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Friday, January 8, 2016

AlbionUnion - scam already

AlbionUnion has started paying selectively on 7/April/2016
Total lifetime: 887 days
Monitored: 121 days
Cycles: 22
Satisfaction: excellent length, but somehow it wasn't the best...


AlbionUnion (AU) was added by me to R5 listing thanks to outstanding past performance. I invested in AU long time ago in 2013, but AU is still alive what is incredible. This is why I decided to reinvest and list it as R5 project, hope you will like it.

Keep in mind that you can use to invest just the selected currency during the registration. I do not really like this limitation, but you can ask the support to change it later if needed.

AlbionUnion is a low ROI stable project which offers several investment plans. The first 3 plans are relatively safe, but the minimal deposits are so high from that point, take a look:

START: 0.6% daily for 40 days, min. deposit: 100$, ROI: 18% + principal
ADVANCE: 0.8% daily for 70 days, min. deposit: 500$, ROI: 49% + principal
EXPERT: 1.2% daily for 80 days, min. deposit: 5k, ROI: 77% + principal
PROFESSIONAL: 1.5% daily for 90 days, min. deposit 10k...
DELUXE: 1.7% daily during 100 days, min. deposit 25k...
PREMIUM: 2.1% daily during 110 days, min. deposit 50k...
VIP: 2.4% daily during 120 days, min. deposit 75k...

+ low ROI => low risk
+ incredibly long lifetime
+ unique script (but equivalent with
+ well monitored project
+ extra pages - like trading results + intro video
+ Okpay, STP, Litecoin and Qiwi is also accepted over the basic e-wallet trio, + bankwire on request
+ notification emails about the trading results (Saturdays)
+ video presentation (not really valuable, but its also an extra)

- the lowest deposit limit is relatively high: 100$
- the trading results are not live as they state, updates are done on Saturdays
- the user panel has just basic functions
- you can't find FAQ, it names "Get started" with less answers

Sometimes even the news are not so informative, so here are some explanations if you are looking for more information:
If you would like to deposit trough your bank: First account must be verified, we need full information about bank location, county and account holder. Copy of id and address confirmation. After that we will activate this function for users account.

You can also see VIP cards on the main page, but this option is not available for all active investors: There are 2 options:
1. All VIP tariff customers 

2. All customers from 25000 USD Bitcoin deposits

I like that we must enter the PIN in the withdrawal form trough numeric keypad, at least the bots can't steal your funds ;) Keep in mind that the minimal withdrawal is 1$ and it is processed within 24 hours.

I like the weekly newsletter about trading results, thumbs up for managing. There is a note in these emails that AU provides for its customers GUEST ACCESS to FOREX trading account. So, if you are interested, contact the support of AU and check that out.

Seems the admin has good intentions, mainly because AU is nearly 3 years on the market. Yes, you are right, it's not too shiny due to low ROI, but what is important for you? Earn low amounts or lose in shiny hyips? Of course the safety is the most important, so invest only what you can afford to lose.

Join AlbionUnion here:


  1. I've found this about the first team member of albion union
    And the logo on the wall on this picture
    looks like false

  2. albion,union is fucking scam i just lost my money!

    1. If you have any problem with Albion, contact me personally, such comments can't solve the problem.

    2. Albion Union not paying last 4 months we spend a lot of amount me and my team

      How are you going to help to us

      If the company people not in Online

  3. Hello. I have a question: A friend of mine is waiting for his whithrawal over 3 weeks. Is AlbionUnion away from the market or do they have any problem and if yes do you know which one? I am interested because I am thinking also to invest in AlbionUnion. Thank you. Markus

    1. Albion does not pay, do not invest here!


    Please report Albion Union to UK police cyber crimes unit via the link above. We need to get them shut down as people are still getting scammed.

  5. Please report Albion Union via

  6. Hello. AlbionUnion is SCAM. I invest $600 and Now I cannot get my interest that earn back. They are not responding almost month. Please do not invest. I send more than 20 customer care tickets. Please report "" Need to shut down these scammers....

  7. thank you for your information ,it helpful

  8. I lost 10,300 dollars. The most despicable people in the world

    1. It is sad to hear... Please do not invest in hyips such amounts! 100$ is really enough: as higher deposits as harder to cover with new deposits...

  9. how to contact you? Will you help me

  10. Albion Union Office in UK how to get our money back.1600$ My Team more then 5000$ invest in Albion Union

    1. I warned you mr mujeeb but you didnt listen to me that day rather you spoiled many others bloody fool with such stupid money earning ideas

  11. I warned you mr mujeeb but you didnt listen to me that day rather you spoiled many others bloody fool with such stupid money earning ideas


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