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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Christmas

On this most blessed day, I wish you love for all your kindness, and I hope the new year will bring you many days of happiness. May this new year bring you joy and laughter. To be happy is the greatest wish in life.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

PokerAdv - scammed already

Total lifetime: 522 days
Monitored: 522 days
Cycles: 17 short cycles
Satisfaction: satisfied, even Pokeradv was absolutely not popular project...

PokerAdv joined the Reserved 5-star section on ISA 50 days ago. I waited with this review, since it is not just a project.

We know more poker related investment projects, PokerAdv is one of them. The administrator of PokerAdv was inspired by the industry leader PokerAutomatics, what isn't bad at all, but seems like the whole site is "copied". Of course some modules are unique, including the script, but the fact of copied business is highly unliked by our audience.

If you ask how much can you earn here, you will know when I say: as much as in PokerAutomatics. But if you like to know the exact numbers, take a look on the table:

Some rules to know:
  • You earn profit 7 days / week.
  • You can withdraw the profit on working days only (weekdays, except weekends).
  • Withdrawals are processed within few hours, but the maximal timeframe: 5 days
  • You can withdraw or reinvest your initial Deposit (Principal) at the end of the investment term. You can also create a partial deposit from this balance and withdraw the rest, it's up to you.
  • You can have multiple Investment at the same time (same or different amounts).
  • The minimum amount for investment is $25.00
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1

+ unique script
+ nice design of notification emails - the amount of withdrawal is not shown
+ we can earn here since the admin is forced to wait longer for good inflow
+ great FAQ page
+ 3 level affiliate programs based on earnings of referrals
+ AdvCash is an extra e-wallet over the basic e-wallet trio

- copied business model
- you can't place withdrawal requests on weekends
- Facebook and Twitter channels are inactive (the whole Media section is empty)

As I said, PokerAdv is not really outstanding project due to copied business model, but there is a chance to earn since the admin is forced to wait longer. Also, while PokerAutomatics is alive, PokerAdv can't be successful. Invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pokeriron - scammed already

Pokeriron scammed on 1/Feb/2016
Total lifetime: 85 days
Monitored: 85 days
Cycles: 1+ (45 business days/cycle)
Satisfaction: partially satisfied, but I expected more than this... The project had good potential, but the management wasn't the best.

PokerIron (PI) purchased Reserved 5-star listing on ISA, of course, with insurance. It was already returned to admin after 20 days and PI is still there. So it's time to take a closer look on PI.

PI offers two type of investment plans:
Daily plans: 3.5-6.5% daily for 45 business days. I focus just on lower deposit ranges: 3.5% from 29 - to 999$ (ROI: 150%+ during approx. 2 months).
4.2% from 1k - to 4.9k (ROI: 190% during 2 months). Other ranges are so high, please use just these ranges.

After plans: 110% after one week (29-2.9k$); 200% after 25 days (3k-9.9k). There are more attractive after plans, but I do not recommend them due to high deposit limit and crazy ROI.

It is clear that the admin spent extra money on this project, since there are lot of extra things, but lets me summarize with likes and dislikes:

+ the best design at poker based projects
+ sexy extra: if you load the main page, a promo girl will appear who says click on me to get started ;)
+ "green bar" - extended SSL certificate (GB) from Comodo
+ intro video
+ customized GC script
+ many hired monitors signalize that the admin has great starting budget
+ Russian version was added within the first weeks

- some unfixed modules: accepting cookies, redirecting through the promo girl, empty stats frame in the userpanel
- pokeriron or ironic poker? why different names?
- weak FAQ page

PI has 3-level affiliate program:
5% - direct first level
2% - you can get some bucks even from the second level
1% - and the last - third level pays you 1% from referrals' deposits

Something about e-wallets. It's nice to see that even OkPay is accepted over the basic e-wallet trio. Netteler is accepted as well, but you should send money directly from Neteller.

Personally I like PI very much even there are some unfinished things. The admin chose not the best time to start, right after collapse of giants like Carbon7 and Honor, so at the moment the investors are more careful. I am sure that it will be a good ride, mainly that the admin will let us earn until the best inflow - if I can say something like this. So if you joined PI already, you made a good decision. Let's see its progress in the new year.
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

MerchantShares - interview in the end of 2015

Hello community!

As you saw we got lot of listings in Premium or Reserved 5-star sections, but I rarely shared extended reviews. The truth is, I missed seriousness, originality, those projects were just classic hyips from tons of yearly production from the industry. If you check them now, you can see that their lifetime was quite short, so why to spend time and energy with reviewing fast scams? So if you missed these reviews, I am sorry.

But what about industry leaders who haven't got too attractive offers? - but they are stable and this is why the industry still exists, since all programs are just like falling stars. This time I would to share the interview from MerchantShares, hope you will like it:

1) Are you satisfied at the moment with the performance of MS?=> We are very much satisfied with the project and performances as we are doing real tradings and share profit to member which can last for forever till we are going together with compliance with regulatory.
That is why we do not accept direct new member join without referral. We need quality member who are not much greedy to earn overnight like from HYIPS.

