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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Dowerly - scam already

Total lifetime: 488 days
Monitored: 488 days
Cycles: 48 short cycles
Satisfaction: satisfied, even Dowerly was absolutely not popular project...

Dowerly Ltd has purchased Reserved 5-star listing right before Christmas, so it's time to have a closer look. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM) and I think nobody expects negative event during this period, since Dowerly is a low ROI, long-term project.

There are 3 investment plans:

As you can see 0.2% min. earnings are guaranteed in each investment plan. It is not so attractive, but there are more projects in the industry with similar investment plans and doing well. Of course, older projects have their own investor base, so the time is also important factor to achieve progress and get new more investors. We will see.

Dowerly accepts instant payments trough PerfectMoney, Payeer, AdvCash, Okpay and Bitcoin (finally).
Skrill and Neteller are now also available, but in manual mode - you have to deposit directly from your e-wallet. Intersting is, that Skrill and Neteller deposits should to be sent to email address. Should I smile or cry that the director at Dowerly is Mrs. Mihalyne Czudarhelyi, a Hungarian 61 years old woman? If we are talking about the money, sending to such personal email address in registered financial company, looks comical, unprofessional.
The logo of Payza is also visible, but it isn't accepted yet.

I liked that the admin started just with few e-wallets, so there was a chance for progress and the admin did it (excluding Payza). Investors don't really like low-cost solutions, so the admin should learn from MerchantShares how to handle numerous e-wallets in fully automated way, which is one of the best "wallet opening factors" in combination with unique script, but most admins don't understand this and wonder why they get "low" inflow.

I have a dejavu feeling regarding the script, but lets say, it's unique. The login form must be filled in manually each time if you would like to enter the backoffice.
Also, you can't find the FAQ or other general pages once you are logged in. You can't see the available balance once you clicked on Withdrawal button. You have to click back to know how much are you able to withdraw. These are small, but annoying details which can have negative affect in the end.

There is a one-level affiliate system, you can earn 3% on referrals' deposits; representatives earn 5%. By the way the system operates with 7-digit numbers instead usernames, so the system is not as transparent as we got used in GC script. 

The FAQ and some paragraphs on the main page are not readable due to wrong style of letters. The About Us page also underlines Dowerly's deficiency. Is enough to place a plain text and wait for deposits? I am not sure that it works.
Links in the footer don't work, e.g. Investments, FAQ, About Us, Terms

But I must say some positive stuffs as well. Dowerly is a registered UK company which operates with instant withdrawals, except Neteller and Skrill. I also like the template of notification emails. But that's all. I am not really satisfied at the moment, but there is enough place and time to prove us. Let's see.


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