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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Deadlock recovery

What is happening in very first months of 2015? Why was January blacker than December? What's wrong in hyip industry?

Too many hyips collapsed recently, mainly promising piggybank types, like AvantaFX or Finaliasia. But I can name Biofuelio or Majesticswan (the only longer one!). Of course there were really unlucky months in 2014 as well, but the situation looks bad again.

The whole downfall was started by collapse of EgoPay, even I think it wasn't our main wallet. Also, some smart admins refunded EP deposits back to investors. (wake up guys if you still think that EP will be back! EP can have just empty promises).
Then some really promising Russian hyips started to play and scammed us within few days even they could continue to reach extreme inflow. Did they get big early deposits? Or needed just fast cash to pay the next installment of car loan? One thing is sure, this action affected the whole industry, some regular players decided to leave hyip industry forever. 

There may be several explanations why this happened:

  • investors' fail: hit&run style gambling - I understand investors, they play it due to numerous past scams. We can't know that the program will last long or not, so this is the best tactic how to exit with minimal, but real profit. But keep in mind that if after huge initial inflow the program doesn't receive enough new deposits, the admin is forced to decide - continue ("what if") or unplug the game to save some funds immediately . Dead end. 
  • admin's fail: he can be an amateur (1): he hired some fee eater monitors which didn't bring result, the admin is not able to deal with ddos guys or black voters, his e-wallet belongs to past scam project, hacking attack, mmgp guys found any reason to move the project to scam section or any third party reason from real life (2). Of course the admin is totally responsible for fast scamming and he is who creates this zero trust situation on the market. This is why almost all investors is playing "hit&run". Due to fast scams! Remember, where is an action, there is a reaction!
  • affect of cheap ruble: minimally! It's true that Russian admins need more money in current situation, but it is not enough to affect buy/sell feature of hyip market. The regular Russian hyip players have enough money on their accounts which were made when ruble was stable. Also, there are more continents, not just Russia ;) Affect of 10$ players is not really effective. An expensive and attractive project is able to open investors' wallet even in the worst situation.

Is this the end? Of course, NOT!

There were several black months in last year, regrettably, will come even in following years. The current situation is nothing more than a big DISAPPOINTMENT. The hyip industry will never die, will adapt to new requirements, circumstances, just as the actual investor base (what is continuously replaced).

But what now?

All downfall is good opportunity to start thinking different, mainly if we would like to get results. 

  • start learning! Not only investors, but admins! The industry has just hit&run investors due to greedy admins (the exception proves the rule). But why admins are so greedy? Because some investors are also greedy! They break the game with extreme deposits. You, as an investor must understand that you can't invest thousands in ponzi schemes! (sh*t, banks are also ponzies...) The admin needs continuously growing inflow to keep the program paying. If we create big initial inflow and then just wait (or withdraw principals), then we will get another fast scam. Good admins don't unplug the game while enough new deposits are rolling (except some amateurs, but they usually don't have really promising programs).
  • watch out! What we need? Take a look on MerchantSharesPokerAm or AltexStrategy. Really good programs don't need to have shiny elements (which are usually gun of those admins who can't impress us in normal way). Let investors get profit, they will also change their behaviors and the industry will make money for both sides! 
  • ridiculous RCB monitors: why feed them with high listings fees? To give 3$ for each 10$-player? This is why admins spend big money on RCB monitors? Or have I mention late, incorrect statuses? Why is it for? Lets stop using them dear admins and investors! We are living in 2015, not in 1999! We need good sources of information with up to date statuses, like ISA and similar blog based websites, where is a possibility to discuss our problems and needs. Showing just statuses and default hyip text is no longer effective.
Firstly investors have to learn the rules (search for interesting articles here on my blog)... The admins usually have enough experience from previous programs, so if they get growing income, it is not possible that they will unplug the game. This is the key how the programs work, let me show you practically:
If you are going to invest 500$ (don't invest more), do it separately even you get lower accrual level. Invest 100$ in the first day, 100$ on the third day, 100$ on the fourth day and so on. Other late investors will continue the game, but the most important thing is that they also have to know these rules. This is why is important a blog based monitoring source, because we can teach newbies how to play and this is why RCB monitors have ZERO value. 

The industry always recovers. Learn the rules and invest like a smart investor!
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Sunday, February 1, 2015

AltexStrategy - review

AltexStrategy has stopped paying on 5/March because no new deposits were made in last weeks. This is the worst season since collapse of LibertyReserve. 

The review is now OUTDATED: 

AltexStrategy has bought Reserved 5-star listing on ISA, so now we can take a closer look on it!
The main page is not long (mainly new flash projects are using never ending main pages), contrariwise, boring impression is dominating, what is not a disadvantage at all. I think hit & runners will avoid Altex, which opens the door for serious investors. Allright, lets talk about the money:

You can choose from 2 type of investment plans:
  • Short, principal back type: called Starter, where you can earn 1.05% daily for 20 trading days. It is designed for lower amounts: 10-249$. Total ROI, including principal: 121%
  • Long, principal included plans: Pro (2.85%), Expert (3%), Ultimate (3.25%) which gives you more profit in 90 trading days. The Pro plan is quite attractive, because you can join with as low as 250$ and earn 256% in total. Rest plans are a bit riskier due to high deposit limit. So I recommend just mentioned plans above. 

As I said, the whole project is not too shiny, rather boring, until you haven't entered the backoffice. The Login form also tells about professionalism; you have to login with personal ID and enter easy(!) verification numbers. You have to enter e-wallet IDs in your profile (PM,PY,BTC) and then you are ready to invest.

All deposits are handled smoothly (I tried additionally PY due to one problem report, but I haven't noticed any problem, the script works fine, the account is approved).

If you are going to withdraw, keep in mind the minimal withdrawal was set to 1$, but hope it is not a problem. Withdrawals are processed manually within 1-6 hours, but the admin sometimes pays even faster - within minutes. Also the security word is required to proceed with withdrawal, which is another dedicated feature in this unique script.

You can earn 5% referral commission if you refer an active investor, what is a happy medium. Interesting is that you can't find the promotional material inside the office, but it is available from the homepage, under AffiliateProgram submenu. The visibility on hyip monitors is also good, the admin bought several expensive listings, mainly on RCB monitors.

AltexStrategy uses RapidSSL certificate which was bought for 4 year (just like the domain) and hosted on GeniusGuard which had some server issues right after one week since the start of AltexStrategy. Fortunately they were able to retrieve all data, so all programs, including Altex were able to continue to pay us. Atlex's admin sent a massemail regarding server issues right after they came back online, I really like this kind of communication in case of unexpected problems. By the way system emails (robot notifications) are also working.

As you can see, AltexStrategy is a well built project even you can't see shiny flash elements, what is usually a gun of cheaper programs of those administrators, who can't impress us in normal way. 

I personally vote Yes for AltexStrategy, nice to see more business class programs on InstantScamAlert, but don't forget: invest only what you can afford to lose!

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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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