Sunday, May 31, 2015

MyTrafficValue - review

Hello guys, I'd like to talk about MyTrafficValue (MTV), which is not really monitorable in classic way, like other hyips.

MTV is alive and paying since 2012 (domain since 2010), incredible! As you can see so many investors are involved.

Here you can play games (ofc for money), invest in "after plans", sell your investments, trade shares or bet statuses of monitored programs.

I was also skeptical in the beginning, but seems the management was strong and clever to survive bad seasons and almost every hyip. So it's time to have a closer look on it. 

Where to invest?

I won't talk about games nor status betting - it's a pure gambling, but at least it's a nice extra feature.

So, firstly you have to top up your account and then you are able to invest. You can use Payza, PerfectMoney, SolidTrustPay, BankWire, Bitcoin, Neteller, OKpay or your balance. There are deposit and withdrawal fees as well.
For example PM: 1% DP fee, 5.5% WD fee | STP: 3.5% DP fee, 4% WD fee, etc.

Investment plans:

170.2% Plan - solid ROI, something for us, but you need to wait 3-4 months in queue. It pays the oldest investments first.
200% Plan - looks fantastic, but you need to pay 1k$ fee to participate. Then "just" wait 3-4 months to get your investment doubled.
240% Plan - $500k fee!! It is a strong coffee even for millionaires ;) 

These plans are "after plans", so no daily profit is credited on your balance. You can check the actual timeframe in Fast Track Queue.
You can also find some cheap investments in Buy/Sell section where other investors trade investments. 

Trade shares!

The best deal if you see that the price of shares is close to $0.01-2
The price is influenced by volume of bought and sold shares. Small players can just participate, big players, like "Jo" immediately affect the price because he trades millions of shares.
So you can trade daily or wait for better price more months. 


I got a good explanation from "slosumo" (administrator): "You can cashout even durign the 14 days but only to the payment processor you deposited/purchased with. After 14 days you can cashout anywhere again. It's just a security feature to prevent money laundering."

I personally prefer buying shares at low price because I have negative experience with investment plans. I waited 109 days (186% - not available anymore), then was a restart. As a result I got some shares at 0.30$ which is super expensive in compare to my investment.

Restarts (dept swap / share split) are need to keep the system alive. It happens if the price of shares is too high or if the volume of old investments is uncoverable with new investments. These restarts convert your investment into shares at the actual price of shares (which is usually high when it happens). Your shares are untouched just the price becomes low. You must sell your shares before restart and buy again at low price. This is the best way how to earn.

By the way I have a good experience with trading shares, just it needs more time if you are comfortable and do not trade on daily basis (like me ;) ). Just one screenshot from STP:

And as we talked about MTV with guys in ISA's chat, agreed that this is the best time to buy shares thanks to very low price. Of course it can fall deeper. It's enough to check the bids, Jo set 10million shares at 0.007$. So sometimes we can predict what will happen, but sometimes not... At the moment I am in with 3k to reach profit when the price will grow.

This season is not the best in hyip market. MTV is promising stuff in these days to earn back some losses. Do you agree? Share your opinion with us!


  1. What do you think, did Jo damage so hard MTV with extended downtime and manipulating price of shares? Will shares reach "good" value this year? Or will MTV scam us this year?

  2. MTV is dead now. There was a huge activity from the side of traders while Jo was in the game, even we hated him. Now, the price of shares is too low and I think it never will be as high as we wish - maybe next year - if the owners will decide to continue. We are waiting for higher price to sell our shares, but all we are waiting, so it's a deadlock.
    The newly introduced 1% seller fee became good tool to make MTV more unpopular. Great management - are they 18+ old?

  3. MTV will come back! I look forward to many years of ROI.

    It has the potential to earn $$$



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