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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coince - scam already

Total lifetime: 223 days
Monitored: 222 days
Cycles: 2.5
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because these were long cycles, thumbs up for this admin even the end always pains...


Coince has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12th January 2016, so it's time to take a closer look. The insurance (400$ PM) is active in first 20 days as usual.

My first impression was pretty good when I saw Coince first time. I like this kind of business template with sign of professionalism.

Here you can earn 2% daily for 90 calendar days. The principal is included in daily earnings, so the final ROI ends at 180%. Min. deposit: 10$. It is interesting that there is no extra graphic element to show the investment plan, just the calculator on the main page. The calculator works perfectly, no pop-up window like in case of basic GC script.

Coince has some unique features, one of them is the username. It looks like this C1234567, so you can't really know who is who, which can be more complicated if you would like to join Coince with specified upline. Of course hyip veterans are smart enough to know how does such system work and I also do not consider this as a problem.
Just your "username" has to be entered on the main page to access your backoffice. The second window asks for password and captcha code as well; then you are redirected to your account. It's a nice extra, even I saw more userfriendly solutions.
Withdrawing is also interesting. You should enter the amount and your e-wallet ID as well. Then, the next step asks for PIN code. Then the confirmation message shows 24h timeframe for processing.

+ business class design and perfectly customized GC script (licensed)
+ extended SSL certificate (green bar), CompaniesHouse certificate
+ extra seals from Norton, TrustWave, McAfee
+ multidomains or brand protection: domains with .biz .org .net .uk .ru .us .eu endings are redirecting to main domain of Coince.
+ introduction video
+ extra pages and modules
+ Facebook and Twitter connected
+ many banners
+ no principal back option

- the investment plan is "almost hidden"
- no notification email about the processed withdrawals<br>
- Coince stagnates, no active campaign after the strong start

I also like that the admin spent more money and ordered lot of banners, just a sample:
Coince - Bitcoin Investment Solution
I browsed the FAQ as well, where the admin mentioned PayPal, which can be the next e-wallet in the future over the basic e-wallet trio (PM, PY, BTC). It's ok that he is working to get the best inflow, but we know that accepting PayPal is the riskiest turning point, since PayPal prefers just real businesses. After a specified inflow they will ask for extra documents and will limit the account during this period. It happened x times and will still happen in the future. We - investors do not need PayPal, but Payza, STP, Neteller, Okpay or Skrill ;) Do you agree?
Hope yes, and hope that the admin of Coince will consider this way.

There is a 3-level referral system for active members: 5-2-1% and for representatives 7-2-1%. There are no representatives at the moment, but hope it will be the next level and the admin will publish this by newsletter later.

I like Coince and keep my fingers crossed for great progress. I think you know that new investments and reinvestments are needed to keep any investment project alive. Hope the investors will also like Coince, which can ensure longer lifetime.

My referral link:
Good luck and do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Amazing5 - scam already

Amazing5 has scammed on 25/April/2016
Total lifetime: 187 days
Monitored: 112 days
Cycles: 4+ (43 days/cycle)
Satisfaction: outstanding, hope you agree


Amazing5 (A5) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 4th of January, but A5 is officially online since the end of November 2015, so it's clear that the admin is a professional. It is not secret that many investors made profit already - thumbs up!
Amazing5 is really attractive project, the template is eye-catching, the script is unique and almost all e-wallets are available connected, just like Payza, STP, Neteller or Advcash - over the basic e-wallet trio.

A5 offers 2 investment plans:
The Five (daily) - 5% daily for 31 business days, ROI: 155%, deposit range: 20-500k
Fixed 112 (after) - 112% after 10 calendar days, ROI: 112%, deposit range: 20-500k

Until January A5 looked like a sleeper project without active campaign. Then the admin decided to upgrade the level of visibility and hired more monitors, including ISA. The investment plans haven't been changed.

