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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

MegaRoi - scam already

Megaroi has scammed on 1/March/2016
Total lifetime: 83 days
Monitored: 69 days
Cycles: 4+
Satisfaction: I am satisfied with the lifetime since MR wasn't outstanding program and in the end I saw zero interest from investors.


MegaRoi (MR) purchased Reserved 5-star listing in December (guess when) so it's time to take a closer look. The insurance was sent back to admin (400$ PM), I was sure that it won't be used in first 20 days (If the admin decides to start in December, usually he must pay longer to get good inflow - I thin it is clear for you).

I do not really like "principal back programs", but it is my personal taste, do not link it with MR. I really like this simple and clear design backed by customized H-script. The banners look great as well, I have a feel that those are flash and not just a .gif files. (It is usually good marker for me to see the admin's budget and level of professionalism.)

Well, I can write some paragraphs about the investment plans, But it is better to see than read!
You can earn on business days in the given investment range (bold). The last investment plan (min. 5k$ deposit limit) is so risky, do not forget that paying such amount back is hard decision for admins, so be smart and earn money with "normal" deposits. The withdrawals are processed manually, max. timeframe 24h (usually within few hours).

I am happy that 2 short cycles are already done, so I classify it as a success. Thumbs up for admin. I also like that Okpay was added over the basic e-wallet trio and Facebook fan page will be also integrated in the near future.

The referral system allows you to earn even without active investment. You can earn min. 3% on deposits, up to 6%, depending on invested amounts - check the picture please.
Thumbs up for email template as well, I like if the admin pays attention even to little details.

MR is clear and easy to understand investment solution with a pinch of oldschool feeling. It is also clear that MR is managed by an experienced admin, mainly because he was so brave to start the campaign in December. Of course it can't be enough, so I am looking forward the results in the first months of 2016.
Last but not least - do not forget, invest only what you can afford to lose.
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