutual pay to its STP's investor also after scam like BitCoFin and Eazzy was bound to pay?

    BitCo, Eazzy they ware stopped paying to other processors like PM, EP, Payeer but they kept paying to STP investors since they had no other choice! So does it mean investing with STP is more safe?

    Please let me know the situation of my first question about Rockwell and Fin.


  5. FinMutual has stopped paying completely. High percentage in the right column symbolizes ROI if you invested on the first day. Of course, many programs pay longer to STP even they stopped paying to other currencies (what is sometimes an extra advantage for STP players), but it usually happens at hot programs*. FinMutual was a slow one.
    Investing is not safer with STP, but you can get 2-3 payments in the end at hot programs; but investing in programs where STP is accepted is more safe - as you can see in my statistics :)

    * hot programs: I mean programs which are on the stage approx. 1 month and they are popular. Of course exceptions confirm the rule :)


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