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Friday, January 1, 2016

Allibio - scam

Allibio has scammed on 9/March/2016
Total lifetime: 98 days
Monitored: 95 days
Cycles: 3
Satisfaction: very satisfied - 3 months online 


Allibio has purchased Incubator listing a month ago when its campaign wasn't ready yet, but after the first 15 days the admin decided to upgrade Allibio to Reserved 5-star. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM).

Allibio is a low ROI program, here you can earn 40-85% of Allibio's daily revenue (usually ~2%) on each calendar day.
The height of your daily rewards depends on invested amount. The lowest range 10-250$ generates just 40% profit sharing and $250-1k gives you 50% and so on. If you would like to know exactly how much can you earn in Allibio, use this page:

+ unique design
+ good looking, H-script based user interface
+ instant payments (max. 48h in case of manual mode)
+ many extra pages
+ extended SSL and CH certificates (UK address)
+ social sites (but not really active)
+ more e-wallets, like Okpay, Neteller, Advcash (hope Payza will be available again)

- wrong timing, but it can turn to advantage
- not really monitored project

The referral commission system generates quite high earnings, but in Russian projects it's nothing unusual.
basic members:           representatives:
1st level: 8%                   15%
2ns level: 2%                  3%
3rd level: 1%                   1%

The admin will start the campaign just in the new year, hope he can add Payza again, just like in the beginning. The fact is that programs with Payza or STP are more attractive since these e-wallets have strict rules for investment sites.
I am also sure that the admin will buy new monitors as well. Personally I like Allibio, but we need to see the promised progress. Good luck!

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