+ perfect design and script
+ userfriendly interface
+ almost all e-wallets are accepted
+ the project must be attractive to handle 5% daily outflow and A5 is definitely attractive
+ online support
+ the webpage is also available in Russian, Spanish, German, French and Italian
+ extended SSL certificate
+ sms notification for processed withdrawals (optional) - rarely seen feature
+ introduction video
+ active Facebook, Twitter and Skype
+ experienced admin

- no dislike at all

The withdrawals are processed within 24 hours, usually within few hours or less. 
A5 has a 3-level affiliate program: 10-2-1% - you can earn even without deposit. Representatives earn better as usual: 15-3-2%. The idea that supporters must be paid better is good, but this is too much I think.

I personally like A5 very much, it's a really expensive project. Such programs always do more than one cycle (in compare to midclass hyips), because the admin first need to earn back the expenses, then he is trying to reach the best inflow. I hope the admin will upgrade A5 to higher level, because the most popular programs need even more new investors which can arrive e.g. from Google. Fingers crossed and do not forget: invest only what you can afford to lose,

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MegaRoi - scam already

Megaroi has scammed on 1/March/2016
Total lifetime: 83 days
Monitored: 69 days
Cycles: 4+
Satisfaction: I am satisfied with the lifetime since MR wasn't outstanding program and in the end I saw zero interest from investors.


MegaRoi (MR) purchased Reserved 5-star listing in December (guess when) so it's time to take a closer look. The insurance was sent back to admin (400$ PM), I was sure that it won't be used in first 20 days (If the admin decides to start in December, usually he must pay longer to get good inflow - I thin it is clear for you).

I do not really like "principal back programs", but it is my personal taste, do not link it with MR. I really like this simple and clear design backed by customized H-script. The banners look great as well, I have a feel that those are flash and not just a .gif files. (It is usually good marker for me to see the admin's budget and level of professionalism.)

Well, I can write some paragraphs about the investment plans, But it is better to see than read!
You can earn on business days in the given investment range (bold). The last investment plan (min. 5k$ deposit limit) is so risky, do not forget that paying such amount back is hard decision for admins, so be smart and earn money with "normal" deposits. The withdrawals are processed manually, max. timeframe 24h (usually within few hours).

I am happy that 2 short cycles are already done, so I classify it as a success. Thumbs up for admin. I also like that Okpay was added over the basic e-wallet trio and Facebook fan page will be also integrated in the near future.

The referral system allows you to earn even without active investment. You can earn min. 3% on deposits, up to 6%, depending on invested amounts - check the picture please.
Thumbs up for email template as well, I like if the admin pays attention even to little details.

MR is clear and easy to understand investment solution with a pinch of oldschool feeling. It is also clear that MR is managed by an experienced admin, mainly because he was so brave to start the campaign in December. Of course it can't be enough, so I am looking forward the results in the first months of 2016.
Last but not least - do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.
Register here:
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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dowerly - scam already

Total lifetime: 488 days
Monitored: 488 days
Cycles: 48 short cycles
Satisfaction: satisfied, even Dowerly was absolutely not popular project...

Dowerly Ltd has purchased Reserved 5-star listing right before Christmas, so it's time to have a closer look. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM) and I think nobody expects negative event during this period, since Dowerly is a low ROI, long-term project.

There are 3 investment plans:

As you can see 0.2% min. earnings are guaranteed in each investment plan. It is not so attractive, but there are more projects in the industry with similar investment plans and doing well. Of course, older projects have their own investor base, so the time is also important factor to achieve progress and get new more investors. We will see.

Dowerly accepts instant payments trough PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Okpay and Bitcoin (finally).
Skrill and Neteller are now also available, but in manual mode - you have to deposit directly from your e-wallet. Intersting is, that Skrill and Neteller deposits should to be sent to email address. Should I smile or cry that the director at Dowerly is Mrs. Mihalyne Czudarhelyi, a Hungarian 61 years old woman? If we are talking about the money, sending to such personal email address in registered financial company, looks comical, unprofessional.
The logo of Payza is also visible, but it isn't accepted yet.

