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Friday, December 30, 2016

Rightrise - scam already

Total lifetime: 134 days
Monitored: 132 days
Cycles: 2 BEPs (break even points)
Satisfaction: satisfied, but I thought it will be longer game...

Rightrise is monitored by ISA 67th day and there are still 33 days remaining from active insurance. The admin knows what he are doing. He gave 3k PM for 100 days. The script is absolutely unique with lot of accepted e-wallets in USD, EUR and RUB currencies!
The investment plan is quite simple, 1~3% daily forever, no principal back option. You can earn a little bit more, there is a booster which can help you, but you have to do so many things, please check the Achievement section for more details. Currently my booster shows 1.14% even after several repurchases and good volume of referrals. Not much, but I like every unique stuff, so thumbs up!
And finally this is the first project with search referral function. I am getting many registration requests, so such searching function is very useful for me. 

Righrise claims controlling speed limits on the roads across the UK with modern technical equipment. The design of the website matches to this story, I like such professionalism, hope you too :)

Since almost every hyip player knows Telegram, guess what I want to say... Yeah, Rightrise has telegram bot as well. You can enable/disable notifications in your user profile on the official website, but I never checked the bot since the default user interface on the official website works well. 

Take a look on the list of accepted e-wallets:
just Payeer and Bitcoin were accepted in the very first days, but now Rightrise accepts Advcash, PerfectMoney, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Nixmoney, Yandex and BTC-e as well. Thumbs up for admin!

Withdrawals are processed instantly, but the FAQ mentions 24h time-frame. There is 6-level referral system:10-5-2-1-1-1%, but the levels for representatives are unbelievable high: 25-5-2-1% - once they reached all requirements.

I like the new year video very much, here you can check it:
This signalizes that the things are going well and I can tell you that Rightrise is very popular among Russian players, so there is no problem with money. Personally I reinvested some times, so I wish good luck for all of us!

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Back to business - well done projects

Hello guys,

I am back after 3 months of inactivity on this blog. I have had enough from fast scams and I thought (but still think) that it is not worth to write any review for hyip administrators since even attractive projects can scam so fast. We still can't predict the human factor - so nothing have changed, investors are still the guys who fall. But there are few amazing projects with pretty good results where investors can be more than happy.

In these silent months I rejected so many projects which usually switched to DN and MNO, but in half of the cases came back and wanted from me to rethink my decision. I think rejecting these projects many times helped to avoid fast scams. Lot of admins still do not know that if they want to hire all good English sources at once, my answer is negative in 99% cases even my competitors are earning really nice money from listing fees, but my priority is good business and my brand. I am happy with less money, good projects and happy referrals, cheers :)

Back to topic, let me say thank you for administrator of RAZZLETON. The project is monitored for 113 days, but Razzleton celebrates 1 year on the market without any bonus offer this time (I think we do not really like bonuses ;) Razzleton introduced several "after plans" in the past months witch such lengths: 20-40-60-90 days, ROI starting from 500% to 5000%, but I hope all smart players avoided these eye-catching plans. Probably yes, since Razzleton is still there. Thumbs up for admin!

Let me say thank you for administrator of XABO as well. The project is monitored for 189 days, but the total lifetime reaches 203 days today.  Its investment plan has never changed, so here we can earn up to 5% daily till we reach 150% ROI. Not bad and quite popular. Xabo doesn't have active insurance anymore, but it is good to see that it is not the only factor why to invest and many investors understood this.

There are another great projects with not as attractive ROI, but their lifetimes are amazing. POKERADV is monitored for 423 days already without any changes in investment plans. DOWERLY has very similar result. It is monitored for 361 days, but I do not really know when were the new investment plans introduced. These generate higher ROI obviously. I can just recommend to avoid any VIP plan, but not just here, but everywhere! BANDEIRA also deserves to talk about. It is monitored for 283 days, but somehow it is also not as popular as its admin would wish, but the most important thing is, investors who joined these projects did not regret investing!

This time I do not really want to talk lengthy about the king of hyips - MERCHANTSHARES, but it is evident that MS is the best and most stable project ever. Many times the daily earnings are as low as 0.25% and deposit/withdrawal fees make this project not as HOT as other trendy and fast hyips. But MS is able to attract serious players - other admins should learn from MS ;) Thumbs up for the administration! 

