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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Review is worth nothing

Hello guys, I think that this won't shock you because you are the most experienced players in the industry = isa residents :)

There are several blog based hyip "monitors" which do reviews of newly added hyi programs. It is the only chance for admins to be listed like in real newspapers.

Admins need positive reviews which they usually get and place on News page. Then they send a mass email about this "event".

But who does it need? Just admins ;) Pro players hardly ever read reviews, because reading secondary things - how much they can earn in the 1st~2nd plans or which e-wallets they can use - are not what we are looking for. It's enough to open the webpage and check some pages. So much ado about nothing reviews worth nothing.

Now is 2015, full of fast scams, so why to write/read reviews? It worked well few years ago, when no panic was generated even during downtime of main e-wallets, when were so many hyi giants. Do you remember e.g. ProfitableSunrise? What a nice retro program and it is just one example. 

Good reviews worked nicely in the past, mainly if the admin spent extra money for better template. And what now? There are several high tech hyips with attractive design, full of flash elements which scam us during first days...

So why to review rubbish? It is enough to know some trusted players who usually have extra information about the admin. Admins's second project usually lasts shorter than the first one, but projects with basic template (sleepers) are performing well - if the admin is known. 

Of course we have some excellent programs even now - but these ones are usually started the game last year, like Pokeram, MerchantShares or Ogden. Their design is not outstanding if you compare to current fast scams. So as you can see, it's not about the design. 

All we need to know is admin intention and slowly, but constantly growing inflow. Other things are secondary.

Sad that there are many greedy admins who don't care about the investors - who are the engine of this industry. Of course there are several newbies as well, who play with high amounts and break the game for all of us. Guys, at least be realistic and play safe! Do not invest more than the price of the whole project.

So we need valuable information, mainly about the admin and not talking about e-wallets or similar stuff. Important information is not long, but simple and short. 

I'd like to ask you to deliver this kind of information and I will able to do better reviews for ISA residents - which will worth to read. 

Thanks so much, guys!


  1. so true,
    "wait until the program being reviewed" that was just another reason for the monitors admin when there's someone blaming the monitors for listed the fast scammers in his very popular blog.
    And talking about payment processor trends today for the review, not so useful information


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