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Sunday, November 29, 2015

MerchantShares - interview in the end of 2015

Hello community!

As you saw we got lot of listings in Premium or Reserved 5-star sections, but I rarely shared extended reviews. The truth is, I missed seriousness, originality, those projects were just classic hyips from tons of yearly production from the industry. If you check them now, you can see that their lifetime was quite short, so why to spend time and energy with reviewing fast scams? So if you missed these reviews, I am sorry.

But what about industry leaders who haven't got too attractive offers? - but they are stable and this is why the industry still exists, since all programs are just like falling stars. This time I would to share the interview from MerchantShares, hope you will like it:

1) Are you satisfied at the moment with the performance of MS?=> We are very much satisfied with the project and performances as we are doing real tradings and share profit to member which can last for forever till we are going together with compliance with regulatory.
That is why we do not accept direct new member join without referral. We need quality member who are not much greedy to earn overnight like from HYIPS.

2) Do you know that most of investors prefer high ROI projects? Of course their lifetime and risk level is not comparable with yours, but investors still prefer shiny - and usually risky projects. Do you feel strong enough to reverse this trend?=> We are like Banks, Profit withdraw are Instantly like ATM machines. So our ROI are realistic and pay from profit so we can not offer more profit than we generate. More Greedy is not good for health, one day they will lost all their money in HYIPS and come back to us as most of the member are with us saying they lost in HYIP and like to recover their lost in MS. And we are good on that they are trusting us.

3) Some investors like stable projects and the length is not important for them, but many investors said that your ROI is so low for 4-6 months. Could you answer them?=> We do not care of ROI time, our ROI is 150% based on daily 0.25% to 2.25% (including investment return), We can share profit what we make profit from business. If we can not make profit then the day might be more, If we make good profit the days can be shorter to earn profit 150%.

3) I know that you wanted just to reduce the expenses on transactions, but don't you think that (mainly) the withdrawal fees scared away more investors?
=> We know we lack lots of features and services for members as we focus on security only at first. We are working on new version of site expected to launch this christmas. Hope this will overcome all the features that member are waiting on. 

4) Your project has incredible lifetime, what is the secret where other admins fail? Do you have a message for them? 
=> We are team in Dominica (for compliance, Finance Dept.), Dubai (Trading), Malasiya (IT Dept.) and Hongkong (Ecurrency dealing, Support Staffs). So we are distributed to help member as much as possible to cover 24x7, 365 days.

5) Is the December negative month for MS due to low interest from investors? We call it "black December". 
=> Any month can be negative month or positive month, No one knows the future results. It will only know after the every day end and profit calculation. We separate few % of profit to additional/adjustment funds to cover profit distribution of 0.25 in non trading days and where there is less profit. We want to make member happy every day.

6) What are your plans for 2016? Wouldnt you modify the design of MS to move it higher level? You promised some changes in last years, but those were little changes and took so long time to deliver.
=> Yes we have already ready one design, but there was flaw on security, We do not risk members funds due to designs, Now we are going fully dynamic, fully flexible, Object Oriented Programming, Responsible site, Mobile apps etc. This helps to develop any new features more quickly and high member experience to site.

We got not the wanted answer in 3rd and the 4th questions, but my overall feeling is positive. I also saw that they are working on website slowly, but continuously so I hope they will continue while we - smart investors are earning. Yes, I reinvested - if you wanted to ask - and what about you?


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