Last but not least there are some "new" projects, like ZINC7 with great performance. It is monitored just for 56 days, total lifetime 98 days. We can say that it is not big deal, but in compare with last "C7" projects, Zinc7 was able to grow and became more and more popular. It is also great extra that the admin pays us almost instantly not like last similar projects. Zinc7 pays the highest daily ROI between monitored projects by ISA - 7% daily, total ROI 210%. So now we can say WOW! Thumbs up for the admin!

The newest project which is worth to mention, RIGHTRISE. It is monitored for 55 days (57 days general lifetime), but it is quite popular. It is absolutely unique project and it has active insurance as well, but I think the main reason to invest is not the insurance. This is why I wanted to mention. I wish many successful months for the admin and of course for US :)

This is not an advice to invest, but I like good job so I felt that I owe some positive words for these projects! That's all for today, I will be back more often with reviews if a good project appears. Good luck guys!

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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Rapidincome - scam already

Total lifetime: 49 days
Monitored: 17 days
Cycles: maybe 4 cycles if we agree to 10-days cycles
Satisfaction: not satisfied, I expected much more from this admin, but we were right regarding negative marks in the beginning...

RapidIncome (RI) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 6/September. The insurance is active in next 28 days (800$ Payeer)

Here you can earn 2.5% daily forever. You can withdraw your principal anytime. Please note, 10% cancellation fee will be applied in this case. Also, you should know that all withdrawal requests are processed with 2% withdrawal fee. Earnings are credited on calendar days, but the withdrawals are processed just on business days, usually within few hours (max. 48 business hours).

Just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted: PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin; but these wallets cover almost 90% of total transactions in our industry. 

RI wasn't new project when came to ISA, it happened after first month being online. RI wasn't well monitored until this date, so RI was able to reach one month without huge attention, so without "extreme" investments. Of course promoters did their job in that time as well, which is quite effective way at all.

In the beginning I was also skeptical regarding the owner because RI doesn't look eye-catching, there is nothing to talk about, it is one hyip of thousands:
- no extended SSL
- no extra e-wallets
- unattractive design - back in time style
- the logo of Payeer has affiliate link on the main page
- high referral commissions, up to 13%

The script is the same from previous projects, including payment processing, withdrawal fees, etc. So it is a low cost project in general. I am not sure that it was really the admin's intention to scare away big players in first month. If yes, shall we see new design soon? I don't think. RI became very popular, so why to change the design if it won't bring more nor less inflow?

The admin contacted me and showed my details from his previous projects, so I have no reason to doubt anymore. I am also happy that he helped to solve our growing problem with one of speculative ex-member of ISA and saved us from even bigger negative event. Thumbs up for him!

Good or bad, I always recommend to invest just what you can afford to lose! For example I invested just 100 bucks from my pocket in the very first days and my investment is still active ;) 
So, if you like Rapidincome, then join with my link, get RCB, be insured and win in our monthly prize game >>>

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Revcoin - fast scam

Total lifetime: 33 days
Monitored: 31 days
Cycles: 0
Satisfaction: disappointed! Revcoin had good potential. It was one of few projects which was able to attract people from outside, but the admin was too greedy and ran away with 270k. I hope he will get this back from life.

Revcoin has purchased R5 listing on 26/Aug. The insurance is active in next 20 days (1200$ BTC)

This is project is really complex or we can say hybrid. What we can get here?
1) Classic investment opportunity:  2.5 - 3 - 3.5% daily for 58 business days. Principal is included in daily payments. ROI: 145 - 174 - 203%

2) Virtual currency: RVC - revcoin. Similar to bitcoin with long address IDs. This currency is listed even on
You should download the wallet module to your PC to manage your account in offline mode. There is no option to get "live account" on pages of Revcoin. This is not the best deal since we do not really like stuffs to download if it is linked to our money...

3) Trade RVC: - you can buy or sell to earn arbitrage in your userpanel, if you have RVC wallet already. The admin talked about further growth in newsletters (who expected downfall right now? ;) 

4) Exchanger: It looks simple, but you can exchange RVC to Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin or Advcash within 24 hours or faster during business hours. The only place to exchange.

The dashboard looks good, do you agree?
The banner in the middle is purchasable and delivers income for Revcoin.