2) Do you know that most of investors prefer high ROI projects? Of course their lifetime and risk level is not comparable with yours, but investors still prefer shiny - and usually risky projects. Do you feel strong enough to reverse this trend?=> We are like Banks, Profit withdraw are Instantly like ATM machines. So our ROI are realistic and pay from profit so we can not offer more profit than we generate. More Greedy is not good for health, one day they will lost all their money in HYIPS and come back to us as most of the member are with us saying they lost in HYIP and like to recover their lost in MS. And we are good on that they are trusting us.

3) Some investors like stable projects and the length is not important for them, but many investors said that your ROI is so low for 4-6 months. Could you answer them?=> We do not care of ROI time, our ROI is 150% based on daily 0.25% to 2.25% (including investment return), We can share profit what we make profit from business. If we can not make profit then the day might be more, If we make good profit the days can be shorter to earn profit 150%.

3) I know that you wanted just to reduce the expenses on transactions, but don't you think that (mainly) the withdrawal fees scared away more investors?
=> We know we lack lots of features and services for members as we focus on security only at first. We are working on new version of site expected to launch this christmas. Hope this will overcome all the features that member are waiting on. 

4) Your project has incredible lifetime, what is the secret where other admins fail? Do you have a message for them? 
=> We are team in Dominica (for compliance, Finance Dept.), Dubai (Trading), Malasiya (IT Dept.) and Hongkong (Ecurrency dealing, Support Staffs). So we are distributed to help member as much as possible to cover 24x7, 365 days.

5) Is the December negative month for MS due to low interest from investors? We call it "black December". 
=> Any month can be negative month or positive month, No one knows the future results. It will only know after the every day end and profit calculation. We separate few % of profit to additional/adjustment funds to cover profit distribution of 0.25 in non trading days and where there is less profit. We want to make member happy every day.

6) What are your plans for 2016? Wouldnt you modify the design of MS to move it higher level? You promised some changes in last years, but those were little changes and took so long time to deliver.
=> Yes we have already ready one design, but there was flaw on security, We do not risk members funds due to designs, Now we are going fully dynamic, fully flexible, Object Oriented Programming, Responsible site, Mobile apps etc. This helps to develop any new features more quickly and high member experience to site.

We got not the wanted answer in 3rd and the 4th questions, but my overall feeling is positive. I also saw that they are working on website slowly, but continuously so I hope they will continue while we - smart investors are earning. Yes, I reinvested - if you wanted to ask - and what about you?
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Saturday, November 7, 2015

SaliPay - scam already

Salipay was moved to Scam section on 14/May/2016 even it still pays small amounts instantly. The admin is no responsive, failed to explain missing 2k withdrawal.
Total lifetime212 days
Monitored: 210 days
Cycles: 1
Satisfaction: hyip + e-currency provider - is this so serious idea? But I expected exactly one cycle. 
SaliPay (SP) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on ISA 11 days ago, so it's time to take a closer look.

It is really nice to see that the admin came with original idea and bridged classic investing opportunity with appearance of e-wallet. It is not necessary to explain that e-wallets can't offer investment plans, their only income come from transaction fees from frequent transfers.

Well, SP has transaction fees, similar to PerfectMoney. While non verified members pay 1.99% on outgoing transfers, verified members pay just 0.5%. More details here. How to verify your identity? Click on Account Verification button in your user panel and submit the requested documents. Do you ask that I have a verified account there? No, I don't. Even some e-wallets are doing suspicious activity, so trusting semi official e-wallet can be more than risky. I absolutely do not recommend to reveal your real identity in this industry or at any shiny opportunity over the internet.

So lets take a look on investment offer. You can earn from 0.3% up to 0.6% daily until you reach 150% ROI. So it can be a really long term investment, just like at oldschool MerchantShares.

When will SP be able to work as an e-wallet? When SCI and API modules are ready*. It can't be done within 1-2 weeks, and I am not sure that it can be done in the near future, since the site must have better, secure login procedure to eliminate most of hackers. And of course it is absolutely not a cheap development. The question is, is the admin ready for pumping more money into project?

I hope yes. In this case SP will have a really long lifetime and can stay for many years. Of course we can't predict the future, many unforeseeable issue can happen even from 3rd party sides, so the way will be hard. But we know that everything is possible if we have lot of money. So lets hope he is a rich man who wanna build a super project.

If you ask me how I had this done by my way... well, me as an e-wallet provider never would enter the market as a hyip, mainly with investment plan. These things are totally different, but the idea is not bad, since there is nothing new under the sun, just old, repeated offers what are less and less attractive. I really like that SP brought something new even it can be the longest run ever. So if you have some money for long term programs, have a luck in SP.

Oh, there are few more details:
3% referral commission - for free members without investments
5% referral commission - for active members
Accepted e-wallets: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Okpay and Bitcoin, Litecoin, Advcash without fee.
Processing time: mostly in 5 minutes, expect Advcash (24h)

I think it's enough for now. I hope that the admin of SP will come with updates more frequently. If so, then you can be sure that the project is on the right way. Good luck!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sticky - new type of Insurance

Hello guys, I would like to introduce a new style of Insurance. It is called  

I approved the frequent request of registered members - they needed higher insurance. Your wishes have come true! We are talking about 1000$. Of course, it must be attractive for admins as well so the feature seems like a good deal for both sides. Since ISA performs well, even it has less new listings than the competitors, I can afford to introduce this feature as a leader (and I hope the only) real insurance provider in the industry.

