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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Coince - scam already

Total lifetime: 223 days
Monitored: 222 days
Cycles: 2.5
Satisfaction: satisfied, mainly because these were long cycles, thumbs up for this admin even the end always pains...


Coince has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 12th January 2016, so it's time to take a closer look. The insurance (400$ PM) is active in first 20 days as usual.

My first impression was pretty good when I saw Coince first time. I like this kind of business template with sign of professionalism.

Here you can earn 2% daily for 90 calendar days. The principal is included in daily earnings, so the final ROI ends at 180%. Min. deposit: 10$. It is interesting that there is no extra graphic element to show the investment plan, just the calculator on the main page. The calculator works perfectly, no pop-up window like in case of basic GC script.

Coince has some unique features, one of them is the username. It looks like this C1234567, so you can't really know who is who, which can be more complicated if you would like to join Coince with specified upline. Of course hyip veterans are smart enough to know how does such system work and I also do not consider this as a problem.
Just your "username" has to be entered on the main page to access your backoffice. The second window asks for password and captcha code as well; then you are redirected to your account. It's a nice extra, even I saw more userfriendly solutions.
Withdrawing is also interesting. You should enter the amount and your e-wallet ID as well. Then, the next step asks for PIN code. Then the confirmation message shows 24h timeframe for processing.

+ business class design and perfectly customized GC script (licensed)
+ extended SSL certificate (green bar), CompaniesHouse certificate
+ extra seals from Norton, TrustWave, McAfee
+ multidomains or brand protection: domains with .biz .org .net .uk .ru .us .eu endings are redirecting to main domain of Coince.
+ introduction video
+ extra pages and modules
+ Facebook and Twitter connected
+ many banners
+ no principal back option

- the investment plan is "almost hidden"
- no notification email about the processed withdrawals<br>
- Coince stagnates, no active campaign after the strong start

I also like that the admin spent more money and ordered lot of banners, just a sample:
Coince - Bitcoin Investment Solution
I browsed the FAQ as well, where the admin mentioned PayPal, which can be the next e-wallet in the future over the basic e-wallet trio (PM, PY, BTC). It's ok that he is working to get the best inflow, but we know that accepting PayPal is the riskiest turning point, since PayPal prefers just real businesses. After a specified inflow they will ask for extra documents and will limit the account during this period. It happened x times and will still happen in the future. We - investors do not need PayPal, but Payza, STP, Neteller, Okpay or Skrill ;) Do you agree?
Hope yes, and hope that the admin of Coince will consider this way.

There is a 3-level referral system for active members: 5-2-1% and for representatives 7-2-1%. There are no representatives at the moment, but hope it will be the next level and the admin will publish this by newsletter later.

I like Coince and keep my fingers crossed for great progress. I think you know that new investments and reinvestments are needed to keep any investment project alive. Hope the investors will also like Coince, which can ensure longer lifetime.

My referral link:
Good luck and do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.


  1. Great systems ... I prepare some pictures for investment... Good design too

  2. So far yes, i make few withdraw and i get it.

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  5. Everything is fine. People just start panicking as soon as website is down for maintenance. Coince is the best.. Long Live coince and coppertradepro.

  6. Coince is paying without any problems within 8 hrs join our team we built online calculator which helps you alot.

  7. Good site very fast Investmet

  8. Coince is the best trust investment site they pay from the first day always fast Payement withing 4-5h
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  9. I just want to share a story that happened to my downline which I just recently registered dated April 8, 2016. She deposited her initial investment and transferred via bitcoin. It took 4 days before we found the money that she invested in. The funds have been debited out of her account but note reflecting on her dashboard in coince website. So as her upline, I took the initiative to assist her create a ticket about the missing deposit. Guess what, the support team RESPONDED as fast as they could and posted the deposit to her account. I believe IT IS A MATTER OF ASKING THEM FIRST BECAUSE WE CONCLUDE THAT COINCE IS A SCAM. Well, I am positive that this platform is a great avenue for online investors like me.... I am new, YES but I'VE HAD SEVERAL WITHDRAWALS ALREADY... AND IT IS WORKING PERFECTLY FINE!!!! I think profanity in your comments would not help other investors to invest. If there is somebody here saying that this is a scam indeed, please I'd be delighted to see your proof. I want to see it myself and not based on just comments here. Thank you very much and happy earnings! :D

    1. yes coince is not a SCAM here is my link

  10. has anyone heard back from all those folks who asked for the email proof of rip off? seems to me if not then, what?

  11. Withdrawal $ 15.00 Apr-13-2016 04:16:09 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is f17479e91b891f711d259d7b7f2197ee737d2600ada56cc47a3f2f60ef7d81b7
    Withdrawal $ 17.82 Apr-11-2016 03:48:44 PM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 7b91c4d61c1ab91928dd2cecf1989f5d377ab05055af4303afa17ba9f7643fab
    Withdrawal $ 11.58 Apr-11-2016 02:44:41 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 4e9c464f762b2171afd3a72d7dc8ceae07c997a75c2ef48f0f1747ce8984d543
    Withdrawal $ 89.00 Apr-9-2016 09:05:06 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is b4a6f73bb9c776bda0ee3ae2d2bc1b4f33508ca19d8a8fb9399eb593d6976cfe
    Withdrawal $ 40.00 Apr-9-2016 09:05:03 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is b274c554cc39fe06c5634a3e1385fabc7825deca1695723b16a97a4f95858938
    Withdrawal $ 10.00 Apr-8-2016 12:48:28 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 29164dda2c33f086b1e686a9fefe38ed9bbbdc029c6ba5faa7d421d5702e01c8
    Withdrawal $ 11.43 Apr-4-2016 08:08:25 PM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is b061650811be7d19eccd03e56054c89a5cc6fd350613a19286cb25409e7d40fc
    Withdrawal $ 61.71 Mar-31-2016 05:40:55 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is b0cbb335d85ab1c6e2f8e4dfc13e915ddf0c2df0e7f8f57bf5ee3b991f3ba7db
    Withdrawal $ 13.52 Mar-31-2016 05:40:54 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 121938d198f28172fe96429a5ae40e81bd5cb8307882176064ed8d34774400d8
    Withdrawal $ 11.64 Mar-30-2016 05:24:16 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 64049d0eebb636128c745f5635673e316b59f6105b0d2f3cedeec45d3f5d063e
    Withdrawal $ 11.54 Mar-25-2016 04:52:52 AM
    Note: Withdrawal to account 1AQYEpM1d8UDc8tmGmZVorgFwarVmUJmhg. Batch is 2b75167e3b88dab3c409f0d30d0093a07039baf8e201d600fca6e4e3a7d55ab6