+ unique project: idea, design, script (including new currency with own exchanger)
+ instant withdrawals (batch is shown just for BTC withdrawals)
+ downloadable revcoin wallet, video help (is it good to download anything in this industry?)
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ active Facebook profile
+ Payza, Okpay and Advcash are accepted over the basic e-wallet trio
+ serious admin

- no login button on the main page (click on Signup and then to Sign in)
- weak English level
- just few answers in FAQ
- downloadable stuff (I don't like such things, but it's good to see extra stuff)

Referral system has three levels: 5-3-2%
I think you already noticed that there are no classic usernames, but login IDs. For example this is mine: RVC0146699
If you like Revcoin, join with my link:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Invest and win! Permanent game for ISA investors

Official start: September 2016. First, I am going to share some bucks from the last insurance in the end of August between the best ISA investors. But then I will pick 7 lucky investors who posted any screenshot of fresh investment on our forum. At the moment I am going share 20% of unclaimed RCBs. I am curious how much can we collect :)  I will try to pick few investors with the highest deposits, +  the most frequent referrals and randomly as well. So do not forget to submit your proof of investment on our blog, like this:

The amount of 100 USD has been withdrawn from your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U2625028->U11196411. Memo: Shopping Cart Payment. LFG LTD.. Date: 17:57 17.08.16. Batch: 143487267.

Click here to participate:
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

GreenTelecom - scammed already

Total lifetime: 150 days
Monitored: 37 days
Cycles: 1
Satisfaction: pure failure. It became suspicious since the first bonus pack, then we had just 2 weeks till final collapse. 

GreenTelecom has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 2/Aug. The insurance is active in next 20 days (800$ PM).

The project isn't so simple in compare with basic hyips, but we like outstanding projects, don't we? :)
Here you can earn mostly between 0.9-2% daily for 90days ~ 1 year. For detailed information about investment plans and great user guide please visit

+ unique project (design, script)
+ almost all payment systems are accepted including bankcards (just Banks of the Dominican Republic)
+ multilingual site - Spanish, English and Russian versions are available
+ flash notifications in user-panel (but not so informative)
+ Facebook, Twitter accounts
+ US telephone number

- activation of "contracts" takes so long - 48 hours!
- max timeframe for processing withdrawals is not specified in FAQ
- the English version is not always easily understandable (native Spanish)
- manual Payza and Skrill deposits (the cheapest and riskiest way)
- no email notifications

The script is really custom made, thumbs up for the coder:

The referral system has 3 levels: 10-5-2% (Dont you think that it's high?)
Referral links differ from common linking, there are numbers instead username. Here is mine, do not be afraid to use it ;)

As I mentioned before, the activation of "contract" takes sometimes 48 hours, which is new for me, not really liked, but thumbs up for each not usual stuffs which differ from GC or H-script standards.
Withdrawing also doesn't follow the classic way. It's enough if you hover the mouse on your deposit square which turns and shows how much you can withdraw with live counter:

I really like GreenTelecom, but invest what you can afford to lose and prepare for the stronger season in autumn. Good luck!

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer break of 2016

As you noticed almost all new projects have collapsed in the beginning of summer, so what we can expect till the end of the season? Nothing good, maybe there can be 1-2 better projects in August; probably stronger trend can born in September.
So many investors decided to stop playing hyips till the end of summer and they decided well. The hyip community is not so big (per dominating languages) and the players usually invest just in the beginning, so no new project can last long if the admin doesn't have any strategy. It is not worth to play even new "sleepers" - which are usually run by amateurs who think that it's enough to buy GC script, then "Incubator" and they will receive attention and money.

Alexa shows negative trend in popularity of hyip blogs and monitors underwriting the mentioned things above. I also decided to not deal with classic hyips in these times which can offer just an investment plan and have a template (admins without creativity).

Dead season, what to say... - but it happens sometimes during the year - or many times if there are usually just "cheap admins" without leader projects. I hope the situation will normalize again, probably after this summer.

Last, but not least, let's talk about losses comparing ISA and other hyip monitors. I would like to show an example from previous scam wave - Cryptoeice, which lasted just 6 days (including one weekend)! In reality just 3 days (weekend, day one).
Let assume that we invested 100$ on day one and earned just 3x1.7% during 3 days. Here are the stats:

earnings during 3 days RCB Comepensation Total loss USD Total loss %
other monitors 5.1$ max. 10$ probably 0% 100 - 5.1 - 10 = 84.9$ 84.9%
ISA 5.1$ 5$ 50% 100 - 5.1 - 5 - 50 = 34.9$ 34.9%

I just wanted to show that using high RCB monitors in these days is absolutely wrong choice even those offer "the highest RCB". I also would like to warn you regarding insurance on other sites. It seems that it became trend to offer insurance, almost every second hyip source started to offer insurance. But while I provide transparency, they just talk about it and make fake stats.
How can they provide insurance service if they

1) do not have rules
2) do not show exact details of requests
3) publish just the final percentage
4) if investors aren't able to express their issues in public way
5) how easy to hide some big requests to keep the rate attractive?