Alright, I give you more details ;)

Sticky is an upgraded listing, which will appear as the very first position over the listing categories. It is active for 20 days; then the listing will be moved back to original category and I will pay the amount back to the admin.

+ this is the best option if you would like to invest more
+ even the hardest RCB finders will join ISA instead rcb monitors
+ no RCB offer can beat 1k insurance even in the worst case*
+ the insurance can be active even for 40 days - at long-term projects
*the lowest shared insurance: 14% - Premium category, which is not comparable with Sticky
*the highest shared insurance: 100% (8 times)

+ first position - perfect visibility with cool Sticky label to outstand from the crowd
+ possibility to upgrade from any listing category
+ 1k will be returned after 20 days* if the project pays, so it is not an expense
* long term projects, e.g. 1.5% daily for 150 days will get it back just after 40 days

And what about me? Oh, there is a 10$ handling fee, so I can cover transaction fees. Am I too greedy? Yeah, I know, sorry guys ;)

Hope you like it! Any suggestion? Drop a comment in the field below:
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Monday, September 21, 2015

ProfitUnity Limited - scammed already

ProfitUnity Limited - scammed silently on 26th of October, but at least one investment cycle was done.

ProfitUnity Limited (PUL) has purchased R5 listing on ISA 6 days ago, so it's time to take a closer look on it.

It is clear that the admin prefers professional job, so we can see lot of extra stuff on the webpage and nicely customized GoldCoders script. So the question that PUL reaches the requirements of R5 listing is answered: YES.

PUL offers 2 types of investment plans - daily and after plans (even I am not a fan of after plans). But at least these are quite solid plans:

Daily: 1.8% daily on business days for 20 calendar days -  ROI: 127%
Daily: 2% daily on business days for 40 calendar days - ROI: 160%
After: 115% after 15 days and 155% after 30 days.

The deposit limit is valid for all plans: $10-10k, so you can choose either.

Alright, there is a quick summary of likes, as a smartest and most transparent way for investors in a hurry:

+ business class project with lot of extra details
+ nicely customized GC script
+ extended SSL certificate
+ 5 accepted e-wallets: PM, PY, BTC, OK, STP
+ instant withdrawals (up to 300$, otherwise up to 24h)
+ domain name was bought for 2 years
+ healthy referral commission 4%

- no dislike at all, maybe the fact that ISA wasn't hired on the first day ;)

If I see such details in sections which usually aren't customized in GC scripts, then I know that the admin is a maximalist. Thumbs up, I like such persons. Of course it is not a guarantee, just I like business class projects, mainly if these admins are brave enough to buy R5 listing, which contains 400$ insurance (yeah, the listing is expensive, but not because listing fee ;)

Margin >>> What is happening on the market? Even famous hyip monitors have weak performance nowadays. Here is a screenshot about hired monitors of PUL. But it's a general problem.
I saw the monitors' performance on last programs and seems they can't produce as many deposits as before. 1) I think smart players have their money invested in strong programs, by other words less volume remains for middle class projects. 2nd, people are tired of fast scams which is again in trend. 3rd, maybe people are also tired of monitors which accept every nonsense projects and they are looking for monitors which offer more benefits than words. Okay, that's enough for the margin <<<

Personally I like PUL. We can see only 1-2 hyips which were able to add STP; extended SSL is always nice to see and the quality of template/script in combination with instant withdrawals is just perfect - so thumbs up for admin! Good luck guys. But invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Honor - for the brave REVIEW - scammed already

Honor was one of best projects in 2015, the following text is outdated:

Honor has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on the very first day. The insurance ($400) is active in first 20 days. Now, after 8 days it's time to write an extended review, even I think my first description was also good to understand what we can get in Honor.

Here we can earn from 3% up to 5% daily for 60 calendar days:

Basic package: 3% daily, min. deposit 30$, ROI: 180%, break even point: 34th day
Business package: 3.5% daily, min. deposit 500$, ROI: 210%, bep: 29th day
Professional package: 4% daily, min. 2.5k, ROI: 240%, bep: 25th day
Advanced package: 5% daily, min. 10k, ROI: 300%, bep: 20th day

Your principal is included in daily payments, by other words: no principal back. I prefer this kind of games and it is less stressful for admins as well.

+ great template
+ licensed and nicely edited GC script
+ investor friendly investment plans (no principal back option)
+ extended SSL from Comodo
+ UK registration
+ even Neteller is accepted, not just the basic e-wallet trio
+ manual, but fast withdrawals (max. 48 hours)
+ visibility on famous monitors
+ social buttons are linked
+ btc withdrawals/deposits at market rate

- all famous monitors were hired within one day
- no dislike at all

The referral commission is quite solid (I like it), we can get 4% from deposits of direct referrals. Here we can't get our favorite usernames, it is set by the scrip and looks like HONOR12345. Sometimes it makes trouble when you claim RCB with classic usernames and I can't identify you inside Honor. So do not wonder if I decline your request, you can submit one more time with correct username. 

I think the tech side of Honor is finished well, I have no objection. I just don't like the rumors about the admin. It is not important that EU5 was his previous project or not. I saw many times that the second program of the same big admin was a short scam. So if you prefer to decide by rumors, your wallet can be thinner soon.

