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Thursday, December 25, 2014

HashCoin - review

HashCoin has stopped paying on 10/April. Sad to see that admin of HC was just another liar who talked about real business. HC didn't get new inflow to process first expired investments. The admin also stopped responding, probably HC was his first project - hope the last one. We need professionals.

The review is OUTDATED: 

I was really impressed when I saw HasCoin first time, the design is made by professionals and we can see lot of extra stuff on the main page what is typical just for high class projects. This was more than enough to take a closer look on HasCoin.

We can earn here up to 1.5% daily for 120 calendar days (0.8% in average). Your principal will be returned on expiry. Min. deposit: 25$, min withdrawal: 1$ (what was lowered from 2$ - when I contacted the admin). The withdrawals are processed within 24h, but usually in 4 hours. 
Just one negative thing, you can buy only a share for 25$, so you can't invest 30-40$, just multiples of 25. Of course it is not a big problem, just uncomfortable.
Alright, back to investment. If we calculate with 0.8% (check the result section), you will be able to get 96% back of your original investment during 120 days. It is too low for somebody, but your released principal will increase it to 196% which is much better result. Of course it requires good management so the key is the admin (nothing new under the sun). I personally like that HashCoin started in December so further growth is assured.

The whole site is ran by Shadows script which got new internal buttons for main functions. This is hardly editable script so I am not surprised that the backoffice looks like unmodified. I would prefer unique script for HashCoin to reach the highest industry class, but these presets are also perfect.

Hashcoin generates income from mining and trading with mined coins. They also shared a video and pictures about btc farm in China. I told to admin that a logo can be really nice in that hall, he said the will come with even better idea, so I am waiting, hope he will impress us.
You can also watch their introduction video which misfits with hired actor. This kind of reading is absurd if I'd like to introduce a high class investment opportunity. But I appreciate their efforts which means extra expense, it is always welcomed thing at investors :)

I personally like HashCoin even it came in the darkest season when investors are mostly away, but I think that it will ensure further growth, mainly because it is visible on industry leader monitors. Of course we can see small amount of active investors on its main page (while other projects show all registrants to impress us). But if the admin will able to manage this project well, the time will bring serious investors, so I am not worried. Of course nothing is guaranteed, invest only what you can afford to lose! I hope the new year will bring positive updates, so stay tuned!

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