Non transparent work - cheating. So here you are in the best place where each investor counts! The most important thing regarding insurance: do not choose any hyip just because it's "insured". Check how creative the admin is, check investment plans, referral system, e-wallets and then try to imagine that other investors are going to like it or not. Even such basic thoughts can bring better results than "insured? invest!" analogy.

Enjoy summer, holidays and prepare for restart from September ;) Good luck!
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Miaroi - scammed already

Total lifetime: 74 days
Monitored: 63 days
Cycles: 2
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Miaroi has purchased R5 listing on 21/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM)

I really like that Miaroi doesn't follow the way of simple hyip projects, and went back to basics, so we can call it "oldschool". The admin was inspired by combination of investment plans which were first used by Royalty7 several years ago, namely:

Daily plan: 6.8% daily on business days for 30 calendar days. Average ROI: 136% or max. 142.8% if you invest on Sunday (but not 150% as it is stated on the pages of Miaroi). The principal is included in daily payments.
After plan: 108% after 7 days. (1.14% per day - so not high ROI). The principal is returned with profit on expiry.
The deposit range is identical at both plans: $10-60k.

Miaroi has 3-level referral system: 5-3-1%

+ different style of design
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site: EN, CN, RU, ID, VN, TH

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted (at least AC should be here)
- buttons of social channels are inactive
- Miaroi offers money back guarantee (2 seals in the footer), but it is explained nowhere in terms or FAQ, so there is no money back guarantee at all
- minimum withdrawal: 1$
- 3 withdrawals per day

As you can see there are more dislikes than likes, but I still think that Miaroi isn't cheap project and can bring for us some profit if we invest reasonable amounts. The summer season is so weak, this is why I really recommend to play with low amounts. Then autumn will make the game more interesting or "risky", because so many players will join us again in autumn.

If you like Miaroi, join with my link:

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Friday, June 17, 2016

Xabo - scammed already

Total lifetime: 267 days
Monitored: 253 days
Cycles: so many cycles
Satisfaction: thumbs up, great project, but the admin disappointed me/everybody with the story how to scam us. It was good just for him to keep deposits rolling and earned + $20-30k, since the blind sheep still invests even after more days of moving Xabo to Scam section...

Xabo has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12/Jun. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Xabo claims that their income comes from selling cargo spaces on ships of all major companies in the UK and some other countries. The template matches with the story, even the "launch picture" in the news section nicely reflects/underlines the story of Xabo, so thumbs up the staff.

Xabo offers 150% return on investment max. within 50 days or just 30 days in case of higher amounts, where the "booster" takes effect. The minimal investment limit is as low as 10$. The booster becomes active at investments higher or equal to 1,000$. The lowest booster is x1.05 and grows up to x0.50 depending on invested amount. So we - basic investors enjoy the default daily earnings, which is absolutely not bad - around 3% daily.

You can have extra income by referring new investors as well. Xabo has 3 default levels: first 7%, second 3%, third 1%. Representatives can earn 10% from the first level, which is quite attractive income, but it isn't everything. I've never seen such feature... We can buy/unlock even the forth level just for 20 bucks. Is it worth? If you have so many referrals, then the answer is, yes.

+ unique script, nice backoffice
+ instant payments
+ multilingual site (Russian and Chinese at the moment)
+ Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, UK telephone number

- long pages, which contain lot of empty spaces
- limited personalization of user panels
- just the basic e-wallet trio is available
* no dislike at all since these are not strong arguments

The administrator of Xabo talked about several things which will be developed, integrated into webpage, so I am sure, investors will starting to love Xabo. Early investors will be more than satisfied and if they will show profit proofs, it should generate higher interest from investors even through social channels.

If you like Xabo, you can join the ship here:

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Allinol - scammed already

Total lifetime: 326 days
Monitored: 240 days
Cycles: nearly 13 if I count the original 25-days plan
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

Allinol has purchased Premium listing on 29/November/2015 and upgraded to Reserved 5-star on 6/Jun/2016. So we got insurance two times without negative events, thumbs up for admin ;)

Allinol operated with type of investment plan until the last redesign and changes. I won't talk about old investment plans, but the ROI remains almost the same, just the rate of daily earnings has been changed. Now you can earn 5% ~ 5.5% ~ 6% ~ 7% daily for 30 business days, where the principal is included daily payments. Min. ROI: 150%, you need 20 business days to reach the BEP. And there is one "after plan": 111% after 7 calendar days.

