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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CEX - review

I waited few weeks to publish this review even CEX is running for more then one year. It is still in "beta" stage so it is not the final product. 

CEX is a revolutionary platform for real-time cryptocurrency trading and instant Bitcoin mining. There you have more opportunity to earn: 

1) mining - simple investment
2) trading - buy and sell GHs (giga hash/second) or vouchers
3) redeem hardware  

1) Mining
It is the simplest and comfortable way how to earn few coins. It is an automated process, but first you have to top up your balance and then buy GHs. If you decide to stop, you can sell your GHs and withdraw your money any time. You can earn approx. 0.3% daily, but it is not a fixed rate, just an average.

2) Trading
Thanks to dynamic price you can trade and earn on it. You can also take advantage by selling/buying cex vouchers on ebay at different prices and get "arbitrage" earnings. Please be careful to fraudulent sellers, used vouchers are not accepted by cex so you can easily lose your money (paypal payments can be refunded).

3) Redeem hardware
I never chose it, but in this case no maintenance fees are applied in compare with basic mining. If you have any experience, let us know :)

Basic mining is close to hyip investments, but you have to calculate with maintenance fees (=hosting + electricity + repair works), at this moment it is $0.18/GHs/month, but it is deducted continuously after each reward. Check the current rate here.

This is a picture how it looks inside, see the pop up boxes of rewards on the right:

You can say that there are high fees. You are right, fees are eating almost 50% of your income, but I think you are smart enough to see that it worth to invest or not. Btw, do you know RemiTrade? It is a an old hyip and also paying 50% to its members, but 70% of you invested here. Why? Was 50% quite enough?

You can set up auto-threshold to run the withdrawing process automatically; also you can enter more bitcoin addresses with different % where to send your money. Other coins, like Ltc, Nmc, Ixc are mined automatically if you bought GHs, only one different thing is there, fees are deducted from Bitcoins rewards.

Of course mining here is not an endless opportunity, it ends at 21 mill. Bitcoins, but trading will remain as an income option. But it is too early to talk about it, there can be 2 more years until that.

CEX is an outstanding platform at the first glance, no other mining site reaches this level even they have lower prices. Many of mining sites can be ran by scammers.
I am sure that investing here is a good choice now, but it is up to you that you need a stable and slow  background project like CEX.

You can also invest in Dollars from July, but in this case you have to verify your identity!

There is one more indicator how CEX is popular, its chat are using thousands of members. You can chat with them or also you can submit your question to staff. Your question will be answered in quite short time-frame.

It has referral system as well, you can get 3% of referred users' GHs balance to your bonus GHs account. So nothing withdrawable, but your mining power is higher by 3% while your referral is mining.

I am happy that I found this project, even we can't become the next millionaire here :)

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