Just one more paragraph. Admins are working for outstanding profits, so they won't close the shop until they don't get what they are working for (talking in general). So if somebody shouts scam on the very first day, that person is not clever player, just a hater/cheater. Because even the admin doesn't know the scamming date in the beginning, his success depends on you! You are the engine of hyips, so please select which admin is worth to support. If you are able to make a mass decision, the selected program will become success program and you will make nice profit. 

By the way I personally like Honor, this is why I added my own deposit on the very first day (3btc). But no, ISA is not as expensive as you would think, just sometimes I add my own investments ;) If you would like to follow me, please agree with the risk first and do not allow to affect your decision by insurance.

And our golden rule, do not forget that it's a hyip, so invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Payza? Scam!

Payza Scam
Hello guys, lets talk about the worst payment processor on the world. I have really bad experience with Payza, alias AlertPay, but as I see, I am not alone:

"It is almost impossible to calculate the number of small business owners and individuals who have had their accounts “frozen”. It happens every day to customers of the Patel Payza scam who get treated like the brothers’ own personal piggy bank. Here is what will certainly happen when you use Payza to send, receive or use their payment gateways. You might use Payza for weeks or even months before you receive an Email informing you that your account has been frozen, citing a breach of the Payza scam terms and conditions. These are changed regularly to enable them to do this. The amount frozen can be anything from $250 to $250,000. You will then be invited to re submit your application along with countless other documents. These will not even be read. You will then Email customer service at Payza to get your money back. You will receive a generic Email in return. Your problem will not be identified or solved. Your phone calls will not be answered. You will consult a lawyer. He will tell you that it will cost much more in litigation than the amount of money stolen. You will then take to internet forums and try to arrange a class action lawsuit against the Payza scam. You will be met with 1000 stories identical to yours. You will feel like a fool. Your money has gone forever and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Luckily for those of you reading about Payza on these pages for the first time, you don’t have to go through any of these stages. We are not even here to offer you alternatives, just do not do business with these thieves. If you are reading these pages as a victim of Payza, you have our sympathy. Sadly that is all we can offer you, apart from our ongoing commitment to document the outrageous and considered actions of Firoz and Ferhan Patel: architects of the Payza scam."


My story started when I helped a guy and exchanged few hundreds dollars. I accepted Payza and gave him PerfectMoney, just because I had enough money on my PM account. I did it without any benefit. After 2 months, when even opening a dispute is too late (max. 45 days) I got two emails that some transactions look like fraudulent so those were reversed. 
Hope you will never receive this kind of notification. 
Of course I answered immediately and explained that it was a personal exchange, backed with screenshots. Payza has concrete exchangers/partners as a result the staff answered that it was an unauthorized exchange.
Hm, I don't know who is the jaskass, since I explained the situation just after the reversal notification, where the original transactions hadn't any trace of exchange. They repeated themselves in each answer and stopped answering completely after 5th email. They didn't want to understand that it wasn't an illegal action, just a pure human factor - helping. (Do not help ;)

Of course I contacted the guy who I helped with exchange. He wrote that his account was blocked. I asked him to contact Payza and explain the situation. He said OK, but it was his last answer. What the hell, seems like just devils are around me.
Before contacting the SEC ( I gave a chance and contacted PerfectMoney. I was really surprised when the stuff answered quite fast and offered 50% refund. They told me that it's clear, Payza stole my money. Lately I ended just with 200$ refund.
Better than nothing, mainly because even PM stopped answering :D

Loss table:
Payza reversal: 770$
PerfectMoney outflow: 770$
Refund: 200$
Total loss: 1340$ (nice gift, isn't it?)

So guys, you can't exchange Payza funds because you avoid associated fees and circumventing regulatory requirements by personal exchanges. Hope you can send back the exchanged money from your bank account, because Payza will knock on the door at your local bank and will shout that it was an illegal action. They need the fees! Just joking ;)

The whole story is sad and the worst is that I am not alone. They can reverse any transaction and say it's fraudulent without any deeper explanation, even you are asking for. I really advice to avoid PAYZA, ex. ALERTPAY. This payment processor (as like the closed LibertyReserve) was made for shady businesses where beside the cheaters Payza also reserves the right to steal. This is the only way to "earn" money as fast as possible.

You are right, even other e-wallets can be closed anytime, so your question about the safest e-wallet is correct. If you remember, EgoPay scammed us also; stole our money and washed trough Payeer. So the situation is really questionable. I think the Russian Payeer is still strong enough. At least Russians guys are great if we are talking about serious businesses, even sometimes they make difficulties with verification. We have to choose the lesser evil, so the final solution can be BTC, just the floating price...
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carbon7 - scam already...

I moved C7 to scam on 28th of October 2015 due to lot of pending withdrawal requests which exceeded 48 business hours.

Hello guys, now we can talk about the hottest program of Jun, about Carbon7 (C7). Will it remain hot enough in July as well? Probably yes, read my forecast ;)

As I said in my previous short description, it is not a purchased position. I saw high interest from our audience thanks to public chatroom and I also liked C7 so the decision was quite easy. I added C7 after one week when I saw that there is no problem with payments. By the way I joined C7 on the very first day. As you see the amount of my personal investment is quite high, so you can be sure that we are talking about an outstanding project.

I don't care that some monitor admins care just for own pocket (guess who ;) and warned that some monitors listed C7 without official way, which is a free advertising for admin. We need good programs to get the industry back on track, so C7 is worth to invest and talk about at the best sources.

