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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carbon7 - scam already...

I moved C7 to scam on 28th of October 2015 due to lot of pending withdrawal requests which exceeded 48 business hours.

Hello guys, now we can talk about the hottest program of Jun, about Carbon7 (C7). Will it remain hot enough in July as well? Probably yes, read my forecast ;)

As I said in my previous short description, it is not a purchased position. I saw high interest from our audience thanks to public chatroom and I also liked C7 so the decision was quite easy. I added C7 after one week when I saw that there is no problem with payments. By the way I joined C7 on the very first day. As you see the amount of my personal investment is quite high, so you can be sure that we are talking about an outstanding project.

I don't care that some monitor admins care just for own pocket (guess who ;) and warned that some monitors listed C7 without official way, which is a free advertising for admin. We need good programs to get the industry back on track, so C7 is worth to invest and talk about at the best sources.

It is clear that C7 has the same features, script, settings like Royalty7 (2011), but the main concept is different and unique - thumbs up!

Is there any investor who isn't familiar with investment plans?
Daily plan: 7% daily for 30 days (22 business days), ROI: 154%, BEP: after 18 calendar days
After plan: 110% after 7 days

25$ is the minimum deposit at both plans and 2.5$ at withdrawals.

Over the classic e-wallet trio, C7 impressed us with Payza and STP (approved merchant accounts), which is good motivation factor for opening investors' wallets. You can deposit even via Bank Transfer without fees - but I think it is a rarely used feature. If you are interested, you have to contact the admin trough Support form with predefined subject.

+ attractive investment plan
+ pro design (even I don't really like the boring grey color...)
+ fast withdrawals on business days
+ STP and Payza as wallet opening factor
+ the whole project is attractive thanks to past success project (R7)

- no payments on weekends (max timeframe 48 business hours)
- no live chat at the moment nor social media connection (live chat will be available soon on Support page)
- no dislike at all

I like C7 and as I see the whole industry likes it, which is not bad until the admin gets growing inflow. But new competitors are strong enough as well, so the battle for investors is not so easy.

Just one more thing. Pro admins almost never reuse their old concepts. They are creative enough to deliver new outstanding projects. So it is possible that a clever person waited so long and restarted this big boom. But the exception proves the rule ;) We can discuss all day long, but the main important thing is, that we can earn here, and it is really nice to say that first investors are already close to BEP. Hope we will make huge profit in C7. But don't forget, invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Atm2you - scam after 2 restarts!

ATM has stopped paying in the end of August 2015. OUTDATED:

Today I'd like to introduce a brand new earning opportunity, called Atm2you (Atm). Seems the staff is professional who made business template with powerful user interface.

What is it all about?
The project is really complex. Here you can

1) earn by viewing advertisements
2) advertise your business
3) trade shares (own currency: RV)
or get passive income thanks to referral system.

As you can see Atm is not a hyip, there are no investment plans, but an opportunity to earn. The main page is so informative if you are curious for details, the FAQ is also detailed so I would not like to repeat all the stuff, and I think you also expect something else from me ;)

It is worth to join, but let me explain one interesting step during the registration. You have to confirm your email address. When you are redirected back to Login page, you have to click on Confirm button to finish the registration.

Don't forget to update your e-wallet IDs (Payza, Litecoin, PerfectMoney, Payeer). Nice to see Payza on the board, even it is not approved yet. The admin told that it will be available very soon. Also nice to see that we can upload our avatars.
(*Update after one month: Atm still doesn't have approved merchant account in Payza, so the manual depositing mode brings risk. Payza can suspend accounts and reverse transactions. I have negative experience with them...)

Okay, back to business!

Trading /exchange

You can buy/sell from/to the system at fixed price or submit your offer at desired price. Nice to see the live flow of price on the graph. I tried to buy and sell, I can confirm that it works, even I generated some losses. Yeah, I am newbie ;) There will be lot of traders soon so it will be more powerful than now.


You have to install Chrome plugin to start earning. The question is, do you allow for plugin read and change all things on webpages? - just like phone apps. I personally don't like installing such things, even the admin confirmed that it's a safe plugin. You can earn 0.003USD or equivalent RV at current rate by viewing ads, visiting partner sites. No daily surfing is required, it's up to you if you are looking for extra income.


As we seen in Revshare programs, you can submit your business (468x60 banner) to get visitors. You can pay by RV or USD. Keep in mind that it is not an investment, but a real advertising without (fake) profit generating.

Referral system

Atm has interesting referral system as you can see on the picture. You can earn 5% from advertising, 5% from referrals' earnings from viewing ads and 0.1-0.5% of RV on trades.

Of course the whole project is brand new, so some modules are not finished yet, e.g. reviews, video introduction, referral system. I think the admin will upload them very soon during the campaign.
Atm looks really promising thanks to payment option like Payza, which will attract many investors, traders - if the staff of Atm is able to deal with Payza. I am sure that the price of RV will grow - or simply become tradeable in the near future. I will publish some updates then, so stay tuned!
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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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