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Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello dear ISA residents!

I'd like to discuss an important question regarding the future of ISA. 
I have not the best experience with Insurance. The whole process requires so much time and I usually get only 1-2 thanks after sharing. I shared 4312$ with you since October and received positive reactions just in the beginning, but those were really nice so I was motivated by you! I have a folder full of reactions, it gives me good feeling when I read them back:
Here is a nice one from Zapsa. Good to have audience like ours :)

Alright, lets talk about RCB. All we like it, me too. As I said many times, I never liked RCB monitors because they are like hyips, where investors are getting second income, usually +10% 
Seems almost everybody searching for the best RCB trough allmonitors, and invest via 2nd class monitors if they have good offer. It doesn't need to be. 

What would you like to have?
Insurance for 20 days? (% depends on invested amounts)
10% RCB?

RCB gives positive feeling! It is easy money, what we like! You can get it before your official accrual, so it's amazing!
Insurance generates neutral feeling due to negative event. You are disappointed even you got some money back. 

You have 40 days to decide. If you got this as an email, visit my blog and find the poll on the right, under the chat. Then I will share the result which will take effect.

I am looking for your opinion, because ISA is and will remain investor oriented. Of course you can suggest other great ideas as well. Lets create all the stuff we need!


  1. I think you should offer both High RCB and Insurance and leave it up each member which he would like to receive.
    Example: If a member chooses High RCB he is Not eligible for the Insurance or member chooses Low RCB but he is eligible for Insurance.
    Once it's time to divide up the Insurance you just cross those who were paid High RCB off the list.
    This would serve to make the most people happy and increase the number of people joining under ISA.

  2. I agree with Woody . I feel happy when I get RCB from ISA but these days most of the programs scamming so fast and very few of them can pass the time frame of Insurance . I remember I got insurance twice from ISA and I recovered my loss 100% . So its really awesome to get back some money which we lost in HYIP site .

    Suppose, If we join in 10 programs under ISA and invest $50 for each site . Then we will get $20 or $30 extra RCB from these 10 programs . But if one of them scam fast we will lose $50 . On the other hand, if we have Insurance for each of them we will get 100% RCB for all this program as well as we have 20 days Insurance .

    So I prefer Higher Insurance period rather than High RCB

  3. Hi, I voted for the insurance.
    When I joke about your Alfa Romeo as collateral in addition to the insurance (do you have a Vespa too?),
    it's because I had the uncomfortable feeling that many programs came to ISA for quick scam in thinking anyway ISA investors are insured.
    On the other hand if you really want to make money on the long term ( for Drinks&Girls ), you have to do arbitrage trading on BTC platform exchange or financial instruments ( commodities, options, futures). That’s real gambling…
    On medium and long term Hyips is statistically only gambling unless you have lots of references (monitors etc.).
    That's my point of view and it’s mathematical too.

  4. Thanks guys! Choosing between High RCB and Insurance is not bad idea, but the money for high RCB unfortunately must come from the amount of Insurance since I haven't set high listing fees like other monitors. Then I am also not able to pay back to admin the whole amount in the end of Insurance period.


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