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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Raisean - review

I think you know that I am a little bit late with this review, but you agree that we are sick and tired from fast scams. Probably the story of Raisean may be different, and can be a good example for other admins how to manage a hyip.

No, it wasn't different. The negative campaign of Paul and MMGP were stronger than admin's plan. Only those members were able to reach BEP who invested in the beginning. I am sorry about that, but as you can see, we really can't predict lifetime of hyips even they look professionally...


Raisean has been online from October/2014 so the management looks good. You can earn here from 1% up to 7% on business days and 1%-2% on weekends until you reach 150% on your investment. Your principal won't be returned in the end of investment period, it is included in daily payments. But if you read the Terms of service, you can also find this:

This info is not visible on main page nor FAQ, but you can take advantage of returning principal anytime if you haven't reached the break event point, and without fees. I also understand that admin didn't place it on main pages because many investors could abuse this feature, but I like that he allowed it. One of my chatfriend talked about this feature, so I am happy that here we have really smart and clever investors  at InstantScamAlert, thank you guys!

You can find all important information in TOS, maybe it is better than FAQ so please read it. Of course some interesting stuff aren't listed here, e.g. Extended deposits - which is an extra feature (I like extras, because they require more initial expenses so we can invest at lower risk).

So what does Extended deposit mean? You can earn 5-20% more on your investment if you fulfill the requirements what is absolutely not easy. You need to have high deposit and many active investors so this feature is just for hard promoters, nothing for regular players. Of course I like it as extras. 

You can be partner of Raisean with extra benefits, like increased referral commissions:  7-3-1% instead of basic 5-2-1%. Of course Raisean approved quite enough number of representatives already, but you can also try if you are good promoter.

You can find also step by step instructions for newbies on Beginner's guide page, what I also like even the script has nice userfriendly interface. I dislike just one thing: you are logged in for your next visits and there is just a scrolling menu from the header so you don't access directly your backoffice when you are going to place a new withdrawal request. But other links get you inside. 

The Community section is also quite unique and allows you to place your comments via Facebook VK or Twitter.

And what about Accruals?

This is the most important part of the game. I think that you also noticed that we can earn mainly 1% from 12/Nov/2014. Seems like the admin is smart and he is trying to survive these months when investors' mood is quite low because of "black december". But I think October and November were blacker ;) By other words low interest signalizes low inflow. 

I hope the admin will impress us soon and we will see greater interest in January and February. I hope you agree that many programs have unique script, but the key is the management. Even some cheap programs are managed well, but in case of Raisean both features are working so this is why I like it. But keep in mind our golden rule, invest only what you can afford to lose!

Sorry that I haven't talked about min. deposits, e-wallets, etc, but I it is a smart audience which can see these basic information on my monitor, here we need extended info so you are welcome to share your opinion or experience :)

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