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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Btperfex - review

BTperfex was nicely redesigned on 6/Feb (template + backoffice). But the admin also introduced high ROI investment plans by this event (3-6% daily forever, principal back at 10% fee) with higher referral commissions (even higher for representatives). This point equals to RESTART. Please make your own conclusion.

So the original review is partly OUTDATED:

This is a really long term program, the investment plan runs for 180 calendar days and you can earn min. 1.25% daily - valid for 50-2.500$, what is quite wide range. Of course you can earn even more, up to 2% daily if you deposit more, what I don't recommend. I think you know that we can extend its lifetime only with solid, but constant inflow. Hope that I don't have to explain it better. Your investment ends at 125% total ROI, break even point can be reached on 80th day. The principal won't be returned on expiry.

You can invest just via PM or BTC, what is less than usual, but I ask - who is using EgoPay? Me not. Of course Payeer is widely used, mainly at Russian speaking investors, so it can mean a big cut for initial inflow. Also, 50$ min. deposit limit is high enough to keep away 10$-players. BTperfex's offer comes with manual payments, which are usually processed within few hours - max 24h - what was added into FAQ lately.

Something about the design. Probably you like the template, it looks quite dynamic and fresh, even the grey text of header on light blue background is not the best choice. Also good to see statistics table and linked social buttons. You may also like the backoffice, looks nice and brought new wind after thousands of GC and H-scripts. Just the footer is disastrous: not removed branding (how much does it cost? 50$?), and several not linked social buttons give bad impression. Seems it was shallow work mainly if the admin wanted to impress us with business site feeling. But the other stuff looks good. 

The script is really unusual, Surfcriptpro. Mainly the most important functions need to be explained:

Depositing: you have to top up your user Wallet first and only then you are able to invest
Withdrawing:  your profit goes to Earning balance so you have to Transfer it to Wallet balance, then you are able to withdraw, which is absolutely unnecessary step (addressed for script provider).

Btperfex claims that it is an e-currency exchange service provider and as an extra feature we can see online exchange calculator on their main page, with flat 10% fee. Just wondering why is it for... We can't buy or sell e-currencies here, also the fee is not fixed, but in all cases lower in real condition so I can't see any real function of this calculator. 

Maybe I am too critical, but I see the same as other investors. The statistics also says that investors currently like other type of offers, the number of my active referrals also confirms it, even BTperfex was listed with Insurance on ISA. Nothing to do, this is the current trend... I personally like long term investments and I am sure that BTprefex will survive this season, because the admin needs to have greater results so for such class projects the game should be started in next year with waking up industry. Hope the admin will manage it well, the time will show it! Invest only what you can afford to lose!

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  1. Great news from last days of December:

    1) Btprefex is now registered company in GB, as a result they were able to purchase extended SSL certificate.

    2) The FAQ, NEWS and ABOUT US pages were nicely updated.

    3) PAYEER and EGOPAY wallets were added.

    Now Btprefex looks really good and meets high industry standards, good job!


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