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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Fenix-group - scammed already

Fenix-group scammed on 26/Jan/2016
Total lifetime: 49 days
Monitored: 45 days
Cycles: 2+
Satisfaction: satisfied, I expected 1 cycle due to high ROI

Fenix-Group (FG) has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 11/Dec. We had 400$ PM insurance, but it wasn't used, so it was returned to admin after first 20 days. 
FG offers 2 investment plans:
Progressive: 4-5% daily for 20 days, principal back. ROI: 180-200% 
Classic: 8.5-9.5% daily for 20 days, principal included. ROI: 170-190%
The minimal deposit is as low as 10$ at both plans.

+ good design and h-script based user interface, ofc it is nicely customized
+ extended SSL, UK certificate
+ almost all e-wallets are available including Skrill, Payza, STP, AdvCash, Okpay, Neteller
+ manual but fast withdrawals
+ RateUs page
+ not many, but good hyip monitors were hired

- hard to manage high ROI project
- no dislike at all

The admin decided for instant withdrawals to Payza and STP on 21/Dec, but then he turned it off due to hacking attack on 28/Dec. It is not bad at all, important is that we are paid.
Skrill deposits are handled manually, you have to send the payment directly from your wallet during the depositing:
Personally I like FG very much, this is why I invested $400+ from my pocket on very first days - before the official listing purchase.
It is good to see that first investors are close to BEP. It is possible thanks to new deposits and reinvestments, mainly because FG accepts almost all available e-wallets. It is also clear that FG can't have long lifetime because the ROI is high, but at least it is much better program than the average nowadays and there is a real chance to earn. Thumbs up for the admin, but invest only what you can afford to lose.


  1. I have found alternately from fenix but he tries to hide withdraw. Is it sacm?

  2. scam . já solicitei varias retiradas e nunca pagou


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