The project looks really professionally after the last redesign, I like the template and the backoffice also meets high industry standards:

Hope you like it as well ;) So let summarize the pros and cons:

+ great admin
+ excellent design based on nicely edited GC script
+ instant payments - no timeframe for manual processing (but why to have 2 btc wallets?)
+ Advcash is accepted as well over the basic e-wallet trio

- no social sites linked even it can be a good source of new investors
- Livechat window - did not worked when I tried

Allinol has 3-level affiliate system: 5-3-2% which probably doesn't generate push effect, so there is a chance to enjoy the earnings longer at such "controlled outflow". I really wish to see Allinol here even in 2017, fingers crossed.
If you like Allinol, join with healthy amount to keep it alive as longer as we can!

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

BusinessAngels - scammed already

Total lifetime: 78 days
Monitored: 67 days
Cycles: 3 BEPs
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because this summer was the worst season ever

OUTDATED:BusinessAngels has purchased R5 listing on 27/May. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Here you can earn on business days forever or as long as BusinessAngels is available. You start from 1% which will grow every day by 0.5% until you reach 4% daily. Then the growth will stagnate, but 4% daily is absolutely enough, I think you agree. And once again, forever means that you can't withdraw your deposit.

+ beautiful design including banners and user panel
+ instant withdrawals (max. 48h in case of errors)
+ extended SSL (green bar)
+ CH certificate
+ many social channels
+ ENG/RUS translations and telephone numbers
+ soft start, not expensive monitors were hired

- so high referral commissions 12-2-1% (three level)
- BTC deposits are converted at 450$ rate, which is ridiculous these times. More modules uses BTC currency, but investment plans are credited in dollars... big dislike for admin, mainly because he has good programmers.

BusinessAngels meets high industry standards, but the fact that it will be successful depends mainly on investors. No problem will happen while they invest reasonable amounts, but if they will invest crazy amounts, the game will starting to be more risky, mainly because paying 12% from high amount + daily outflow are the biggest stress-factors for admins. So if you like BusinessAngels, play it safely and enjoy your earnings!

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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Coinsage - scam already

Coinsage has scammed on 15/Jun/2016

Total lifetime: 21 days
Monitored: 21 days
Cycles: 2 short cycles 
Satisfaction: not satisfied! All investors knew who is the admin and deposited so much money in the shortest plans. Hit&run style, no natural growth.

Coinsage Limited has purchased R5 listing on 25/May. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600$ PM).

The investment plans are simple "after plans" starting from 2% daily for 7 calendar days (114% ROI, 10-199$ deposit range) and ending with 6% daily for 42 calendar days (352% ROI, $15k-50k). Just the amount of deposit defines the length and ROI. The principal is available to withdraw on expiry.

+ great admin
+ instant withdrawals
+ Rating page, FB page
+ simple, but nice user panel (H-script)
+ separate BTC user wallet, so the price of BTC doesn't affect your investment

- just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted and won't be added more e-wallets as I heard
- high initial inflow - hyip players: what next? I do not like this "hurray" effect and it is the biggest stress-factor for admin/project

Referral system
Coinsage has 2-level affiliate system. First level: 5%, second level: 2%. No representative option at the moment. But telling the truth, representatives are no longer effective way at hyips to attract more people into game. Promoters do the job even without extreme commissions so enabling representative RC means higher outflow for nothing. This option helps just at giant projects, which are soo rarely.

As I said the admin of Coinsage is great, but the money is the most important factor which comes from investors. If they can't play hyips, then me or the admin can't help. The project needs continuously growing inflow the reach good lifetime. If you like Coinsage, then do not hesitate and join. 

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cryptostability - scammed already

Cryptostability has scammed on 14/Jun/2016

Total lifetime: 37 days
Monitored: 37 days
Cycles:  0!
Satisfaction: not satisfied! There were some greedy investors and groups who invested so high amounts. As a result the game has been ended prematurely. I wish to teach these guys since they break the game for all of us. The admin needs continuously growing inflow to keep the project alive and not inflow waves. "Big investors", keep it in your mind. 

Cryptostability has purchased R5 listing on 8/May. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600$ PM).

Nothing more, nothing less, Cryptostability is the hottest project currently. It reached the 2nd place on ISA just in 5 days and now it takes the first place in record time. How it is possible? Cryptostability is highly liked by investors, that's simple.

The investment plans are attractive. All plans are running for 70 business days:
3% daily, (10-249$) - 210% ROI
3.5% daily, (250-999$) - 245% ROI
4% daily, (1k-1499$) - 280% ROI
4.5% daily, (5k-10k) - 315% ROI
5% daily, (10k+) - 350% ROI
The principal is not returned on expiry!

