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Saturday, November 29, 2014

You must avoid this!

Recently I saw few outstanding but suspicious projects and burned my fingers just like many investors, because our strategy is totally wrong! We have to change it asap! But what I am talking about?

We are hungry for new and promising programs, right? We search for them on Allmonitors all days long and if we find something, will talking about it in popular chats, of course with referral links. That is so bad! Admins know that you are searching for them! There are more and more programmers in the game who are able to make a shiny project almost with zero expense (excluding hosting).

What they do?

They are waiting for you! They create absolutely unique and promising program. Then got visible on allmonitors with ready topic on forums. They are greedy to hire hyip monitors, because they created their own project in bedroom at nights while their wife slept. Zero expense. But they know that they are professionals and it's enough to wait. In worst case they hire one monitor to speed it up.

What we do?

- Hi guys, just found: what do you think?
- Looks good! Will try, fingers crossed!
And the admin? Just smile.

Who is wrong?

Unfortunately we - investors. If we won't change our bad habits, will join more and more fast scams.
Admins have to find us and not we them! It has been changed since allmonitors works. Hungry investors can't stop searching... 

* * * * * 
Advice: don't invest in not monitored programs even they look promising. If the admin hasn't got budget to start the game properly on hyip monitors, don't give him your money! You will lose again! Stop with these bad habits and invest in programs where all factors show OK

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