I liked that the admin started just with few e-wallets, so there was a chance for progress and the admin did it (excluding Payza). Investors don't really like low-cost solutions, so the admin should learn from MerchantShares how to handle numerous e-wallets in fully automated way, which is one of the best "wallet opening factors" in combination with unique script, but most admins don't understand this and wonder why they get "low" inflow.

I have a dejavu feeling regarding the script, but lets say, it's unique. The login form must be filled in manually each time if you would like to enter the backoffice.
Also, you can't find the FAQ or other general pages once you are logged in. You can't see the available balance once you clicked on Withdrawal button. You have to click back to know how much are you able to withdraw. These are small, but annoying details which can have negative affect in the end.

There is a one-level affiliate system, you can earn 3% on referrals' deposits; representatives earn 5%. By the way the system operates with 7-digit numbers instead usernames, so the system is not as transparent as we got used in GC script. 

The FAQ and some paragraphs on the main page are not readable due to wrong style of letters. The About Us page also underlines Dowerly's deficiency. Is enough to place a plain text and wait for deposits? I am not sure that it works.
Links in the footer don't work, e.g. Investments, FAQ, About Us, Terms

But I must say some positive stuffs as well. Dowerly is a registered UK company which operates with instant withdrawals, except Neteller and Skrill. I also like the template of notification emails. But that's all. I am not really satisfied at the moment, but there is enough place and time to prove us. Let's see.
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Friday, January 8, 2016

AlbionUnion - scam already

AlbionUnion has started paying selectively on 7/April/2016
Total lifetime: 887 days
Monitored: 121 days
Cycles: 22
Satisfaction: excellent length, but somehow it wasn't the best...


AlbionUnion (AU) was added by me to R5 listing thanks to outstanding past performance. I invested in AU long time ago in 2013, but AU is still alive what is incredible. This is why I decided to reinvest and list it as R5 project, hope you will like it.

Keep in mind that you can use to invest just the selected currency during the registration. I do not really like this limitation, but you can ask the support to change it later if needed.

AlbionUnion is a low ROI stable project which offers several investment plans. The first 3 plans are relatively safe, but the minimal deposits are so high from that point, take a look:

START: 0.6% daily for 40 days, min. deposit: 100$, ROI: 18% + principal
ADVANCE: 0.8% daily for 70 days, min. deposit: 500$, ROI: 49% + principal
EXPERT: 1.2% daily for 80 days, min. deposit: 5k, ROI: 77% + principal
PROFESSIONAL: 1.5% daily for 90 days, min. deposit 10k...
DELUXE: 1.7% daily during 100 days, min. deposit 25k...
PREMIUM: 2.1% daily during 110 days, min. deposit 50k...
VIP: 2.4% daily during 120 days, min. deposit 75k...

+ low ROI => low risk
+ incredibly long lifetime
+ unique script (but equivalent with
+ well monitored project
+ extra pages - like trading results + intro video
+ Okpay, STP, Litecoin and Qiwi is also accepted over the basic e-wallet trio, + bankwire on request
+ notification emails about the trading results (Saturdays)
+ video presentation (not really valuable, but its also an extra)

- the lowest deposit limit is relatively high: 100$
- the trading results are not live as they state, updates are done on Saturdays
- the user panel has just basic functions
- you can't find FAQ, it names "Get started" with less answers

Sometimes even the news are not so informative, so here are some explanations if you are looking for more information:
If you would like to deposit trough your bank: First account must be verified, we need full information about bank location, county and account holder. Copy of id and address confirmation. After that we will activate this function for users account.

You can also see VIP cards on the main page, but this option is not available for all active investors: There are 2 options:
1. All VIP tariff customers 

2. All customers from 25000 USD Bitcoin deposits

I like that we must enter the PIN in the withdrawal form trough numeric keypad, at least the bots can't steal your funds ;) Keep in mind that the minimal withdrawal is 1$ and it is processed within 24 hours.