It is clear that C7 has the same features, script, settings like Royalty7 (2011), but the main concept is different and unique - thumbs up!

Is there any investor who isn't familiar with investment plans?
Daily plan: 7% daily for 30 days (22 business days), ROI: 154%, BEP: after 18 calendar days
After plan: 110% after 7 days

25$ is the minimum deposit at both plans and 2.5$ at withdrawals.

Over the classic e-wallet trio, C7 impressed us with Payza and STP (approved merchant accounts), which is good motivation factor for opening investors' wallets. You can deposit even via Bank Transfer without fees - but I think it is a rarely used feature. If you are interested, you have to contact the admin trough Support form with predefined subject.

+ attractive investment plan
+ pro design (even I don't really like the boring grey color...)
+ fast withdrawals on business days
+ STP and Payza as wallet opening factor
+ the whole project is attractive thanks to past success project (R7)

- no payments on weekends (max timeframe 48 business hours)
- no live chat at the moment nor social media connection (live chat will be available soon on Support page)
- no dislike at all

I like C7 and as I see the whole industry likes it, which is not bad until the admin gets growing inflow. But new competitors are strong enough as well, so the battle for investors is not so easy.

Just one more thing. Pro admins almost never reuse their old concepts. They are creative enough to deliver new outstanding projects. So it is possible that a clever person waited so long and restarted this big boom. But the exception proves the rule ;) We can discuss all day long, but the main important thing is, that we can earn here, and it is really nice to say that first investors are already close to BEP. Hope we will make huge profit in C7. But don't forget, invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Atm2you - scam after 2 restarts!

ATM has stopped paying in the end of August 2015. OUTDATED:

Today I'd like to introduce a brand new earning opportunity, called Atm2you (Atm). Seems the staff is professional who made business template with powerful user interface.

What is it all about?
The project is really complex. Here you can

1) earn by viewing advertisements
2) advertise your business
3) trade shares (own currency: RV)
or get passive income thanks to referral system.

As you can see Atm is not a hyip, there are no investment plans, but an opportunity to earn. The main page is so informative if you are curious for details, the FAQ is also detailed so I would not like to repeat all the stuff, and I think you also expect something else from me ;)

It is worth to join, but let me explain one interesting step during the registration. You have to confirm your email address. When you are redirected back to Login page, you have to click on Confirm button to finish the registration.

Don't forget to update your e-wallet IDs (Payza, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer). Nice to see Payza on the board, even it is not approved yet. The admin told that it will be available very soon. Also nice to see that we can upload our avatars.
(*Update after one month: Atm still doesn't have approved merchant account in Payza, so the manual depositing mode brings risk. Payza can suspend accounts and reverse transactions. I have negative experience with them...)

Okay, back to business!

Trading /exchange

You can buy/sell from/to the system at fixed price or submit your offer at desired price. Nice to see the live flow of price on the graph. I tried to buy and sell, I can confirm that it works, even I generated some losses. Yeah, I am newbie ;) There will be lot of traders soon so it will be more powerful than now.


You have to install Chrome plugin to start earning. The question is, do you allow for plugin read and change all things on webpages? - just like phone apps. I personally don't like installing such things, even the admin confirmed that it's a safe plugin. You can earn 0.003USD or equivalent RV at current rate by viewing ads, visiting partner sites. No daily surfing is required, it's up to you if you are looking for extra income.


As we seen in Revshare programs, you can submit your business (468x60 banner) to get visitors. You can pay by RV or USD. Keep in mind that it is not an investment, but a real advertising without (fake) profit generating.

Referral system

Atm has interesting referral system as you can see on the picture. You can earn 5% from advertising, 5% from referrals' earnings from viewing ads and 0.1-0.5% of RV on trades.

Of course the whole project is brand new, so some modules are not finished yet, e.g. reviews, video introduction, referral system. I think the admin will upload them very soon during the campaign.
Atm looks really promising thanks to payment option like Payza, which will attract many investors, traders - if the staff of Atm is able to deal with Payza. I am sure that the price of RV will grow - or simply become tradeable in the near future. I will publish some updates then, so stay tuned!
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Sunday, May 31, 2015

MyTrafficValue - review

Hello guys, I'd like to talk about MyTrafficValue (MTV), which is not really monitorable in classic way, like other hyips.

MTV is alive and paying since 2012 (domain since 2010), incredible! As you can see so many investors are involved.

Here you can play games (ofc for money), invest in "after plans", sell your investments, trade shares or bet statuses of monitored programs.

I was also skeptical in the beginning, but seems the management was strong and clever to survive bad seasons and almost every hyip. So it's time to have a closer look on it. 

Where to invest?

I won't talk about games nor status betting - it's a pure gambling, but at least it's a nice extra feature.

So, firstly you have to top up your account and then you are able to invest. You can use Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, BankWire, Bitcoin, Neteller, OKpay or your balance. There are deposit and withdrawal fees as well.
For example PM: 1% DP fee, 5.5% WD fee | STP: 3.5% DP fee, 4% WD fee, etc.