+ fresh design, business class project
+ nicely modified Goldcoders script
+ instant payments up to $500
+ Skype, Facebook profiles
+ no principal back (good way to reach longer lifetime)
+ finally somebody did it! - new style of banners

- no dislike at all

As you can see, just the basic e-wallet trio accepted, but the admin is working to bring Advcash, STP and Payza. At the moment these e-wallet modules are enabled in profiles, but remains inactive for depositing. Hope the admin will able to deal with support of these e-wallets.

The referral system is quite attractive: 6-3-2-1-1% for investors and 12-6-4-2-2% for representatives, which is so high I think.

The official start of Cryptostability was so strong, the most expensive monitors were hired. The inflow is perfect at Cryptostability, so I hope that the admin can handle the situation and will do necessary steps for further growth, and will follow giants like Amazing5 or Capital7.
I wish good luck for all investors!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Agilital - scammed already

Total lifetime: 170 days
Monitored: 163 days
Cycles: 0
Satisfaction: not satisfied, but it was expected since its long investment plan had principal back option. The admin took down the site at first expiration wave and made it difficult to share the available insurance.

Agilital Inc. has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 29/April. Initial insurance: 20 days (600 PM).

The investment plan doesn't offer fixed earnings. There you can earn 60-90% profit-sharing daily for 120 business days. The principal becomes available to withdraw on expiry. The minimal daily earnings are set to 0.4%, maximal - 2% (rarely, just at higher amounts).

+ business class project
+ demo currency (of course not withdawable)
+ unique script
+ page for trading statements
+ FB, Twitter, G+ connections
+ 5~7% referral commissions depending on amount of referrals (liked by promoters)
+ weekly trading reports

- business class project, but just the basic e-wallet trio is accepted

I think Agilital is not so popular project due to low ROI and long term, but was PokerAm popular in first months? I don't think. So I really hope that the admin of Agilital will introduce some good news, extras to push the project ahead.

By the way withdrawals are processed within 12 hours on business days, 24h on weekends.

How to claim RCB
If you would like to get RCB from me, do not forget to include your ID (username). In this case I can identify your referral commission since there aren't classic user names. Most of RCB players put their ISA-usernames in RCB form which is not correct - so be careful. Currently I started to offer 7% referral commission back to my investors since I have more than 15 active investors. 
Just for mention, the basic level starts at 5% - up to 6 active referrals, then 6% - till 14 active referral and 7% from 15+. It is good motivation factor for promoters to keep the project running. 

Great news: The insurance period has been extended till first expiration - 120 business days (15/May).

Some guys see speculative intention, but which admin made such offer? I can't remember. So I can say that the admin of Agilital isn't greedy like some crazy "administrators" (I prefer another word), so thumbs up for Agilital.

If you are not sure who is your upline when you register, this is my ID: 9791965

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cryptonus - scammed already

Total lifetime: 126 days
Monitored: 79 days
Cycles: 8 (2-week plan)
Satisfaction: satisfied, just who knows that the hacking story was real or not...
Cryptonus has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 1/May. The insurance is active in first 3 weeks (1000$ BTC). I waited one week with publishing this review - to get my first earnings, so finally I can move Cryptonus to Paying officially.

Cryptonus has midterm investment plans with weekly accruals:
2-weeks - ROI: 110/120% (weekly/after)
3-weeks - ROI: 120/135% - weekly, you can choose the amount of accruals
4-weeks - ROI: 130/150% - weekly, you can choose the amount of accruals

+ unique project
+ multilingual mutations
+ live chat, skype
+ automated payments

- weekly payments are not so attractive
- two websites for two currencies (BTC - PM)
- no referral program (no push effect from promoters)

IMPORTANT! Cryptonus doesn't have affiliate system, so the only way to being insured is the following:
- you can invest via BTC:
- or alternatively by Perfectmoney:
In both cases you have to write into memo-field during depositing "referred by ISA". It is easy to do, please check the following screenshots:
Blockchain old version:
Blockchain new version:

When you deposited, send me the screenshot about the transaction, where is visible the text, your e-wallet ID and time/date. I will store these details during 3 weeks, while the insurance is active. In case of negative event just these investors will be entitled to get compensation, hope you agree.

I can say nothing how popular Cryptonus is since there is no referral program, but I am not sure that weekly earnings can be so attractive. This is why I hope that the admin will introduce some good news, extras -  to push the project ahead.
Invest only what you can afford to lose!