I like the weekly newsletter about trading results, thumbs up for managing. There is a note in these emails that AU provides for its customers GUEST ACCESS to FOREX trading account. So, if you are interested, contact the support of AU and check that out.

Seems the admin has good intentions, mainly because AU is nearly 3 years on the market. Yes, you are right, it's not too shiny due to low ROI, but what is important for you? Earn low amounts or lose in shiny hyips? Of course the safety is the most important, so invest only what you can afford to lose.

Join AlbionUnion here:
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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fenix-group - scammed already

Fenix-group scammed on 26/Jan/2016
Total lifetime: 49 days
Monitored: 45 days
Cycles: 2+
Satisfaction: satisfied, I expected 1 cycle due to high ROI

Fenix-Group (FG) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 11/Dec. We had 400$ PM insurance, but it wasn't used, so it was returned to admin after first 20 days. 
FG offers 2 investment plans:
Progressive: 4-5% daily for 20 days, principal back. ROI: 180-200% 
Classic: 8.5-9.5% daily for 20 days, principal included. ROI: 170-190%
The minimal deposit is as low as 10$ at both plans.

+ good design and h-script based user interface, ofc it is nicely customized
+ extended SSL, UK certificate
+ almost all e-wallets are available including Skrill, Payza, STP, AdvCash, Okpay, Neteller
+ manual but fast withdrawals
+ RateUs page
+ not many, but good hyip monitors were hired

- hard to manage high ROI project
- no dislike at all

The admin decided for instant withdrawals to Payza and STP on 21/Dec, but then he turned it off due to hacking attack on 28/Dec. It is not bad at all, important is that we are paid.
Skrill deposits are handled manually, you have to send the payment directly from your wallet during the depositing:
Personally I like FG very much, this is why I invested $400+ from my pocket on very first days - before the official listing purchase.
It is good to see that first investors are close to BEP. It is possible thanks to new deposits and reinvestments, mainly because FG accepts almost all available e-wallets. It is also clear that FG can't have long lifetime because the ROI is high, but at least it is much better program than the average nowadays and there is a real chance to earn. Thumbs up for the admin, but invest only what you can afford to lose.
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Allibio - scam

Allibio has scammed on 9/March/2016
Total lifetime: 98 days
Monitored: 95 days
Cycles: 3
Satisfaction: very satisfied - 3 months online 


Allibio has purchased Incubator listing a month ago when its campaign wasn't ready yet, but after the first 15 days the admin decided to upgrade Allibio to Reserved 5-star. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM).

Allibio is a low ROI program, here you can earn 40-85% of Allibio's daily revenue (usually ~2%) on each calendar day.
The height of your daily rewards depends on invested amount. The lowest range 10-250$ generates just 40% profit sharing and $250-1k gives you 50% and so on. If you would like to know exactly how much can you earn in Allibio, use this page:

+ unique design
+ good looking, H-script based user interface
+ instant payments (max. 48h in case of manual mode)
+ many extra pages
+ extended SSL and CH certificates (UK address)
+ social sites (but not really active)
+ more e-wallets, like Okpay, Neteller, Advcash (hope Payza will be available again)

- wrong timing, but it can turn to advantage
- not really monitored project

The referral commission system generates quite high earnings, but in Russian projects it's nothing unusual.
basic members:           representatives:
1st level: 8%                   15%
2ns level: 2%                  3%
3rd level: 1%                   1%

The admin will start the campaign just in the new year, hope he can add Payza again, just like in the beginning. The fact is that programs with Payza or STP are more attractive since these e-wallets have strict rules for investment sites.
I am also sure that the admin will buy new monitors as well. Personally I like Allibio, but we need to see the promised progress. Good luck!
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Hyips are just risky games where you can lose all your money. Information on this blog are expressing my opinion what is not an advice to invest. I do not recommend to invest what you cannot afford to lose.

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