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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Honor - for the brave REVIEW - scammed already

Honor was one of best projects in 2015, the following text is outdated:

Honor has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on the very first day. The insurance ($400) is active in first 20 days. Now, after 8 days it's time to write an extended review, even I think my first description was also good to understand what we can get in Honor.

Here we can earn from 3% up to 5% daily for 60 calendar days:

Basic package: 3% daily, min. deposit 30$, ROI: 180%, break even point: 34th day
Business package: 3.5% daily, min. deposit 500$, ROI: 210%, bep: 29th day
Professional package: 4% daily, min. 2.5k, ROI: 240%, bep: 25th day
Advanced package: 5% daily, min. 10k, ROI: 300%, bep: 20th day

Your principal is included in daily payments, by other words: no principal back. I prefer this kind of games and it is less stressful for admins as well.

+ great template
+ licensed and nicely edited GC script
+ investor friendly investment plans (no principal back option)
+ extended SSL from Comodo
+ UK registration
+ even Neteller is accepted, not just the basic e-wallet trio
+ manual, but fast withdrawals (max. 48 hours)
+ visibility on famous monitors
+ social buttons are linked
+ btc withdrawals/deposits at market rate

- all famous monitors were hired within one day
- no dislike at all

The referral commission is quite solid (I like it), we can get 4% from deposits of direct referrals. Here we can't get our favorite usernames, it is set by the scrip and looks like HONOR12345. Sometimes it makes trouble when you claim RCB with classic usernames and I can't identify you inside Honor. So do not wonder if I decline your request, you can submit one more time with correct username. 

I think the tech side of Honor is finished well, I have no objection. I just don't like the rumors about the admin. It is not important that EU5 was his previous project or not. I saw many times that the second program of the same big admin was a short scam. So if you prefer to decide by rumors, your wallet can be thinner soon.

Just one more paragraph. Admins are working for outstanding profits, so they won't close the shop until they don't get what they are working for (talking in general). So if somebody shouts scam on the very first day, that person is not clever player, just a hater/cheater. Because even the admin doesn't know the scamming date in the beginning, his success depends on you! You are the engine of hyips, so please select which admin is worth to support. If you are able to make a mass decision, the selected program will become success program and you will make nice profit. 

By the way I personally like Honor, this is why I added my own deposit on the very first day (3btc). But no, ISA is not as expensive as you would think, just sometimes I add my own investments ;) If you would like to follow me, please agree with the risk first and do not allow to affect your decision by insurance.

And our golden rule, do not forget that it's a hyip, so invest only what you can afford to lose!


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