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Thursday, April 16, 2015

ComexBrokerage - review

ComexBrokerage (CB) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on InstantScamAlert in the end of March, so it's time to write the extended review.

CB is not a brand new project, it has started in November, last year. I joined it in January with smart players, who reached the BEP already, so congratulations for early birds!

Investment plans:
1) 1.8% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $30-3k, total ROI: 288%, BEP after 55 b.days;
2) 2% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $3k-10k, total ROI: 320%, BEP after 50 b.days;
3) 2.2% daily for 160 business days, deposit: $10k-500k, total ROI: 352%, BEP after 45 b.days

As I see it is absolutely not necessary to write essays in reviews, but talk about real stuff in short, because the time is money ;) So I will describe the following programs similarly like on my monitor, with likes and dislikes:

+ slow but stable project in compare with programs in first month of 2015
+ no principal back option
+ business template, no cash pictures
+ extended SSL certificate
+ CompaniesHouse certificate
+ linked social buttons
+ customized backoffice surface (GC script)
+ quite good exchangers are listed on extra page

- slow manual cashouts, but always within 24h, usually faster
- no dislike at all

CB was monitored from the beginning just by 2-3 monitors, but the admin started the campaign on just "these" days, what is not bad to keep the program alive.

I personally liked CB at first glance, this is why I deposited with other smart guys in the beginning of the year. Seems CB's admin isn't a newbie and knows how to survive even in the worst months ever and started the campaign when the general situation is starting to be better.
Please use just the first plan if you decided to invest (it covers 30-3.000$ deposit range, what is more than enough) and never invest more than what you can afford to lose.

By the way each program can be good one if the admin get continuously growing inflow. Of course there are other factors as well, so the circumstances have big affect on programs. Just like now, it's a dead season with low money in circulation. So the progress of CB depends on you as well!

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