The longest and most important newsletter from Cryptonus (11/July):

Dear friends, partners and investors!
Let me announce the latest news on Cryptonus project.
We have invited experts in the field of IT security and moved our site to a new, completely secure, dedicated server.
Now all the information is inaccessible to the frauds' eyes and hands. It is impossible to gain access to any of our payment information, nor to our wallets.
Unfortunately, the events of recent days - a significant part of our cash removal, a campaign launched against our project on the forums led to extensive loss of both our reserves and current revenue. Over the past days, frightened investors have taken from the project more than 50 000 dollars.
But the most important thing is that we survived, in spite of everything!
Now as we have moved to a new platform and protected themselves from further attacks, we have come to a long and difficult period of recovery after all shocking events.
We announce the period of the next two months (until September, 01) as Cryptonus RECOVERY PERIOD.
At the moment, we are facing two major tasks:
• Pay out all the debts accumulated during last days (about $ 50,000)
• Increase the inflow of new deposits as soon as it possible and come back to the normal operation
Paying out all the debts

We must say now the most important thing - all the debts will be fully paid to the investors. We do not consider any restart of the project, discounting or other non-option commitments.
It can not be solved overnight, or even within one or two days; it will take some time. But we ask to take it quietly and with understanding, especially those who have come to play a long game.
On the final output to the normal schedule of payments, we need exactly one week.
Payout date Term of Paying
07.07 till 10.07
08.07 till 11.07
09.07 till 12.07
10.07 till 13.07
11.07 till 14.07
12.07 till 14.07
13.07 till 14.07
Many of our investors have made it clear that their plan is not to withdraw their money from the project and they are ready to reinvest for the long term.
For these investors, we introduce the concept of auto-reinvest. I will not only help to save the commission for endless shipments of money back and forth, but also make operations easy and remove the extra load of the project during its recovery.
To enable auto-reinvest, you just need to send the message to the admin. Investors who turn on auto-reinvest get a bonus - their deposits will be placed on a special plan with a ROI of 150%
The increase of the of new deposits inflow
The most important task is to restore the balance of cash-ins and cash-outs and creating a project reserves in the shortest possible time. Of course, you will notice that it is the task of the admin and depends on its advertising activity.
But, in fact, no one can present and promote the project better than its investors. Investors words and opinions always inspire confidence and look convincing.
We are improving the terms of the action "Invite a friend". Now you will get 5%, not only from the first deposit but also from all subsequent deposits of the friends you invited. As long as the process is not automated, the bonus will be calculated at the end of each month and paid in cash.
In the recovery period of the project, we introduce special conditions for placing of new deposits:

Period Bonus (added to the principal)
08.07 – 10.07 15%
10.07 – 15.07 10%
16.07 – 31.07 5%
01.08 – 15.08 3%

In addition, we are launching a Fifty-Sixty action.
Starting from 08.07 we will place first 50 deposits to the special plan of 160% ROI.
The amount of the deposit should not be less than $500
Payments will look like:
After 1 week – 10%
After 2 weeks – 30%
After 3 weeks – 50%
After 4 weeks – 70%
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Betstar - scam already

Betstar has scammed on 23/May/2016

Total lifetime48 days
Monitored: 47 days
Cycles: 1.5 if I do not count "after plans"
Satisfaction: satisfied because I have negative experience of sport themed hyips and got scared after first crazy deposits, but the admin was able to run it longer than 10-15 days and finished the first cycle.

Betstar isn't new on ISA. Its first listing category was Premium with Sticky position and 1K insurance - 5/April. Betstar was rolled back to Premium when the Sticky has expired. Then the admin decided to upgrade to Reserved 5-star section (30/April) and I approved his request. The current insurance expires on 19th of May (600 PM).

Investment plans:
1) daily plan: 5% daily for 30 days (10-499$), - up to 8% daily for higher deposits. So the minimal ROI is 150%, max. 240%.
2) after plan: 115% after 7 days (min. 1k)

+ great design
+ attractive investment plans
+ Advcash is also accepted over the basic e-wallet trio
+ rating page, bet-history
+ connected FB page
+ promo video
+ live chat
+ Russian, German, Spanish and Chinese translations are available as well

- no dislike at all

The withdrawals are processed manually, the official timeframe: 24h (FAQ), but we are getting paid sometimes in minutes, which is a good sign - nobody likes waiting long in this speedy world.

The referral system was set to "medium", you can earn 5% from deposits of your referrals. Active deposit is not needed to qualify. 

