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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bitera - scam already

Bitera has scammed on 06/May/2016

Total lifetime79 days
Monitored: 79 days
Cycles: 11 (7days/cycle)
Satisfaction: great project

Bitera Investments Limited has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 17/Feb/2016. The insurance is active in first 20 days (500$).

Let me share few thoughts regarding the insurance. I am happy that there are serious hyip administrators who are interested to get R5 listing even I increased the insurance from 400$ to 500$. It is not lost money for them if they understand that we need serious businesses. But investors should understand that there are more factors why to join a program, the insurance should be the last factor.   
Lets take a look on investment plans of Bitera:
As you can see there are 6 investment plans with different length. You are forced to choose longer plans if you are going to invest larger amounts. Or you can have several active investments even in the first plan if you prefer short plans. Each plan comes with "principal back option" on expiry. Good to see exact btc deposit ranges since Bitera doesn't convert your BTC investment to Dollars.

+ simple, but professional design
+ instant withdrawals
+ I think the best monitors were hired

- just the basic e-wallet trio is available
- the backoffice is really userfriendly as we know from H-scripts, but there is just a simple frame for all operations - no design at all

Withdrawals are processed instantly, no timeframe is shown in FAQ, but there are some reasons if you aren't paid instantly:
I also would like to hear in the main chat if you are faced with any problem, me and other old members are always here to help.
Bitera has 2-level referral system: first 4%, second 1% - which is not too high, but it helps to get extra income mainly for promoters, so lets hope that they will work hard :)
Bitera looks like the brother of Bitage which was a really good project (80-days of lifetime). Bitera is as simple as possible, we can just hope that the admin is as good as Bitage's was. Good luck for each active investor - invest only what you can afford to lose.

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