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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

EgoPay - scam e-wallet

It was really unexpected step from its owner, but seems that EgoPay was made to scam us. The staff was very active in last months, added many Facebook posts, brought big merchants and advertised in hyip sources (e.g. moneymakergroup).

If I am right, the owner washed 200k EP USD trough Payeer and exchanged it for BTC, but he left an IP trace, which guys on shared and concluded that it wasn't any third party person, but the admin himself. This forum is the fastest regarding news in hyip industry, but it is in Russian (I also don't like using google translator).

Online chat of EgoPay is not available, the tickets are unanswered, no official news about server/system changes, just this cheap excuse in userpanel:
Many of us remember collapse of LibertyReserve, but it was seized by U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, so it was another story. The owners of LR tried to run the business, but they were stopped; the owner of EgoPay stole the money from his own business, so I call him mega cheater because he planned this action. 

As a result, no exchanger accepts EgoPay "money" anymore, including Payza and Payeer so we have zero possibility to get money for worthless numbers in our EP wallet. It is rally sad, I also heard that many of you held thousands in your wallets, but guys, why? EgoPay was made for hyip industry, where is nothing safe so why did you have so high amounts here? Sure, I also lost some money, but I didn't hold high amount here because I never liked EgoPay due to high fees. 

Some optimistic people hope that EP will come back, but the signs tell that EgoPay is dead. I chose the last chance and exchanged my EP "numbers" at 70% fee at one guy (who had extended connections), so I got back something even it was a ridiculous rate. 

You may ask which e-wallet can we use, but as I said, there is nothing safe... PerfectMoney looks like a brother of LibertyReserve with ridiculous, never changed design, so it can be the next - but not now. 
Safe e-wallets are for example Paypal or Skrill, but these are rarely used at hyips. (Maybe admins from Third World haven't heard about Skrill yet ;) Also, Paypal isn't good choice, because every cheater can submit a transaction dispute and PayPal will seize the admin's account during the investigation what is dangerous for inflow and generates big panic... 

I think STP and Payza are quite safe e-wallets from hyip list, but they have strong requirements (mainly STP) and disliked high transaction fees. So nothing to do, we will continue to use PerfectMoney, Bitcoin because all we need is low fee! 

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

E-wallets of 2014

I'd like to share the result of your votes for e-wallets of 2014 with some extra comments.

Which e-wallet do you use?

0.5% per transaction
So the transaction fee is quite low, but only few programs use it, so OkPay clearly takes the last seat.

personal: 1.5% + $0.25 for receiving
business: 2.5% + $0.50 - lets have business account!
The second extreme wallet regarding transaction fees. EgoPay is the brother of Payza (which is again returning to hyip industry - but why if EP was made for washing the hands of Payza after collapsing of LibertyReserve and because of never ending complaints from hyip investors. Here you can't submit any transaction dispute.). The 5th place means downfall from Winning competitors - they deserved it.

Personal: 2.5% + $0.25 for sending money (personal + business)
Copied: "* Note: Higher fees apply to some industries: 3.90 % + €0.59 EUR for receiving funds."
Maybe hyip industry? Seriously? Yep... So do we need Payza? I think absolutely not!
The only advantage of Payza in compare with EP is that you can top up your balance even from your bank account, but investing low amount isn't worth due to high fees. So thanks to guys at Payza for the nice design, but we continue to work with better e-wallets ;) 

0.95% for receiving money
This is my favorite wallet because of cheap internal exchanges, quite low fees, nice new design and existing support. Of course they are sometimes tiring due to frequent ID verification (photo of ID card near to your face) when you try to top up your balance, but at least they are trying to be legit so PY is really used widely in other industries as well, not like PerfectMoney or other wallets which were designed just for hyips. 

Personal: 1.5% + $0.25 for receiving money
Business: 2.5% + $0.30
Micropayment: 5% + $0.05 (ridiculous)
Their own strict rules after collapse of LibertyReserve exited STP from the game. High transaction fees are also not userfriendly, even STP was the No 1 choice for American players. Some crazy admins still use manual payments (you have to send money directly from STP to private ID), but it brings risk of freezing the admin's account, because he abuses merchant requirements (mainly documents, IDs), so this frivolous step from greedy admins can be harmful for the whole project, but mainly for us...

Zero fees for cold storage (e.g. your PC)
Just the waiting time for x network confirmations is a bit tiring. Online wallets apply a little fraction fee, but it is insignificant. The only negative thing is the floating value which decreased from last year almost by 100%. Big hacker attacks also decrease the value of BTC. Traders say the the value will grow this year, but they told the same at 380$ and it dropped to 260$... I prefer to play with dollars, but hope the value of BTC will grow again.

unverified: 1.99% for sending money
verified: 0.5%
This is the most used wallet in this industry because of low fees and loose demands - you can have unverified account as well, which is perfect for cheaters - most of admins and third party fraudsters. The design was never changed so this trendy "financial institution" takes the last seat regarding DESIGN and CUSTOMER SUPPORT! I should not wonder if any federal inspection would close this shady e-wallet just like LibertyReserve. 
* I also prefer PM to play hyips, so I also take this risk just because all admins use PM and we can play at low fees which is really heavy reason! 

There were few votes for "other" undefined wallets, maybe for Qiwi or WebMoney? I don't know, but these wallets are designed mainly for Russian players, not for the whole industry. 

Once again, quick recapitulation by screenshot: 

Alright guys, this list shows your choice, the poll is open again and I will share the result in the middle of this year again. Thanks for voting and reading!

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