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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sticky - new type of Insurance

Hello guys, I would like to introduce a new style of Insurance. It is called  

I approved the frequent request of registered members - they needed higher insurance. Your wishes have come true! We are talking about 1000$. Of course, it must be attractive for admins as well so the feature seems like a good deal for both sides. Since ISA performs well, even it has less new listings than the competitors, I can afford to introduce this feature as a leader (and I hope the only) real insurance provider in the industry.

Alright, I give you more details ;)

Sticky is an upgraded listing, which will appear as the very first position over the listing categories. It is active for 20 days; then the listing will be moved back to original category and I will pay the amount back to the admin.

+ this is the best option if you would like to invest more
+ even the hardest RCB finders will join ISA instead rcb monitors
+ no RCB offer can beat 1k insurance even in the worst case*
+ the insurance can be active even for 40 days - at long-term projects
*the lowest shared insurance: 14% - Premium category, which is not comparable with Sticky
*the highest shared insurance: 100% (8 times)

+ first position - perfect visibility with cool Sticky label to outstand from the crowd
+ possibility to upgrade from any listing category
+ 1k will be returned after 20 days* if the project pays, so it is not an expense
* long term projects, e.g. 1.5% daily for 150 days will get it back just after 40 days

And what about me? Oh, there is a 10$ handling fee, so I can cover transaction fees. Am I too greedy? Yeah, I know, sorry guys ;)

Hope you like it! Any suggestion? Drop a comment in the field below:


  1. S**t, you are just freaking awesome think tank! What an idea... live ISA long (wish).

  2. HYIP with confidence... 1k thanks Zsolt

  3. I think it's cool - I don't see anything wrong with this. Alright, may I suggest? Okay, let the insurance be active for 30 days instead of 20 days.

  4. Will see how the current length and settings can generate new Sticky upgrades. Too high requirements have contrary effect. Later I can modify it to our needs.

  5. What are the current Insured programs?Can I find in STICKY listing?


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