Investment plans:

170.2% Plan - solid ROI, something for us, but you need to wait 3-4 months in queue. It pays the oldest investments first.
200% Plan - looks fantastic, but you need to pay 1k$ fee to participate. Then "just" wait 3-4 months to get your investment doubled.
240% Plan - $500k fee!! It is a strong coffee even for millionaires ;) 

These plans are "after plans", so no daily profit is credited on your balance. You can check the actual timeframe in Fast Track Queue.
You can also find some cheap investments in Buy/Sell section where other investors trade investments. 

Trade shares!

The best deal if you see that the price of shares is close to $0.01-2
The price is influenced by volume of bought and sold shares. Small players can just participate, big players, like "Jo" immediately affect the price because he trades millions of shares.
So you can trade daily or wait for better price more months. 


I got a good explanation from "slosumo" (administrator): "You can cashout even durign the 14 days but only to the payment processor you deposited/purchased with. After 14 days you can cashout anywhere again. It's just a security feature to prevent money laundering."

I personally prefer buying shares at low price because I have negative experience with investment plans. I waited 109 days (186% - not available anymore), then was a restart. As a result I got some shares at 0.30$ which is super expensive in compare to my investment.

Restarts (dept swap / share split) are need to keep the system alive. It happens if the price of shares is too high or if the volume of old investments is uncoverable with new investments. These restarts convert your investment into shares at the actual price of shares (which is usually high when it happens). Your shares are untouched just the price becomes low. You must sell your shares before restart and buy again at low price. This is the best way how to earn.

By the way I have a good experience with trading shares, just it needs more time if you are comfortable and do not trade on daily basis (like me ;) ). Just one screenshot from STP:

And as we talked about MTV with guys in ISA's chat, agreed that this is the best time to buy shares thanks to very low price. Of course it can fall deeper. It's enough to check the bids, Jo set 10million shares at 0.007$. So sometimes we can predict what will happen, but sometimes not... At the moment I am in with 3k to reach profit when the price will grow.

This season is not the best in hyip market. MTV is promising stuff in these days to earn back some losses. Do you agree? Share your opinion with us!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

What is going on at MerchantShares?

MerchantShares (MS) was listed by me long time ago in Premium listing and upgraded to Reserved 5* in March thanks to past excellent performance.

I won't review it again, I think the basic review is still enough, you can read it here.

There were some changes recently, so we must speak about. These changes are not really liked by investors and they are right.

I will continue the story, just would like to say that the management of MS is really good. We were able to double our investment since the start - can any admin follow this? I doubt ;)
But just wanted to say that they act so slowly. They woke up just in April and discontinued work with EgoPay (wow). Another story; they promised to deliver new site last year, but did just some changes now (a year after, May):

- you can reinvest your earnings
- new slider on the main page (if I am right :)
- paytoo was added (who uses it?)
- extra page for AML
- min. deposit limit 20$
- 2.5$ withdrawal limit, be sure that your details are completed
- and withdrawal fees:

I am not sure that it was the best step how to get new investors. Mainly 10-20$-players won't/can't play MS anymore. But from their side of view it was a good step. Fees can help to extend the game. So the final ROI can reach 140%+, which is still not bad. But I am not sure how will investors react. Lifetime of any hyip (even MS claims real business) depends on investors. Do they like it? Will they invest continuously? If yes, the project will live long. 

So, do you like the current stage?

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review is worth nothing

Hello guys, I think that this won't shock you because you are the most experienced players in the industry = isa residents :)

There are several blog based hyip "monitors" which do reviews of newly added hyi programs. It is the only chance for admins to be listed like in real newspapers.

Admins need positive reviews which they usually get and place on News page. Then they send a mass email about this "event".

But who does it need? Just admins ;) Pro players hardly ever read reviews, because reading secondary things - how much they can earn in the 1st~2nd plans or which e-wallets they can use - are not what we are looking for. It's enough to open the webpage and check some pages. So much ado about nothing reviews worth nothing.

Now is 2015, full of fast scams, so why to write/read reviews? It worked well few years ago, when no panic was generated even during downtime of main e-wallets, when were so many hyi giants. Do you remember e.g. ProfitableSunrise? What a nice retro program and it is just one example. 

Good reviews worked nicely in the past, mainly if the admin spent extra money for better template. And what now? There are several high tech hyips with attractive design, full of flash elements which scam us during first days...

So why to review rubbish? It is enough to know some trusted players who usually have extra information about the admin. Admins's second project usually lasts shorter than the first one, but projects with basic template (sleepers) are performing well - if the admin is known. 

Of course we have some excellent programs even now - but these ones are usually started the game last year, like Pokeram, MerchantShares or Ogden. Their design is not outstanding if you compare to current fast scams. So as you can see, it's not about the design. 

All we need to know is admin intention and slowly, but constantly growing inflow. Other things are secondary.

Sad that there are many greedy admins who don't care about the investors - who are the engine of this industry. Of course there are several newbies as well, who play with high amounts and break the game for all of us. Guys, at least be realistic and play safe! Do not invest more than the price of the whole project.

So we need valuable information, mainly about the admin and not talking about e-wallets or similar stuff. Important information is not long, but simple and short. 

I'd like to ask you to deliver this kind of information and I will able to do better reviews for ISA residents - which will worth to read. 

Thanks so much, guys!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CryptoGenesis - review

CryptoGenesis (CG) has stopped paying right after problems with PerfectMoney, do not invest here!

