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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Payza? Scam!

Payza Scam
Hello guys, lets talk about the worst payment processor on the world. I have really bad experience with Payza, alias AlertPay, but as I see, I am not alone:

"It is almost impossible to calculate the number of small business owners and individuals who have had their accounts “frozen”. It happens every day to customers of the Patel Payza scam who get treated like the brothers’ own personal piggy bank. Here is what will certainly happen when you use Payza to send, receive or use their payment gateways. You might use Payza for weeks or even months before you receive an Email informing you that your account has been frozen, citing a breach of the Payza scam terms and conditions. These are changed regularly to enable them to do this. The amount frozen can be anything from $250 to $250,000. You will then be invited to re submit your application along with countless other documents. These will not even be read. You will then Email customer service at Payza to get your money back. You will receive a generic Email in return. Your problem will not be identified or solved. Your phone calls will not be answered. You will consult a lawyer. He will tell you that it will cost much more in litigation than the amount of money stolen. You will then take to internet forums and try to arrange a class action lawsuit against the Payza scam. You will be met with 1000 stories identical to yours. You will feel like a fool. Your money has gone forever and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Luckily for those of you reading about Payza on these pages for the first time, you don’t have to go through any of these stages. We are not even here to offer you alternatives, just do not do business with these thieves. If you are reading these pages as a victim of Payza, you have our sympathy. Sadly that is all we can offer you, apart from our ongoing commitment to document the outrageous and considered actions of Firoz and Ferhan Patel: architects of the Payza scam."


My story started when I helped a guy and exchanged few hundreds dollars. I accepted Payza and gave him PerfectMoney, just because I had enough money on my PM account. I did it without any benefit. After 2 months, when even opening a dispute is too late (max. 45 days) I got two emails that some transactions look like fraudulent so those were reversed. 
Hope you will never receive this kind of notification. 
Of course I answered immediately and explained that it was a personal exchange, backed with screenshots. Payza has concrete exchangers/partners as a result the staff answered that it was an unauthorized exchange.
Hm, I don't know who is the jaskass, since I explained the situation just after the reversal notification, where the original transactions hadn't any trace of exchange. They repeated themselves in each answer and stopped answering completely after 5th email. They didn't want to understand that it wasn't an illegal action, just a pure human factor - helping. (Do not help ;)

Of course I contacted the guy who I helped with exchange. He wrote that his account was blocked. I asked him to contact Payza and explain the situation. He said OK, but it was his last answer. What the hell, seems like just devils are around me.
Before contacting the SEC ( I gave a chance and contacted PerfectMoney. I was really surprised when the stuff answered quite fast and offered 50% refund. They told me that it's clear, Payza stole my money. Lately I ended just with 200$ refund.
Better than nothing, mainly because even PM stopped answering :D

Loss table:
Payza reversal: 770$
PerfectMoney outflow: 770$
Refund: 200$
Total loss: 1340$ (nice gift, isn't it?)

So guys, you can't exchange Payza funds because you avoid associated fees and circumventing regulatory requirements by personal exchanges. Hope you can send back the exchanged money from your bank account, because Payza will knock on the door at your local bank and will shout that it was an illegal action. They need the fees! Just joking ;)

The whole story is sad and the worst is that I am not alone. They can reverse any transaction and say it's fraudulent without any deeper explanation, even you are asking for. I really advice to avoid PAYZA, ex. ALERTPAY. This payment processor (as like the closed LibertyReserve) was made for shady businesses where beside the cheaters Payza also reserves the right to steal. This is the only way to "earn" money as fast as possible.

You are right, even other e-wallets can be closed anytime, so your question about the safest e-wallet is correct. If you remember, EgoPay scammed us also; stole our money and washed trough Payeer. So the situation is really questionable. I think the Russian Payeer is still strong enough. At least Russians guys are great if we are talking about serious businesses, even sometimes they make difficulties with verification. We have to choose the lesser evil, so the final solution can be BTC, just the floating price...


  1. it happened to me. i lost 260$ due to reversal.

  2. it happened to me too. i lost 350$

  3. This is considered money laundering, even if it's for personal reason or even to a friend. If you wish to pay someone these funds hold by Payza to other currency provider such as NetTeller skrill, etc. That's money laundering. I seen people done that to avoid paying taxes aka tax evasion or hide their true product they're selling but they never know for sure if it's just for a friend even if it's true or not. That's just part of them game. That's why we all use bitcoin now so we can hide our tracks. I would know, I been day trading for 5 years and know how it works.

  4. Don't use Payza's bitcoin wallet. I had $57 worth of btcs, is not much, but still it was my money. I sent the amount to my blockchain wallet. They sent an email telling me that first time withdrawal needs verification and that it will take up to 7 days. I thought that because it is Btcs it was going to show up faster, but NO...they take up to 7 days to let go of your Btcs. I am just waiting to see what is next.


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