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Sunday, September 28, 2014

MS Investment - review

MS Investment is an old-school project paying since "2007" as, but their new 5 character domain was registered just in October of 2012. This is why you can see extreme paying lifetime on some monitors. It was redesigned few months ago so we can tell that the main date is valid from May 2014. Okay that was about history.

Lets talk about investment plans:

Plan Name Minimum Amount Maximum Amount Daily Profit Period
Bronze Package $10 $199 1.00% Unlimited
Silver Package $200 $999 1.25% Unlimited
Gold Package $1,000 $4,999 1.50% Unlimited
Platinum Package $5,000 $9,999 1.75% Unlimited
Diamond Package $10,000 No Limit 2.00% Unlimited

I marked the first 3 plans green to demonstrate which plans and limits are safe here. Do not play this game with extreme amounts; I always recommend to spend relatively low amounts to extend the project's lifetime, this is what we need! Accruals are made only on business days so 128 days are needed to reach the BEP - if we are talking about the lowest investment range.
The most important thing is that MSinv pays instantly and you can get back your principal anytime, but at 10% fee! Sure, it is quite unpleasant feature for regular players, but it helps to control hit&runners so the project can work quite safely.
Referral commissions (mainly 5%) are generated from deposits, so the principal withdrawing fee feature is the best tool how to run successfully any normal ROI project in long run. (nice lesson for another admins even we hate fees)


Template and script

No doubt that MSinv uses really nice business template. I think it is a must have for any "company" which promises profit (dear animal and cartoon admins, you read it right). I also like the animated header with indicators, nice job.
MSinv uses a licensed GoldCoders script, what is a quite cheap solution, but it is nicely modified - take a look on deposit page:

You can type an amount and the red point will show you the exact interest. You can also see which e-wallets are accepted. If we are talking about e-wallets, this is a good example how to handle bitcoin payments >>

As you can see there is no problem how much do you need to send - another lesson for admins who like the cheap way.

You can see also many extra links in the footer and guess what, each of them works ;)

The visibility on monitors is not the best, but MSinv has purchased the best listing on ISA so now the trust score is higher than before. You can also see one monitor with "stay away" status, but it isn't worth a single word mainly if they still works with AlertPay and without any traffic.
The domain is valid until 2016 and SSL from GlobalSign is valid till 2017. I can't say too many things regarding MSinv even it is Numero Uno at me; the best example how looks like a professional business website. No money pictures, no smiling "business men", so this is why I highly like MSinv and will cross fingers.
Last but not least, no MNO, no Dr.Lieven and no group feature so the steady growth is still ensured without extreme inflow waves.

Of course nothing lasts for ever, so invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Poker automatics - The king of hyips is dead!

Poker Automatics has scammed on 20/Feb/2016
Total lifetime: 556 days
Monitored: 532 days
Cycles: 18+
Satisfaction: absolutely satisfied & surprised because PA has stopped paying on the TOP

Poker Automatics was added to Normal listing on 9th September and after few days, on 19th September it was upgraded to Reserved 5-star. It is a purchased listing, I just approved the admin's request mainly because it is not a typical hyip!

Sure, you can say that it is just a hyip and you are right even they claim passive income from online poker. But after first visit of PokerAm's website you can say that the admin invested more money than it is typical at programs using licensed script.
There are many features what can you find on the home page, like: introduction video, gift section, statistics, calculator, news, feedbacks, footer with lot of extra links. As a result PokerAm meets the highest level in the industry even there are missing some things, but lets talk about investment plans first. 

Investment plans

The best tool to see how much can you earn is their live Calculator on the main page or check the following table:

Level 1:  $30 ~ 299 Your income is 40% of the company's revenue. Duration: 30 days. 
Level 2: $300 ~ 999 Your income is 50% of the company's revenue. Duration: 45 days. 
Level 3: $1000 ~ 2,999 Your income is 60% of the company's revenue. Duration: 60 days. 

Level 4: $3000 ~ $ 9999 Your income is 65% of the company's revenue. Duration: 90 days. 
Level 5: $10,000 ~ 29,999 Your income is 70% of the company's revenue. Duration: 120 days. 
Level 6: $30,000 ~ 49,999 Your income is 75% of the company's revenue. Duration: 150 days. 
Level 7: $50,000 and above: your income is 80% of the company's revenue. Duration: 180 days.

I marked the first three plans as green because the other plans are too risky due to high deposit limits.
Investment example:
If you deposit $300, you would have $365 on 45th day - on expiry. Profit share = 50% (so 1% result gives you $1.5 profit at 50% sharing).
Profit sharing is well known from RemiTrade or from first giant EurexTrades. This type of hyip is quite successful so we can't expect early collapse of PokerAm.


Free $1000 virtual money - you can invest this amount from your virtual balance to see the daily results. It helps imagine how much would you make with $1000. Of course you can't withdraw this amount, but I think it is an investor friendly tool.
Win VIP status - you can participate in this game once per week (social share) and you can win higher referral commission level. The basic 3-level system pays 5-2-1% from your referrals' earnings; with VIP status you can earn 10-3-2% so double.
Free gifts - referral commissions and other bonuses which where a bit unclear for me. The admin's explanation: "it's different bonuses and passwords to free private poker tournaments for all of our members and visitors who want not only to gain risk-free passive income from Poker Automatics, but also to try their hand at poker."

I think the introduction video is a nice extra, good to see that it's a professional one. Also, all social buttons are active! (lesson for another admins)

I never seen as much voluminous FAQ pages like here. You can find more than enough information about PA, pokerbots, etc...

The visibility is also good, PokerAm has purchased several listings on monitors, continuously: check it on allhyipmon

Just few important but basic details:

  • yes, on expiry you will get back your principal
  • there are manual payments (1-5 business days!, but usually within few hours excluding weekends)
  • no transaction fees, no withdrawal limit
  • fast support!
  • money back guarantee within 5 days if PA decides to stop working with you/us (interesting)
  • approved STP merchant account since 26/Feb/2015

There are more valuable features, but as you can see PokerAm is absolutely not a cheap project with basic H-script ($100). Many of you think it's not really attractive and looking for another programs, but you don't get the main point. Is it worth to invest here? Will PA pay more than one cycle? My answer: Sure! Of course keep investing just healthy amounts. Also great info is that PA bought Reserved 5-star with insurance (even this feature is in early stage on ISA) so it is good mark at all.

Of course I am not a shaman and can't predict how long will PokerAm last, but I think it has good potential to give you small but stable daily earnings. Invest only what you can afford to lose! 

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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