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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Earn more by RevShare projects!

How to earn more by revshare programs? This is not a how-to guide, just my extra offer :)

Some revshare programs or clicking hyips like DigAdz, Paidverts, Advertzer offer Ad Pack as investment, and you can advertise any business opportunity with your available credit. You can submit your referral link and advertise another hyip to get 1-2 referrals if it is new enough and earn 2-3 bucks if they deposit.


You can help ISA and earn money from me. Submit an Ad campaign for InstantScamAlert and contact me with details. So you will earn from your investment + 10~30$, usually 10% from me, depends on volume and type of Ad pack.

Banner impressions worth almost nothing and expire within few hours if there are thousands of users (for example pmrevshares, no clicking job, just ad impressions). This can't bring real visits - traffic. But if you must click on several ads daily to get qualified for tomorrow, this means that your submitted ad campaign will receive real visits as well - this is what I am looking for. If you would like to earn some extra money with popularizing our community, lets contact me!

Some banners in advance:

Of course I can also buy Ad packs without questions, but why do not pay you? I am sure this is the best offer if you decided to invest in any new revshare project. No time limit, you can contact me anytime.

Send me these details:
1) name of the project
2) value of packs
3) credit conversion: banner impressions or visits? volume of credits
5) screenshot of running campaign
6) your PM ID

Please share our deal when were you paid :)


  1. Hello, how do we join you for that deal ?

    1. Just contact me if you joined any promising revshare, will invest and can help us with popularizing ISA.

  2. Ok I'm on advertzer group 7 (also in CAP where I can change campaigns' URLs when I want to). I'm on building mode so I start new campaigns each day on Advertzer. Ready to start advertising ISA.

  3. Ecoboost did it simple and effectively, contacted me with details of freshly started campaign...


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