The review is outdated:
CG purchased Reserved 5-star listing with 20-days insurance, worth 400$. Then it was downgraded to Premium, but take a look on the project first.

CG meets high industry standards, but the concept of cryptocurrency mining can't be real due to high ROI investment plans, but it isn't a problem, all we know hyips.

Investment plans:
Unlimited: 1.5-3% daily, initial deposit back anytime after 15 days at 10% fee
Fixed: 4.6-7% daily for 30-60 calendar days, initial deposit included, ROI: 138-420%
The height of accruals depends on deposited amount.

So here you can find both kind of investment plans, but I think just the fixed plan is popular because there is no withdrawal fee. Interesting is that you can get higher referral commission on higher deposits, from 4 up to 7%. 
The script is perfectly customized (powered by Goldcoders), but here you can't get your favorite username. genesis193077 is mine, so all we are genesises in CG ;) Just it is boring to see in the stats section, nobody knows who deposited or withdrew the rolling amounts.

+ business class design
+ nicely customized GC script
+ extended SSL
+ CH certificate
+ instant withdrawals (except cryptocurrencies)
+ active social buttons
+ even Litecoin is accepted, not just the classic e-wallet trio
+ great introduction video, nice banners
+ customized notification emails
+ page for representatives (fixed 7% RC)
+ strong start on monitors

- the concept doesn't correspond to investment plans
- Drakcoins, Dogecoins are not accepted even CG "mines" them
- forgotten info path in the footer and notification emails from the previous program

I like the whole project, except the last negative point... There are many smart guys in our community who reported that the address of CG matches with another program's address which ended/scammed in April. It was also discussed on mmgp, but at least our Russian colleagues hadn't moved it to black zone. Of course the admin acted fast and corrected the footer information, but the notification emails are still untouched and showing the original address from his previous program. This is why I decided to downgrade CG from R5 to Premium. R5 listing requires synchronized details.
All we know that admins usually do new projects so it isn't a problem at all, but it was an amateur fault even the admin is a pro.
Invest only what you can afford to lose!

* I will upgrade CG back to R5 after the first cycle. Fingers crossed.
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Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello dear ISA residents!

I'd like to discuss an important question regarding the future of ISA. 
I have not the best experience with Insurance. The whole process requires so much time and I usually get only 1-2 thanks after sharing. I shared 4312$ with you since October and received positive reactions just in the beginning, but those were really nice so I was motivated by you! I have a folder full of reactions, it gives me good feeling when I read them back:
Here is a nice one from Zapsa. Good to have audience like ours :)

Alright, lets talk about RCB. All we like it, me too. As I said many times, I never liked RCB monitors because they are like hyips, where investors are getting second income, usually +10% 
Seems almost everybody searching for the best RCB trough allmonitors, and invest via 2nd class monitors if they have good offer. It doesn't need to be. 

What would you like to have?
Insurance for 20 days? (% depends on invested amounts)
10% RCB?

RCB gives positive feeling! It is easy money, what we like! You can get it before your official accrual, so it's amazing!
Insurance generates neutral feeling due to negative event. You are disappointed even you got some money back. 

You have 40 days to decide. If you got this as an email, visit my blog and find the poll on the right, under the chat. Then I will share the result which will take effect.

I am looking for your opinion, because ISA is and will remain investor oriented. Of course you can suggest other great ideas as well. Lets create all the stuff we need!
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

ComexBrokerage - review

ComexBrokerage (CB) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on InstantScamAlert in the end of March, so it's time to write the extended review.

CB is not a brand new project, it has started in November, last year. I joined it in January with smart players, who reached the BEP already, so congratulations for early birds!

Investment plans:
1) 1.8% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $30-3k, total ROI: 288%, BEP after 55 b.days;
2) 2% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $3k-10k, total ROI: 320%, BEP after 50 b.days;
3) 2.2% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $10k-500k, total ROI: 352%, BEP after 45 b.days

As I see it is absolutely not necessary to write essays in reviews, but talk about real stuff in short, because the time is money ;) So I will describe the following programs similarly like on my monitor, with likes and dislikes:

+ slow but stable project in compare with programs in first month of 2015
+ no principal back option
+ business template, no cash pictures
+ extended SSL certificate
+ CompaniesHouse certificate
+ linked social buttons
+ customized backoffice surface (GC script)
+ quite good exchangers are listed on extra page

- slow manual cashouts, but always within 24h, usually faster
- no dislike at all

CB was monitored from the beginning just by 2-3 monitors, but the admin started the campaign on just "these" days, what is not bad to keep the program alive.

I personally liked CB at first glance, this is why I deposited with other smart guys in the beginning of the year. Seems CB's admin isn't a newbie and knows how to survive even in the worst months ever and started the campaign when the general situation is starting to be better.
Please use just the first plan if you decided to invest (it covers 30-3.000$ deposit range, what is more than enough) and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

By the way each program can be good one if the admin get continuously growing inflow. Of course there are other factors as well, so the circumstances have big affect on programs. Just like now, it's a dead season with low money in circulation. So the progress of CB depends on you as well!
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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Earn more by RevShare projects!

How to earn more by revshare programs? This is not a how-to guide, just my extra offer :)

Some revshare programs or clicking hyips like DigAdz, Paidverts, Advertzer offer Ad Pack as investment, and you can advertise any business opportunity with your available credit. You can submit your referral link and advertise another hyip to get 1-2 referrals if it is new enough and earn 2-3 bucks if they deposit.