It is good to see that the administrator of Betstar is working continuously and bringing new extras since I published the brief description on ISA. Recently were added language mutations (RU, DE, ES, ZH), promo video - which will be available in German language as well, and Bet-history page, where you can see results on bets.

The industry needs admins like Betstar to keep the positive investing atmosphere. Many admins are not aware that they affect the industry with fast scams and then they complain that there is a low inflow when they are back with new projects. So thumbs up for Betstar's admin, but invest only what you can afford to lose!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bandeira Construction - review

Bandeira Construction (BC) has purchased R5 listing on 10/March. The insurance was already returned to admin after first 20 days (500$ PM). It was clear that no negative event will happen during the insured period since BC meets high industry standards.

If you are familiar with script from Goldcoders and H-script then you will recognize both scripts in one. I do not really care that the final script is licensed or not, thumbs up for the coder!

There are 2 types of investment plan:

BUY: you can earn 1~4% daily until you reach 150%. The minimal deposit limit is quite high, 3k+
It's better to check the BUY/SELL page:
There is one advantage, you can sell your investment anytime. There is a market created for this purpose, find the button from left-side menu in your account. I am not sure, but probably you must wait for a buyer in this case and your investment isn't purchased back by the system automatically. If you have another experience, please contact me and I will update the review.

There you can earn 1~1.8% daily until you reach 150%, deposit range $10-500
or 1~2.5% daily until you reach 150%, deposit range $501-2.5k
So, there you can reach 150% slower in compare to BUY/SELL, but most investors are choosing this investment plan.

The script contains some small bugs, but no problem at all. For example, the script shows rounded amount which will be processed, as you can see on the following picture, but you will get as much as you entered in first steps:
The source currency of my deposit is PerfectMoney, maybe this is the reason why I can't withdraw the accumulated referral commissions to Payeer, even I tried lower amounts than the available money. So there are remaining more things to fix, but I can say that the developers made really outstanding job, BC desires R5 branding on ISA. 
By the way withdrawals are processed manually within 12-48 business hours, but usually within 5-10 hours.


+ beautiful design and script
+ lot of social connections
+ extra and unique stuff: brochure
+ extra referral commissions from daily earnings over the referral commissions from deposits
+ extra income from banner advertising
+ introduction video
+ extra size banners
+ design of notification emails
+ extended SSL certificate, CH certificate
+ more e-wallets: Okpay, Neteller, Payza, Advcash, STP + the basic e-wallet trio (PM, PY, BTC)
+ you can invest via several currencies USD, EUR, RUB, BTC

- the scheme of referral commissions is misleading, you should read to understand that BC pays just 3% and 1% for basic uplines (+ daily commissions from referrals' earnings)
- hard to find the investment plans - you should register first - not logical and not attractive
- purchasable banner position decreases the quality of BC if banners of cheap sites are shown

Am I impressed as investor? Sure, BC is an amazing project, just these investmen plans don't open my wallet...
I think that BC will reach great lifetime, since the project needs more time to convince wider volume of investors.

My referral link:
Do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Romball - scam already

Romball has scammed on 14/May/2016

Total lifetime: 64 days
Monitored: 63 days
Cycles: 4 (15days/cycle)
Satisfaction: great project
Romball has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12/March. The insurance is active in first 20 days (500$ PM), which was already returned to admin. I am glad to see that more and more stable projects join ISA, so the insurance is not needed at all.

Investment plans:

The shortest is my favorite plan even it offers just 1.2% daily for 15 days (10~199$), principal back, total ROI: 118%. The following picture of investment plans tells more than boring words:
All plans come with principal back option. This option is not really liked by me, but it doesn't mean problem for pro administrators, like now in case of Romball.

+ simple, but professional design
+ instant withdrawals (no extra timefrime is specified in FAQ)
+ visible on best monitors
+ high quality banners (similar to flash even it's just .gif)
+ Twitter and Facebook accounts (no activity at all)

- just the basic e-wallet trio is available
- the backoffice comes without design even it is really userfriendly as we know from H-scripts
Romball has 3-level referral system: first 7%, second 2%, third 1% - which is perfect for promoters to extend the lifetime of Romball. Few years ago I thought that high % RC reduces the lifetime in general, but promoters love high commissions (10% is also fine), so such projects can reach even longer lifetime than projects with low RC, e.g. 3%.
By the way no active deposit is needed to withdraw referral commissions. 

I wish good luck for each active investor, but invest only what you can afford to lose!
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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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