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Monday, September 21, 2015

ProfitUnity Limited - scammed already

ProfitUnity Limited - scammed silently on 26th of October, but at least one investment cycle was done.

ProfitUnity Limited (PUL) has purchased R5 listing on ISA 6 days ago, so it's time to take a closer look on it.

It is clear that the admin prefers professional job, so we can see lot of extra stuff on the webpage and nicely customized GoldCoders script. So the question that PUL reaches the requirements of R5 listing is answered: YES.

PUL offers 2 types of investment plans - daily and after plans (even I am not a fan of after plans). But at least these are quite solid plans:

Daily: 1.8% daily on business days for 20 calendar days -  ROI: 127%
Daily: 2% daily on business days for 40 calendar days - ROI: 160%
After: 115% after 15 days and 155% after 30 days.

The deposit limit is valid for all plans: $10-10k, so you can choose either.

Alright, there is a quick summary of likes, as a smartest and most transparent way for investors in a hurry:

+ business class project with lot of extra details
+ nicely customized GC script
+ extended SSL certificate
+ 5 accepted e-wallets: PM, PY, BTC, OK, STP
+ instant withdrawals (up to 300$, otherwise up to 24h)
+ domain name was bought for 2 years
+ healthy referral commission 4%

- no dislike at all, maybe the fact that ISA wasn't hired on the first day ;)

If I see such details in sections which usually aren't customized in GC scripts, then I know that the admin is a maximalist. Thumbs up, I like such persons. Of course it is not a guarantee, just I like business class projects, mainly if these admins are brave enough to buy R5 listing, which contains 400$ insurance (yeah, the listing is expensive, but not because listing fee ;)

Margin >>> What is happening on the market? Even famous hyip monitors have weak performance nowadays. Here is a screenshot about hired monitors of PUL. But it's a general problem.
I saw the monitors' performance on last programs and seems they can't produce as many deposits as before. 1) I think smart players have their money invested in strong programs, by other words less volume remains for middle class projects. 2nd, people are tired of fast scams which is again in trend. 3rd, maybe people are also tired of monitors which accept every nonsense projects and they are looking for monitors which offer more benefits than words. Okay, that's enough for the margin <<<

Personally I like PUL. We can see only 1-2 hyips which were able to add STP; extended SSL is always nice to see and the quality of template/script in combination with instant withdrawals is just perfect - so thumbs up for admin! Good luck guys. But invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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