You can help ISA and earn money from me. Submit an Ad campaign for InstantScamAlert and contact me with details. So you will earn from your investment + 10~30$, usually 10% from me, depends on volume and type of Ad pack.

Banner impressions worth almost nothing and expire within few hours if there are thousands of users (for example pmrevshares, no clicking job, just ad impressions). This can't bring real visits - traffic. But if you must click on several ads daily to get qualified for tomorrow, this means that your submitted ad campaign will receive real visits as well - this is what I am looking for. If you would like to earn some extra money with popularizing our community, lets contact me!

Some banners in advance:

Of course I can also buy Ad packs without questions, but why do not pay you? I am sure this is the best offer if you decided to invest in any new revshare project. No time limit, you can contact me anytime.

Send me these details:
1) name of the project
2) value of packs
3) credit conversion: banner impressions or visits? volume of credits
5) screenshot of running campaign
6) your PM ID

Please share our deal when were you paid :)

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Deadlock recovery

What is happening in very first months of 2015? Why was January blacker than December? What's wrong in hyip industry?

Too many hyips collapsed recently, mainly promising piggybank types, like AvantaFX or Finaliasia. But I can name Biofuelio or Majesticswan (the only longer one!). Of course there were really unlucky months in 2014 as well, but the situation looks bad again.

The whole downfall was started by collapse of EgoPay, even I think it wasn't our main wallet. Also, some smart admins refunded EP deposits back to investors. (wake up guys if you still think that EP will be back! EP can have just empty promises).
Then some really promising Russian hyips started to play and scammed us within few days even they could continue to reach extreme inflow. Did they get big early deposits? Or needed just fast cash to pay the next installment of car loan? One thing is sure, this action affected the whole industry, some regular players decided to leave hyip industry forever. 

There may be several explanations why this happened:

  • investors' fail: hit&run style gambling - I understand investors, they play it due to numerous past scams. We can't know that the program will last long or not, so this is the best tactic how to exit with minimal, but real profit. But keep in mind that if after huge initial inflow the program doesn't receive enough new deposits, the admin is forced to decide - continue ("what if") or unplug the game to save some funds immediately . Dead end. 
  • admin's fail: he can be an amateur (1): he hired some fee eater monitors which didn't bring result, the admin is not able to deal with ddos guys or black voters, his e-wallet belongs to past scam project, hacking attack, mmgp guys found any reason to move the project to scam section or any third party reason from real life (2). Of course the admin is totally responsible for fast scamming and he is who creates this zero trust situation on the market. This is why almost all investors is playing "hit&run". Due to fast scams! Remember, where is an action, there is a reaction!
  • affect of cheap ruble: minimally! It's true that Russian admins need more money in current situation, but it is not enough to affect buy/sell feature of hyip market. The regular Russian hyip players have enough money on their accounts which were made when ruble was stable. Also, there are more continents, not just Russia ;) Affect of 10$ players is not really effective. An expensive and attractive project is able to open investors' wallet even in the worst situation.

Is this the end? Of course, NOT!

There were several black months in last year, regrettably, will come even in following years. The current situation is nothing more than a big DISAPPOINTMENT. The hyip industry will never die, will adapt to new requirements, circumstances, just as the actual investor base (what is continuously replaced).

But what now?

All downfall is good opportunity to start thinking different, mainly if we would like to get results. 

  • start learning! Not only investors, but admins! The industry has just hit&run investors due to greedy admins (the exception proves the rule). But why admins are so greedy? Because some investors are also greedy! They break the game with extreme deposits. You, as an investor must understand that you can't invest thousands in ponzi schemes! (sh*t, banks are also ponzies...) The admin needs continuously growing inflow to keep the program paying. If we create big initial inflow and then just wait (or withdraw principals), then we will get another fast scam. Good admins don't unplug the game while enough new deposits are rolling (except some amateurs, but they usually don't have really promising programs).
  • watch out! What we need? Take a look on MerchantSharesPokerAm or AltexStrategy. Really good programs don't need to have shiny elements (which are usually gun of those admins who can't impress us in normal way). Let investors get profit, they will also change their behaviors and the industry will make money for both sides! 
  • ridiculous RCB monitors: why feed them with high listings fees? To give 3$ for each 10$-player? This is why admins spend big money on RCB monitors? Or have I mention late, incorrect statuses? Why is it for? Lets stop using them dear admins and investors! We are living in 2015, not in 1999! We need good sources of information with up to date statuses, like ISA and similar blog based websites, where is a possibility to discuss our problems and needs. Showing just statuses and default hyip text is no longer effective.
Firstly investors have to learn the rules (search for interesting articles here on my blog)... The admins usually have enough experience from previous programs, so if they get growing income, it is not possible that they will unplug the game. This is the key how the programs work, let me show you practically:
If you are going to invest 500$ (don't invest more), do it separately even you get lower accrual level. Invest 100$ in the first day, 100$ on the third day, 100$ on the fourth day and so on. Other late investors will continue the game, but the most important thing is that they also have to know these rules. This is why is important a blog based monitoring source, because we can teach newbies how to play and this is why RCB monitors have ZERO value. 

The industry always recovers. Learn the rules and invest like a smart investor!
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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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