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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CryptoGenesis - review

CryptoGenesis (CG) has stopped paying right after problems with PerfectMoney, do not invest here!

The review is outdated:
CG purchased Reserved 5-star listing with 20-days insurance, worth 400$. Then it was downgraded to Premium, but take a look on the project first.

CG meets high industry standards, but the concept of cryptocurrency mining can't be real due to high ROI investment plans, but it isn't a problem, all we know hyips.

Investment plans:
Unlimited: 1.5-3% daily, initial deposit back anytime after 15 days at 10% fee
Fixed: 4.6-7% daily for 30-60 calendar days, initial deposit included, ROI: 138-420%
The height of accruals depends on deposited amount.

So here you can find both kind of investment plans, but I think just the fixed plan is popular because there is no withdrawal fee. Interesting is that you can get higher referral commission on higher deposits, from 4 up to 7%. 
The script is perfectly customized (powered by Goldcoders), but here you can't get your favorite username. genesis193077 is mine, so all we are genesises in CG ;) Just it is boring to see in the stats section, nobody knows who deposited or withdrew the rolling amounts.

+ business class design
+ nicely customized GC script
+ extended SSL
+ CH certificate
+ instant withdrawals (except cryptocurrencies)
+ active social buttons
+ even Litecoin is accepted, not just the classic e-wallet trio
+ great introduction video, nice banners
+ customized notification emails
+ page for representatives (fixed 7% RC)
+ strong start on monitors

- the concept doesn't correspond to investment plans
- Drakcoins, Dogecoins are not accepted even CG "mines" them
- forgotten info path in the footer and notification emails from the previous program

I like the whole project, except the last negative point... There are many smart guys in our community who reported that the address of CG matches with another program's address which ended/scammed in April. It was also discussed on mmgp, but at least our Russian colleagues hadn't moved it to black zone. Of course the admin acted fast and corrected the footer information, but the notification emails are still untouched and showing the original address from his previous program. This is why I decided to downgrade CG from R5 to Premium. R5 listing requires synchronized details.
All we know that admins usually do new projects so it isn't a problem at all, but it was an amateur fault even the admin is a pro.
Invest only what you can afford to lose!

* I will upgrade CG back to R5 after the first cycle. Fingers crossed.

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