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  13. Always paying I can send proof of payment more than 1000$ withdraw
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  14. Honest payouts still on time! i got paid today as usual. really nice serious project!

    20:58 05.05.16 Receive 131903043 U9155290
    Account +850.00

  15. Quick payment....excellent, i'm happy and satisfied with their service! thank admin.

    The amount of 52.2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U9155290-from Coince.. Date: 01:46

    05.05.16. Batch: 131769973.

  16. Well organized project, this one seems a real investment site. I am very happy with this program and got returns.

  17. One of the best investment project! stable and always paid me on time.

    Date: 2016-05-05 18:40
    Batch: 131884833
    From Account: U9155290
    Amount: $305.8
    Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C4999934 from Coince.

  18. I have received money from this best project today! thanks for paying to me.

    Date : 05/06/2016 15:50
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 1200.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132010991
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C5001566 from Coince.

  19. Daily payments received adain, paid me on time form the beginning with punctuality, thx Admin!

    06.05.16 20:49 Receive Received Payment 255.00 USD from account U9155290 to account U7536641. Batch: 132053722. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C7950825 from Coince.

  20. paid! With this site everyone will earn greater money! Thanks admin!!

    Date : 2016-05-06 23:16
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 580.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132067255
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C1027287 from Coince.

  21. Hi guys just want to get this clear, do you get 180% return on investment from at the end of 90days plus you capital investment or is it that you get your principal plus 80% return on investment after 90days.

    1. Hello, it seems you didn't read the review, there is no "principal back" option. Net profit: 80%

  22. Their site works fine and they pay me well. One of the best hyip program!

    The amount of 110 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U9155290->U7228331. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C8150526 from Coince.. Date: 05:17 07.05.16. Batch: 132083992.

  23. Still get paid on time from here! Great program & honest admin!

    The amount of 34 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U9155290->U7212417. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C1264912 from Coince.. Date: 08:08 07.05.16. Batch: 132096478.

  24. Very honest admin, got paid daily profit again, thank admin. There are only best program i can trust

    17:37 07.05.16 Receive 132162975 U9155290
    Account +395.4 Received Payment 395.4 USD from account U9155290. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Coince.

  25. Paid again...wonderful rervice!thanks for admin offer us a stable program! you are best!

    Date : 2016-05-07 23:27
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 450.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132197056
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C1732672 from Coince.

  26. It is really great, excellent performance so far! Very Good Thanks Admin.

    Date : 05/08/2016 04:41
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 135.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132211494
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C8597054 from Coince.

  27. It looks that will be one of the best programs in the near future. I was paid many times and always on time.

  28. Just signed up yesterday. Just earned my first 2% daily interest. This wasn't hard to setup, site worked just fine. I'm on my way to earning! Loving this opportunity! My Referral link is :

  29. really good program.I was paid as usual. Thanks admin very much.

    Date : 2016-05-08 16:42
    From/To Account : U9155290
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  30. Invested their plans right now! site paying me fine. I can trust this program.

    Date : 05/08/2016 18:06
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 46.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132290394
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C1639506 from Coince.

  31. You might want to share your thought with this

    Is this a proof that Coince will be a scam soon?

  32. I think this is the best paying site in the whole wide world.

    The amount of 72.5 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U9155290->U8110237. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C5439604 from Coince.. Date: 05:16 09.05.16. Batch: 132340558.

  33. It is about several times I have been got paid by this site, the admin is doing a very good work! Support It!

    22:37 09.05.16 Receive 132468352 U9155290
    Account +795.00

  34. My funds are growing and growing and growing! Very trustful admin, thanks!!!

    Date : 05/09/2016 21:38
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 84.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132462363
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C7704135 from Coince.

  35. This program is paying on time! Thank admin for paying me and other investors!

    Date : 2016-05-09 22:40
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 620.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132468581
    Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to C7950825 from Coince.

  36. Nice payment received again.the program paid me normally. thank you admin.

    Date: 05.10.16 04:24
    Received Payment 35.5 USD from account U9155290 to account U7984786.
    Batch: 132489577.
    Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C1514482 from Coince.


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  38. Got paid ! very good. I think this one is forever. thanks honest admin.

    Date : 05/10/2016 16:40
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 3475.20
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132578572
    Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C5013116 from Coince.

    thanks admin.

  39. Pay as usual, so great hyip. The admin is so honest.

    Processor : Perfectmoney
    Date : 2016-05-10 19:24
    From/To Account : U9155290
    Amount : 350.00
    Currency : USD
    Batch : 132604516
    Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to C4640356 from Coince.

  40. New investment plan: 3% daily for 60 calendar days (180% ROI).
    It seems a voter gang is starting to fool this page so I do not allow more comments here.
    We can discuss about these news in our chat.



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